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Freak 6

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Yeah chapter 6

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Freak: chapter 6

Btw: if you haven't noticed by now, this fanfic ignores most of what happened in the books. Don't like it, deal with it. But no flames! I will delete! Also: the story, One Not so Silent Night, is being put on temporary hold. I have hit a wall on the story line. I'm not sure if and when I will update it. Sorry to my readers! This chapters a little short but I couldn't think of a better ending with out going in to the next chapter!

Now on with the story!-

"Nyx, this is a good friend of mine.… He is also my past assistant, Darren Shan, you will address him as..." Darren Shan stepped forward with an out stretched hand smiling. "She may address me in what ever way she pleases, you old git. " I cautiously took his hand. I had an odd feeling about this vampire. But then again, I'm not much of a people person, or as Limbs likes to say, I'm just not user friendly. Mr. C sputtered. "You are a Prince! And should be addressed as such!" Darren shook his head and rolled his eyes. "During council, yes, but she does not have to do so now. Besides, the title of Prince is one you must earn; a vampire must know and trust their prince. She does not know me; therefore she can not trust me. Thus, I have not earned the title of Prince in her eyes. And until I do so, she does not have to address me as one." I cocked an eyebrow at this Prince, he was right, I didn't know him, I didn't trust him, but I did recognize him as a higher ranking vampire. Mr. C made an irritated noise in the back of his throat.

(Darren's pov)

I had to admit, I wasn't surprised that Larten had taken on a new assistant. I however was surprised that he'd taken a girl assistant. I had fantasies about Larten dealing with a girls special mood swings... If he thought my mood swings were bad! I'd love to see how he'd deal with a Full-blooded vampiress during PMS and during that time of the month! On the tail end of that thought brought back the memories of my own little sister,,, It made me sad to think she was all grown up and that I had missed it all. But in a weird sort of way, maybe this was a second chance to be a big brother again. I mean we did share a mentor, who was a lot like a father to both of us... Larten had even bashfuly muttered how Nyx would sometimes call him daddy. By the look on his face I knew he took that simple endearment to heart. He loved the fact he had been able to raise her as his own, though I doubted he'd admit it to anyone. I took a likelng to Nyx right away. She ever reminded me of Annie too. At least her eyes did. Her almound shaped, deep green eyes. Just like my mothers were.

The first born vampire... She was no older then I was when I had been blooded. Larten had spoken very highly about her... Mostly of how he thought how great of a general she would be. But I knew that would not be his fate to decide. If Nyx wanted to be a general then she would be, if she did not, then Larten would just have to learn to live with her choice. I hoped he wouldn't push the idea in to her head that she had to become one in order to make Larten proud. But Nyx didn't seem to be the kind of girl wwho would let anyone boss her around... then again, Larten wasn't the most subtle of vampires and well he wasn't a big fluffy bunny either. I really hoped her vampire childhood would be better then mine... That was something I'd never wish upon anyone.

I noticed how she was eyeing me, like i was a scrap of meat or a punching bag. Sizing me up, as if calculating if she could trust me or more likely beat me in a fight. At first I thought it was kinda funny... But then I remembered what she did to the strong man, that fight definity WASN"T faked! Then it wasn't very funny anymore. It actualy worried me a little... Vampire Gods help us if she turned out anything like Arra, Lartens old mate. Nyx was a real fighter as far as i had seen, the vampires would love her just for that, and with her knowledge of and great talent with weapons I knew Arrow and Vancha (two of the other Princes) would simply adore her. Even at such a young age, she was very pretty, genoursly curved and even slightly muscled. It wasn't offten a female vampire joined our ranks. The poor girl would be fighting off male vampires by the droves! I inwardly grinned. Oh yes, little Nyx would be quite popular with the Princes and the vampire councile! An instinct I knew well came over me, the big bad older brother protective one. I hoped she would someday see me as her older brother. I hoped but I didn't expect it to happen.

(Nyx pov)

"Nice meeting you, sir." I nodded and then I looked at Mr. C. He never simply had 'friends' over. "You're not playing Cupid, Larten, now are ya?" Mr. C blushed and puffed up to roar at me. "Now, now Larten, remember what Seba said, you must be patient and strive to understand..." Darren cooed. To my surprise Mr. C just deflated. I was starting to like this guy. After a few short moments Mr. C recovered. "Nyx, I am having you meet Sire Shan because we are soon to depart from Cirque Du Freak to attend council at Vampire Mountain."

My eyes widened, Mr. C had spoken of Vampire Mountain before. Honestly, I was excited! I would meet others of my own kind; I wondered how many others were like me. The only other vampires I had seen thus far were Mr. C and now this Darren Shan. My excitement must have shown, because Mr. C smiled and chuckled softly. "Go on and begin packing little bat... Bring both of your staffs and your whip chain, along with your daggers. And that should suffice."

I quickly nodded then a thought hit me. "Mr. Crepsley... Do you think I could get rid of that other weapon?" I hated that gun now more then ever. It offended me to the very core."Yes, Nyx. Dispose that vile thing. You shall not need it anymore." I saw Darren give Mr.C a questioning look. But one glare from my mentor seemed to convince him to drop it.I quickly left the room to pack my things.

I was going to Vampire Mountain!

(Darren and Larten talking: No pov)

"So, what do you think about her?" Larten drawled with pride. "I think we shall all be in very much trouble if she is anything like Arra and that she will be quite popular with the princes." Darren laughed. Larten chuckled. "She has a dagger tongue." Larten snorted at that. "You have no idea... Her tongue is as quick as a whip and sharp as a sword! Her tongue is second only to her wit. Given the chance I do believe that she could give Prince Mika a run for his money!" Darren smiled at the mention of the moody Prince. "Hmm, we shall have to put that theroy to the test. But I do agree she is a natural with her weapons, the matter of if she would make a great general , as you so claim, has yet to be seen." Larten beamed. He knew his little bat would impress. He had great confidence in her. He would never admit to anyone how shattered he would be should she prove otherwise... She just had to be great! She just had to be!
Uh oh, Larten's sounding a little pushy, and a little ove confident is he not? Where could this lead? waggs eyebrows

Will Darren have a second chance to be a big brother? How will Nyx like Vampire Mountain?

We shall see in the next chapter! Chapter 7 will be up soon! It will be a little angsty.

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