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Freak 7

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Chapter 7

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Freak: chapter 7

Previously on Freak:

I met a vampire prince... His name Darren Shan, Mr.C's old assistant...

And I was going to vampire mountain...

I flitted to my trailer in my excitement, I think I almost ran someone over... I was packing my weapons when there was a knock on my door. "It's open!" I called out, not really thinking about it and who it could be... That is until he spoke."Nyx... Can I," he sighed, "Can I talk to you?" Shanus spoke in a voice that not too long ago would have sent me running to comfort not anymore. "About?" I kept my tone even and brisk as I neatly tucked my daggers away in their hostlers on my person, my whip chain rattled a little as I did so. And I packed away the weapons I simply would NOT leave behind.

I also had to pack my make up (Hey a girls got to look good!)"Are you going somewhere?" Shanus asked. "Yes. I'm leaving with Mr. Crepsley. I'm going to meet others of my kind at Vampire Mountain." I heard Shanus choke on his breath. "You're leaving? For how long? Will you be coming back?" I turned to face him. "I don't know. I might come back, but if I really like it there I just might stay there." I saw the tears in his eyes. It didn't hurt me anymore. He'd hurt me too much for me to feel any more pain."You wanted to talk to me about something... I'm pretty sure it wasn't this." Shanus looked at me with those big yellow eyes,

"Nyx, what I wanted to say was..." he paused. "God, Nyx, I'm so sorry. I want you back, I miss you, so much, please kitten. I love you... And I'll do anything to prove that to you. Just please don't go, give me a second chance... Please..."If he had told me that but a few weeks ago, but a few hours after our fight. I would have taken him back... But heart had hardened, once bitten twice shy as Mr. C would say. "I'm sorry too, Shanus. But you hurt me, I can't take that again. I think in time I'll be able to forgive you... But I'll never forget it, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to trust you. I'm sorry Shanus, but you broke my heart. I just can't let you do that again." I grabbed my bag and kissed his cheek. "I do love you Shanus... But I'm still leaving. Go find another girl, one you can grow old with, spend days soaking in the sun, one you can have scalely babies with. Let me go, we knew it wouldn't last between us... We just didn't know it would be so soon."

Shanus pulled me close in the tightest embrace. "The only girl I want is you! You! And to have lots of scaly VAMPIRE babies with you. I don't want another girl! I just want you." I sighed and returned his hug. "Shanus! You know I can't be that girl! I'll never grow old, I'll never be able to be in the sun with you, and I'll never be able to give you children! Vampires can't do that. I'll always be a vampire Shanus, and you'll always be human, you can't be blooded. I won't make you spend your life in darkness. And I won't watch you grow old and die while I stay young. I won't do that to you Shanus. I won't. Forget me Shanus, forget me and find a woman you give you all the things that I can't." Shanus was crying now and so was I. "I love you, so much..." I sighed. "I know Shanus, I know. But promise me... Promise me you will not wait for me! I may never come back, don't wait for me. Find a girl who you love, love her and marry her, and have dozens ofscaled snake babies with her, and be happy. Grow old and be happy." I felt Shanus sob but he nodded. "You be happy too, where ever you go, be happy. God I'm so sorry." I sobbed too. "I will Shanus, I will. And I forgive you." We kissed, "Love you Kitten," I smiled," I love you too my Sexy Dinosaur," I muttered. We shared one long final kiss, before I released him and walked out of the trailer for the very last time

This was was goodbye...

(Evra and Darren)

Evra and Darren had been talking when they heard the conversation between the two former would have been lovers."What did Nyx mean by 'She couldn't trust him anymore'?" Darren asked his old friend who had been only too happy to see him. Darren looked be around 20 now thanks to a second purge. Evra was getting old, his once green gold hair was turning gray and his scales had looked at Darren curiously.

"I'm surprised you haven't heard. Not even a month ago, Shanus cheated on Nyx, broke her heart, hurt her really bad... She's still hurt by it. Hasn't been herself since. Then again Shanus said something's that drove the stake in deeper and twisted it." Darren looked a little stunned. Nyx was a beautiful young girl. She had the looks and body that teenager and most grown men dreamed about. She had seemed so tough too, a real bad ass, a hardcore kind of girl, strong and would have never guessed she had her heart broken. "How did all this happen?" Evra told Darren the story and by the end of the tale, Darren felt for the little vampire. Shanus had struck a deep nerve and hit a few veins with his words. As if his actions hadn't done enough damage. "Damn." was all Darren could say. "Yeah. I better go make sure Shanus isn't taking this too hard. He's never really forgiven himself for what happened. He's just ya know, horny... Like I was! But he does regret his words and actions. He does love that girl." Darren patted his friend on the back. "You go do that papa python; I'll go check on the little Crepsley." Evra laughed and punched Darren in the arm, "Yeah you do that, and you really are Larten's bitch!" Darren laughed as he took off after Nyx.

(Darren's pov)

I caught up to Nyx a few feet away. "Hey, you ok?" Nyx looked at me for a few moments. Her eyes were red and puffy, she'd been crying. "Yeah, I'm fine." she looked uneasy around me. I didn't blame her. Larten had even warned me that Nyx didn't warm up to just anybody and never right away. She was a very cautious one. "You've been crying. And I over heard what you and Shanus were saying... You want to talk about it?" Nyx seemed to turn red for a moment; she seemed to suck up a bit of her pride before she answered."Larten told you then?" it was more of a growl then anything. "No. He did say you two had been dating, but broke up. He got mad when I asked him what happened to end it. It was a bad one though wasn't it? The break up I mean." Sure I'd heard it from Evra, but I had a feeling he'd left something's snorted, like a horse. "Yeah, you could say that."

I noticed an empty bench and motioned to sit down. She joined me, somewhat reluctantly. But the question was... Would she talk to me? As a prince I had to know what kind of vampire I was bringing to Vampire a handful of vampires had heard of the first born vampire, rumors had already started. Most claimed the first born was male and bloodthirsty. The first I knew now was untrue, but I had yet to rule out the later. Some young generals saw this as an advantage as a champion regardless of sex. But some of the older generals might see a female vampire as a threat.

If I could get her to open up, then I would know what kind of vampire I was dealing with."I'm listening, if you want to talk." Nyx shook her head. "I don't." she snapped, quickly getting up and walking away. And much like our mentor Mr. Crepsley, getting Nyx to open up would be like pulling out a lions tooth with out a tranquilizer: Mission impossible.

I could only hope now that she would open up during our journey...

(Nyx pov)

I don't what this vampire was playing at but I wasn't some little girl who needed a shoulder to cry on. I was just fine. I didn't want help, I didn't need it. I was fine on my own. I shook my head, no more of those thoughts. I was going to meet others of my kind. I would finally learn who I was. I was excited. I found myself smiling for the first time in long time. Mr. Crepsley was waiting for me outside his trailer. He didn't look thrilled. He looked kind of pissed. I arched a brow at him.

"Nymphadora, I will say this to you only once, you will respect Prince Darren Shan while on this journey. You will not speak in a sarcastic tone, nor will you give him any of your cheek. Also, you must promise me to do exactly as I say, without question. Should I tell you to run, you will run, should I tell you to hide, you will hide, and should I tell you that we are to abandon this journey and return to a safe haven, you will not question me or argue with me. Have I made myself perfectly clear." I was a bit confused but I agreed. His expression softened and held my shoulders gently in a rare show of affection. "I say this because the trail to Vampire Mountain is very dangerous. By the way, you must take off your boots, no shoes allowed." Mr. C hates my boots for some odd reason.

He seemed a little too happy about me not being able to wear them. I nodded, "I'll believe you, this time. But I'm still taking the boots." I kissed him on the cheek, leaving a small smear of blood red lipstick and unlaced my boots and put them in my back pack with the weapons I didn't have room for on my body or were simply too big to hide. "When can we leave?" Mr. C chuckled at my eagerness, wiping off the lipstick on his cheek. "As soon as our prince Darren Shan returns." Mr. C turned around as we both heard footsteps nearing us. "Ready?" Darren Shan spoke up. "We are ready, Master Shan." He nodded and with out further to do we left Cirque du Freak.

I never realized this until recently... But when I left, I never looked back….. and I never said goodbye….

That was my first mistake….

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