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Following the fall of Voldemort, the Hogwarts Board of Governors meets.

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    (#) krsi 2010-09-15 04:52:39 PM

    Wow that was quite the rant. I feel a bit sorry for the profs, but it was very true. I'm not sure that it would be necessary to have independent heads of house (what would happen to the new heads of Gryff & Slythern, didn't they just get a pay raise for being heads?), but obviously McGonagall & Flintwick were lacking.

    I can see how that came from a Missouri summer day, they can be quite horrible.

    As usual, good style, quality, humor and subject. You've yet to disappoint.
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    (#) jabarber69 2010-09-15 10:57:17 PM

    that was so cool, hell it was OUTSTANDING!!! you really cut the legs out from under flitwick and mcgonagall but your right they needed that done to them....also what you did to lucy was so fucking brilliant!!!! well done and excellent story thanks for writing it, enjoyed every minute of it....
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    (#) smeagol 2010-09-16 01:00:05 AM

    A very well crafted one shot story. It was very refreshing and engaging to see the character development of the younger generation and their well executed interaction with the older generation with poise and humor. My only criticism is that I could not fully accept (willing belief) that the character of Lucius Malfoy could be so easily reinstated as chairman of the board of Hogwarts so quickly and easily. I understand how intriguing a character he is, but it didn't ring true to me. The story could of been done without him, and it would of been more challenging to develop the older characters on the board. You could still do that and it would be an interesting one shot story in itself.
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    (#) aredphxbird2 2010-09-16 01:04:02 AM

    I liked the story very much.First the getting rid Lucius cronies taking thier rightful seats.Second,taking care of the Hogwart staff and dead weight.Finally taking care of Lucius Malfoy and other deatheaters still on the board and future.I personally never told him about the potion or its effects,hell with them.
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    (#) LordMesron 2010-09-16 07:19:46 AM

    My G*D! That was outstanding! I definitely have to agree with all of the comments that the 4 of them had about the way things were run at Hogwarts under Dumbledore.

    I was surprised at first that you used Parvati instead of PAdma considering your disclaimer at the top of your stories. Interesting explanation you used for the reason as to why she was there. I just figured that somewhere it had been mentioned that Parvati was the older twin. Is there a mention anywhere in cannon as to who it is?

    Author's response

    I couldn't find any reference for which is the senior twin, and even the Lexicon is silent on the issue. So I guess its up to the writer to decide.
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    (#) rianifitria 2010-09-16 11:58:45 AM

    I like it very much because, for once, Harry Potter is not the centre of the universe. The utilisation of the four very minor characters was, in my opinion, quite a novelty, especially since they're holding power (since I rarely read anything like this, usually it involves the golden trio wielding power). I like the well thought of reasoning they gave to the rest of Hogwart staff.

    However as it is, their way of dealing with Malfoy was very 'childish' as compared to well reasoned and 'by the book' judgements they gave to the rest of Hogwart reviews. It made me wonder if they're really really a bonafide leaders (as per well reasoned, seasoned people from all 4 houses perspectives) or just another Malfoy in disguise.

    And... do you still remember the title of the thread in Caer Azkaban? I'd want to read it.

    Author's response

    'Deputy' if I recall correctly.
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    (#) shamedodra 2010-09-16 10:22:10 PM

    I always wondered why nobody did anything about the abuse, insults or the bigotry that happened in Hogwarts....Minerva, Flintwick were always portrayed as good kind fellows when they ignored the probs in their houses and blindly followed Dumbles...Good thaking.... But about the potion in Lucius drink thats a bit far stretched...Rest of the story is cool
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    (#) angelus24pt 2010-09-17 01:35:41 PM

    Two Words: Absolutely AWESOME
    You wrote of all the things seriously wrong with Hogwarts staff and the teaching at the school, and I don't care what other people say, I'll always see Albus Dumbledore as one of the villains of the books and the teaching staff and members of the Order as his version of fanatical followers.
    Keep up the good work and by the way, "The Sun Source" is quickly becoming one of my favorite fanfictions of all time and I can't wait for more updates.
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    (#) keichan2 2010-09-18 06:56:40 AM

    This is an excellent story!
    Fun, yet serious. And devious!

    (It must have been hard for you to discard Parvati in favor of Padma ;-p)

    I have to say that, the fact that you described the times Malfoy drank from his glass, hinted that there was something in it... And I did find myself wondering what it could be... A funny idea :-)

    I really liked the fact that, in fact, Harry didn't even know this was happening!

    Thanks for sharing!
  • The Board

    (#) teachergirl 2010-09-19 06:32:05 AM

    This was incredible!

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