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There Is A Panic! In This Chemical Romance.

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Chapter 1. Introduction to Brendon and Juliet

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I woke up and stretched, preparing myself to go to work.
I worked at Starbucks at the moment, it was pretty casual. Nice people, nice place just with a few idiots around.
I lived in an apartment with my bisexual friend Ryan, he was so adorable. We had a really strange relationship now that I thought about it. We got into bed and spooned each other quite abit, yet we were friends. I was so used to it, that I didn't even think about what would happen if I had a boyfriend around.
I put on my clothes and went down to the carpark and drove to work listening to some soothing John Mayer music, remind you, it was 9am.
I got into work and put my apron on and said hello to some of my fellow workers, Cassadee- who was a pretty cool chick- was helping me out this morning
"hey Cass" I smiled and she immediately smiled back "hey! What's up?"
"oh you know... work" I said and she laughed "oh I know right?"
We made small talk before some customers came in during the day
"I have to pee, be right back" Cass whispered when there was no one to look after and I nodded and she literally ran and ditched her apron onto the counter beside me.
I was humming to myself when someone walked in, I looked up and saw this really cute guy, in hand with a pretty blonde girl. They looked perfect together.
"go sit babe" he said and the girl walked over to a table and I smiled at him
"woah, I've never seen you here before" he said but smiled in a non creepy way
"I'll take that as a compliment" I said "what can I get for you?"
he said his order and gave me the money and I felt electric for a moment as our hands touched
"you have really soft hands" I accidentally said outloud
"thanks" he smiled as I put the money into the register and I started making his drinks as he sort of followed me to the coffee stations
"so... do you like working here?" he asked
"I won't lie, I don't like coffee" I said and he gasped "what?"
I shrugged "it doesn't agree with me"
he chuckled a little "I'd love working here, it'd be heaven"
"well maybe you should apply?" I suggested and our eyes met and I blushed
"maybe I should" he said in a quiet but serious voice
when I finished making his drinks I handed them to him and he thanked me and walked to his girlfriend.
Cassadee came back and so I started to clean the tables and put things back in order
"are you staring at her?" someone said loudly and I looked over to see the blonde girl with an angry look on her face pointing at me
"oh no" I said quietly and the guy seemed to try to calm her down
I felt relieved and started cleaning again. I was about to go put the dirty rag back when I heard the blonde yell "ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH HER TOO? You're supposed to be MY boyfriend, GOD BRENDON!"
I looked over at Cassadee who was with a customer, but she stopped talking and bent over to see who was yelling
"I'M BREAKING UP WITH YOU" he suddenly yelled and the room fell silent and the manager went over to their table and the blonde looked like she was about to cry.
They stared at each other for a while until she slapped him and poured her drink onto him and walked out.
Cassadee quickly served the customer and ran over to him, I, however, did not know what to do.
Everyone in the store murmured and Cassadee signalled me to go over, once I did, she went back to the counter
"are you okay?" I frowned and he nodded
I handed him a few napkins and he smiled "thank you. Been meaning to dump her for a while now"
"sorry if it was my fault" I said
"nah" he said "I wanted to look at you" he spoke before looking up at me and I went bright red.
he cleaned his face and sighed staring at me.
I grabbed a napkin and gently brushed a spot on his cheek that he had missed and he gave an adoring smile "so what are you doing later?"
"I don't wanna be your rebound girl" I smiled slightly and put the napkins in the bin and returned to the counter
"so?" Cassadee asked quiety
"so what?" I asked
"he asked me if you were single" she said and my eyes widened a little and I stared over at him looking a little depressed with his own thoughts.
I grabbed his reciept from the counter and looked at Cassadee "do you have a pen?"
A moment later I walked back over to him and he looked up with his hands in his lap
"uh... If you need to talk about anything" I said handing him the reciept with my number on it
he looked at it and a grin came upon his face "thanks"
"I'm Juliet by the way" I said holding my hand out, instead of shaking it, he used it to help him get up "Brendon"
I smiled a little and took my hand away
"I better go, but thanks... for everything" he said and I nodded and he walked out before a loud squeal from Cassadee happened and I laughed and hugged her.

That night I lay in bed, with her number in my hands.
Juliet. To call or not to call.
Her name is as pretty as herself. She had dark brown hair and bright green eyes, alot less fake than Heather, that's for sure.
I looked over at the time to see it was 8pm. Would she be home? Would she be having dinner?
I called.
one ring.
two rings.
during this time I was thinking of what to say, I suddenly got nervous
three rings.
four ri-
"Hello?" the other end said
"...Juliet?" I said and she laughed a little "yes. Who is this?"
"uh it's Brendon, from this afternoon" I said
"oh, you're calling already? What's up?" she asked
"well..." I said with a pause
i don't wanna be your rebound girl
"do you wanna hang out sometime? You seem like a pretty cool girl"
excellent response Urie. 10 points.
"oh! Of course, when are you free?" she asked
That night, I scored a date, I mean playdate.
Today, I was seeing her.
I struggled with what to wear, I changed outfits so many times before it was close to time, and what I was wearing had to do.
I got into my car and drove to the park, she insisted on driving there too.
I parked my car and walked to the lake, where I saw her sitting in a white floral sundress watching some ducks fight over bread
"Juliet?" I said and she turned and smiled at me and got up and gave me a gentle hug "hey"
"so I need a new auto tuner for my guitar" I smiled and she laughed "well I need new clothes"
"oh god" I said
"don't mess with a girl like me" she smiled
We went to a few guitar stores until I found the perfect tuner, she didn't seem to mind to tag along, but I was dreading the clothes shopping.
"so what clothes do you actually need?" I asked
"I need a new bikini" she said and my eyes widened and she just smiled "no you won't be able to peek"
I frowned "I thought we were friends"
"didn't your ex take you clothes shopping?" she asked
"Heather? Nah she was a bitch" I said and Juliet laughed "that's nice"
"she did have an amazing booty though. Pirates would have dug that thing" I said and she playfully hit me on the shoulder "I don't need the details unless it's for what size the clothes are"
We went into a surf store, and she found this really cute green dress in a matter of minutes
"green seems to work really nicely with my hair" she commented
"and your eyes" I added and she just looked at me
"I mean, your boobs" I said quickly
she gave me a knowingly smile "come on, let's go look at swimwear"
I followed her and as attracted to a tiny pink pair that looked like nothing and revealed everything. I grabbed it and showed her and she gave me a look "Brendon!"
"it works with your hair" I smiled
"you remind me of my room mate Ryan" she said
"is he increasingly attractive and well hung?" I grinned
"well yes and... eh" she smiled "he's quite cheeky like you are"
"I hope I can meet him one day" I hinted
"he's bisexual, he might grope you" she said
"I don't mind, everyone wants to touch me" I smiled
"you're so silly" she smiled pulling out a nice blue bikini "I wouldn't normally ask a guy to come shopping with me, but you insisted"
"what can I say, I'm sensitive" I said "I'm sure your boyfriend would"
"I don't have a boyfriend, Brendon" she said
"oh... why?" I asked
she shrugged "my mind isn't set on being in a relationship right now"
"you do know, I'm determined to change that" I said and interrupted before she spoke "-I know you said you didn't want to be the rebound"
she nodded
"but anything is better than Heather" I said "trust me"
she smiled a little "I do."

After an eventful few hours with Brendon, I drove home, thinking about being in a relationship... with him. He was cute, yes, but I hardly knew anything about him.
I parked the car and walked up the stairs and opened our apartment door and Ryan was on the phone to someone, I gave him a wave before going and lying on my bed.
I like how he could easily make me smile.
I like how he was so easy to just talk to, I felt so used to him already.
I guess we'll have to see.

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