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My First Kiss Went A Little Like This.

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Chapter 2. We are introduced to Mr Gerard Way. Juliet is liking the way he's put himself together, but what about Brendon Urie?

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I was determined to make her mine. We started to hang out more; it was the third week that we became stronger friends.
She came over to my place and we were lying in the hammock together
“did you notice I curled my hair for you?” she smiled and I nodded” you always look amazing though”
The swinging of the hammock seemed to make the mood right at the time.
She moved onto her side and rested her head onto me; I then gently put my arm around her and she smiled a little “don’t.”
“too late” I said softly
We were looking at each other for a moment and I went ahead and kissed her, our very first kiss. I felt her giggle a little as she put her arm around me and buried her head into my chest, embarrassed.
“I still remember what you said about relationships” I said “but I can wait”
She nodded a little and I just looked down at her
“this hammock is so soothing” she said and I smiled “yeah I know, the amount of times I’ve fallen asleep on this”
“I don’t wanna fall asleep, I’ll ruin my hair” she said sitting up and forcing me to do the same.
She jumped off the hammock and waited for me and then we went back inside, my puppy Baxter jumped on me so I picked him up
“I should probably head off” she said grabbing her keys
“no no, stay for dinner” I said and she smiled “I have to feed Ryan”
“we can pack some for him too” I suggested
“bye Brendon” she laughed and kissed my cheek “bye Bax” she smiled at the puppy in my arms and I walked her outside
“wave to Juliet Bax” I said lifting his paw “bye bye”

I went upstairs and opened the door and carefully shut it
“Ryan?” I called out but no response. He wasn’t at work today, so I went into his room and found him with some guy on him, naked. They were both naked.
“OH!” I squealed “sorry” and shut the door and walked away
I started dinner, a little disturbed when I heard Ryan’s door open.
“Hey Juliet, sorry about that” Ryan said a little red with a really cute guy by his side “yeah… I’m sorry” he said with a small smile
“it’s okay, I should have knocked” I said awkwardly
Ryan walked the guy out and I continued with dinner and he came back and shut the door
“oh my god J, he was so good in bed” he commented and I laughed “good to know”
“how was Brendon’s?” he asked
“we kissed” I said
“WHAT?” he said jumping on me “details!”
“it just kinda happened, then I came home” I said
“you’re a horrible flirt” he commented
“I know” I replied putting food onto plates
I started thinking about Brendon much more.
I went to work in the morning and quickly fixed my hair in the bathrooms. I had it up in a pretty, messy state with a flower pin in there somewhere, with small curls beside my face, I had to admit, I looked quite good today.
It was a pretty normal day at Starbucks, with one exception. After noon a guy dressed in black besides his white shirt, walked in and took his sunglasses off to give me his order, I couldn’t stop looking at him, he looked so… cool. sleek. He was kinda gorgeous.
I started to see him every few days, coming in for the same order. There was something about him.

I walked into Starbucks, a little annoyed with some family stuff at home, coffee seemed to calm me down. That pretty little brunette was working again, it was refreshing to see someone so beautiful. I walked to the counter and she looked up and smiled “hey. The usual?”
I was a little surprised “oh… uh yes please”
She started to make it how I liked it, and that made me smile
“you’re really cute” I said and she looked at me and smiled slightly “thanks.”
She handed the cup of wonderful emotions to me “thank you” I nodded and went and sat down in a good position to look at her, she had her hair out today, slightly curled with a ribbon tied around as a headband. In terms of appearance, she was perfect.
Telling from the way she served me, she was really gentle and sweet. Maybe I should ask her out sometime. I took a sip of my coffee and some guy walked in, that she knew.
I looked up to see her laughing with him, boyfriend? They didn’t look as close and the guy seemed cocky- wannabe boyfriend. He dressed pretty casually… competition perhaps.
He got his drink and sat at the table beside me, I noticed he was watching her too.
When I had to leave for band practice, she walked over to the guy beside me “go home” she joked and walked over to me “everything alright here?” she smiled
“uh yeah, I was about to leave for band practice” I smiled back
“you’re in a band?” she said, impressed and I nodded and got up “I better go, probably see you tomorrow for my coffee fix”
“I hope so” she smiled and went to another table and I laughed to myself and walked out to my car
The next morning, same time, I went back to Starbucks and she was working again, no one else was around either
“hey” I smiled and she looked up from a notepad she was drawing on
“oh hello” she smiled “usual?”
“please” I said but stopped her before she went to the coffee station “wait” I said and she stopped and looked at me
“are you dating that guy from yesterday?” I asked
“Brendon? Noooo” she smiled “why?”
“just wondering if you’d go out with me sometime” I said and her smile grew “oh” she laughed “sure. Why not”
“great” I smiled “you can make my coffee now”
“thanks” she said walking over to the coffee machine “I’m Juliet if you couldn’t tell by my nametag”
“Gerard Way.” I nodded “so what are you into?”
“in terms of…?” she asked
“anything. interests” I said
“musicians” she smiled at me “I dunno, I like bright things, happy things”
“very cute” I noted and she nodded and handed me my coffee
“thanks” I said giving her the money
“don’t worry about it, you’re a pretty loyal customer” she said
“aww” I smiled “you’re the best, got a pen?”
She nodded and handed me one and I put my coffee down and gently took her hand and wrote my number on it and she laughed “it tickles”
“sorry” I said “there we go, call me tonight?”
“promise” she smiled and I went and sat down, pretty happy with myself until I got a call and answered “hello?”
“WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU, YOU’RE 30 MINUTES LATE” my little brother yelled and I jumped up “FUCK I’M SORRY” I said loudly and ran out and drove to Ray’s house.

I wasn’t sure how to tell Brendon that I was going on a date with someone else. I was smiling at the thought that I was going to be though. I was at home with Ryan’s kitten Alejandro stroking his fur, I looked to see it was 9pm so I called Gerard, within a ring, he answered
“hello?” he spoke and I smiled “hey there, it’s Juliet. Calling as promised”
He chuckled “glad to know you remembered. What are you upto?”
“chilling with my roommates kitten, how about you?” I asked
“talking about boy stuff with my brother, not that important though” he said and I smiled
“I’ll keep this call short then, when are we gonna do something together?” I asked
“tomorrow night?” he suggested
“wow, so soon” I laughed “but I’m cool with that”
“are you sure?” he asked
“yes, now what are we doing?” I asked
“I was thinking movies” he said and I smiled – so cliché.
“alrighty. Wanna drive to my apartment and I’ll meet you outside?” I asked
“sure, where’s it at?” he asked
So I started telling him and he seemed to know it anyway. We said our goodbyes and hung up.
I realised that I was being unfair; I told Brendon I didn’t really want a relationship, yet I was going on a date tomorrow. I decided to call him and tell him. I didn’t want the reaction.

Chapter 2.
So pretty much, Juliet has a really cute moment with Brendon, she starts to think about him and if they were together, but this is ruined by the incredible man that is Gerard Way.
What is she going to do?

I already know how this ends, but do you?
With Love, SareBear XoXo
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