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Franks Confessions

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Frank has something to tell Charley...

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the rest of the day flew by, I sat next to frank in the rest of my lessons, and I got to know so much about him. after one day, I felt like I knew him, and that made the hand holding seem less weird, because I actually knew the guy sending shivers up my spine

when the final bell rang, Frank insisted he drive me home. I was still puzzled at why he was so interested in me, there were tons of prettier girls than me at school, they were all so much prettier and funnier and more interesting than me. so what did Frank see in me?

i was so confused that I asked him about his feelings as he drove me home
"frank... I'm extreamly confused about you. I mean, you've only just met me, bur your holding my hand, and acting so weird, I'm really confused... what's going on?" I asked
"well, the thing is, as soon as I saw you, I think I fell in love. I didn't dare ask you outright how you felt, I mean you'd just met me for god sake, but I felt so strongly that I had to take every chance I got to show you. I know this Is probably gonna freak you out, some outcast freak telling you he loves you after knowing you for around a day, but, god I don't know what it is. your just so, right..." he trailed off and looked off into the distance. I was gobsmacked. 
following my directions, he pulled up outside my house. 
"I guess, I'll see you tomorrow?" he asked
"well... do you want to come in? my parents won't get home till late, and I think we have some things to talk about..." I said
we got out of his car and walked to me front door. Franks hand hung by his side, open, but not holding mine, almosting wait for me so he didn't seem like he was attack me. I swiftly took his hand in mine, and I he looked at me gratefully. 
we walked inside and I pulled him to the kitchen.
"coffee?" I asked
"sure" he said
we walked to the living room while the kettle boiled, and flopped down on the sofa, facing eachother. I took both of his hands in mine and looked deeply into the stunning eyes. 
"Charley... look..." he started but I cut him off
"I love you to frank. i don't know why, but every time I see you my heart skips a beat, I feel comfortable around you, like I belong there. when you hold my hands, I feel sparks through my body. it's crazy, but I think I love you..." i trailed off. I looked up at him, and saw that a huge smile had spread across his face. suddenly he was leaning towards me, his head leaned to the side, and I leaned in to. his lips met mine, and I was shocked by his cool lips. it was the lightest of kisses, and lasted only a fraction of a second, but it was the best experience of my life. his eyes met mine, and I didn't have to look at his mouth to tell he was smiling. he leaned in to kiss me again, and this time, he out his arms firmly around my waist and pulled me towards him. I put my arms around his neck, letting one hand escape into his hair. I felt his cool Tongue brush my bottom lip, and soon he deepened the kiss. he nibbled at my bottom lip, and it was amazing. we stayed like this, silently kissing for what seemed like a lifetime, but when we broke the his, he moved his lips to my neck, slowly kissing it

"Frank?" I whispered. he lifted his eyes to mine, and pressed his forehead to mine
"yes?" he whispered
"I love you" I whispered
"what was that? I didn't hear you?"
"I love you. I really truley love you frank, I love you" I said, a lot louder than before. he wraped his arms around me and pulled me into a warm hug. this was insane, but so right.
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