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When it's love

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"how much did you see?" I asked "enough" he chuckled...

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we sat together on my sofa for hours, just talking, getting to know eachother. occasionally he would randomly compliment me, or say he loved me, an give me a light kiss on the cheek. I could tell he was trying not to seem like he was trying too hard, but I didn't care, because he was perfect, and the fact that he was trying, made me feel loved. it got to the point where my parents would be home soon, and I didn't want then to see me on the sofa with a guy I'd known only a day, so frank made his way to his car. I went with him and as he climbed in, he leaned out and kissed me softly, gently nibbling my bottom lip, making me want more, even though he was about to leave.
"I'll pick you up tomorrow morning okay?" he said, and I nodded, still light headed from the kiss. he gave me one more peck in the lips, and I watched him drive away.

when my parents got hone not to much later, they asked me all the usual questions, but I was too distracted to engage in a proper conversation. my mind was still racing From all the things that had happened today.

that night, I didn't sleep, all I could think about was frank, how perfect he was, how amazing he was at kissing, how much I loved him after one short day.

the next morning, I got ready as usual, pulling in some bright red skinny, and a  black van halen shirt. I pulled on some red converses and and my black and White stripey fingerless gloves. my hair was behaving it's self for once, and I put a thick line of black eye liner around my eyes. my parents had already left for work, so I had the house to myself. I had about 10 minutes before frank was gonna pick me up, so I shoved on a bit of van halen. I was jumping around singing and playing air guitar to 'when its love' when I felt someones arms around my waist. I did the natural thing and screaming, wondering who it was. I turned around and saw frank lying on the floor laughing. 
"how much did you see?" I questioned him
"enough" he chuckled
I grabbed a cushion from the sofa and wacked him round the head with it. he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to the ground, tickling me into submission.
"I surrender!" I shouted and hc pinned me to the ground, and gently pressed his lips to mine. I smiled against his kiss and twisted my hands into his hair.

 he pulled me to my feet and pulled me close to him. I could feel his heartbeat quicken as his chest pressed to mine. he stroked my cheek with the back of his hand and smiled at me.
"come on, we'll be late" he whispered
I bit my lip and nodded

he quickly pulled me to his car and we drove to school
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