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he looked confused "you! you dopey fool!" I laughed

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the next 2 weeks went by pretty much the same, Frank picked me up, took me to school, we spent all our time together. we grew so much closer and before we knew it, it was the last day before summer.

that evening, Frank came home with me as usual. things were kinda unusual, people assumed we were a couple, we acted like a couple, but he'd not actually officially asked me. we just assumed we were together. this had kinda bothered me, I thought maybe he hadn't asked me properly because he was gonna drop me and leave. no. Frank wasn't like that. he wouldn't do that.

we sat down on my bedroom floor, I sat between his legs, my back resting against his chest. he was twirling a long strand of my hair around his fingers, occasionally kissing me head. 
he kissed me on my cheek, and whispered in my ear. 
"Charley, can ask you something" he whispered
I turned round so I was facing him. he was still playing with my hair. 
"look Charley, I know it's been a while since we first met, and I shouldve done this earlier, but... will you be my girlfriend? I know people assume we're dating, but I want it to be official, I want you to be mine" he said, sincerely looking into my eyes.
"of course I will!" I smiled and he grinned back at me.
"so, what are you planning to do this summer?" he asked cheekily
"well, I'm planning to spend most of my days with an extreamly cute, beautiful boy, but it depends if he wants to see me" I smiled back at him
he looked confused
"you! you dopey fool" I laughed and he looked releaved. he chuckled and kissed my cheek gently.
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