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First day of summer

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"I guess that means you liked it then?" he laughed "I love it Frank"

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over the two weeks at school I'd gotten really close to all the guys, gerard, mikey, ray and Kate. it was crazy how much we all had in common, and I was so relieved at how quickly they befriended me. I got s few dirty looks from the Preps and a few people called me an emo but I was used to that by now so it didn't bother me much. me and Kate got on like a house on fire, she really took me under her wing, teaching me the people to avoid, the places  to go if you needed to privacy, all the things I needed to know to survive. she was also pleased to hear how great things were going with frank.
"I'd been trying to set him up with someone for ages, we were all worried about how alone he seemed" she'd told me. 
the first day of summer all fo us were sleeping round kates house, although I didn't mention to mum and dad that there would be 4 guys there, one if which was my boyfriend. my patents are quite protective, so I hadn't told them about frank yet, I know they wouldn't aprove. they spent so much tame at work that I don't think they'd even notice if one night they came home and he was here, but anyway. I got to kates house and was greated by cheers from all the guys and a big hug from Kate. I walked into the living room and noticed only gerard, mikey and ray were there, Frank was no where to be seen. for a moment I felt lost without him, but then mikey hit me with a pillow and a huge war broke out. by the time frank turned up, we were all in heaps on the floor, laughing uncontrolable. He walked over to me and pulled me to my feet and encircled me in his arms, resting his cheek on top of his head. Frank was only 5 "4 ish, but luckily I was extreamly short, so he was still taller than me. he kissed my forhead and then pulled me towards the door to the kitchen.
"I have something for you" he whispered into my ear and shut the door behind us. 
with his arm still firmly around my waist he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small box. I gasped just at the sight of the box. I knew it contained a ring. 
he places the red velvet box into my hand and looked at me expectantly. I flipped open the lid and revealed a silver ring resting in a nest of silk and velvet. if was think, with tiny diamonds and bright blue gems embedded into it. I was so shocked that Frank started to panic.
"it's not an engagement ring or anything, don't worry, I just wanted to give you something to remind you of me. if you don't like It I can get you something different, I don't mind, I just wante..."
I silenced him with a kiss. his lips were eager and he tried to hold himself back before deapening the kiss as I parted my lips slightly. the tip of his Tongue touched mine, and we kissed for an unmeasurable amount of time. eventually he broke the kiss, breathless. 
"I'm guessing you like it then?" he chuckled
"I love it frank, it so beautiful. how did you afford it?! I mean, it's too much, seriously, but thank you. I love you" I said as he slid the ring onto my finger. a perfect fit. 
I lightly traced his arms with my fingers before something caught my attention. I knew he had tatoo's, but this one was new. running across the very top of his shoulder were the words 
'i need nothing but you.
the CW obviously stood for my name, and I counted back the days until I realised the 24th of June was the date we first met. I was so touched I felt tears brimming in my eyes.
"hey, hey" he whispered as he wiped the few tears that had escaped away with his thumb, while gently cupping my face with the rest of his hand. 
"I did all these things because I love you charley. your the only girl I've ever loved and I know i'll love you for the rest of my life."
"I love you to Frank" was all I could manage. I was so emotional, I felt so loved, it was crazy. I think Frank sensed how I was feeling, and pulled me in for another long hug, his arms around my waist, holding me close to him. I was his, and I knew I'd never want anyone else. it was just Frank. since I moved here, it had always been Frank, and I know it always will be...
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