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I brush my hair then throw it back in my locker.

"That was nice" Emma commented

"What can I say? It pissed me off." I shrug.

We laugh and start down the hall. Every ones in class. Me and Emma are on year book so every day we Rome the halls. We go into random classes and asks for picture of people. We have a list so we know which ones we already went to. We've only been to seven.

"Hey little bitch!" Who called my sister?

I look up from the list and see the football play I smashed yesterday.

"Hi twinkle twinkle." I reply

"What the fuck?" he ask stupidly

"What? We're not calling each other names like five year olds any more?" Emma laughed.

"Never mind that. Your dead! You and your little friend!" he going all wizard of oz on my! I'm scared! "I know people who can make your life misrable!"

"You know those girls and your calling me the bitch?" Emma snorted this time.

"That happends to be my girl friend" he growled

"I know. That's who I was talking about." I see a teacher coming out of the class room. I've seen her a few time. "Hi mrs. B!" I call.

She walks over to us. "Hello Elliot. Emma. Zack? Why are you out in the hall? And where's your pass?! I'm room! NOW!" she turns her back, dragging him along. He turns back a I wave sweetly.

After the door slams shut, we start to laugh. We love getting anyone in trouble. It's the best thing in the world.

"So devil child, who should we go into?" she takes the list and starts skimming. "How about sanders? He does nothing this time of day."

"Why the hell not?"

"Kk turn your next right" she pointed.

We knock on the door. A girl in all pink, even alittle hair was pink. "Can I help you?" her voice was high and annoying. She looks like she's about to eat me.

"Yes we're here for the year book." she still smiles her crazy smile but let's us in. All the kids shifted and smiled. I scan the room. I my self smile when I get to a fa corner of this science class. Jason sat there. It was the darkest in the whole room. It fits him well.

Kids line up in front of us. We take group, singles, couples, the works! It's fun!

When the crowd died and Emma had the line, I went over to shadowland.

"Hey Edgar."

"You for got Alen Poe." he said quietly

"Oh sorry, you like him?"

"Kinda. He's not my favorite. But he's up there.

"oh. Wow. I thought he'd be your all time favorite."

"Nope. I don't mean to be rude but, why have you come here?"

"Picture for the year book?" silence. "How 'bout one with me?" his gaze softens. "Is that a yes?" he shrugs. I bend down and take a picture. I was smiling. He looked.

I smile and straighten up. I look around. Every one was staring. I wave and walk up to Emma.

"Thank you. Make sure you buy a yearbook! More room this year! You might see you name and face!" I have to say that. Very annoying.

The door closes.


"Um why?" I don't see the point. It's a picutre. Big whoop. you have like 60 right there. Why mine and Jason's?

"Cuase it'll be great for 'best couple of the year' picture. You'll give Gretchen and Zack a run for their money."

"Please, we're not even a couple and I don't think they'll vote an out cast and a freak best couple."

"Your not an out cast!" she gasps.

"I wasn't talking about me."


I'm sitting in math trying to do my homework.

The speaker dings. "Mrs. Ange, please send Elliot to the office." the class ooooo'd and I grabed my pass. And off I went. What the hell did I do? What didn't I do. Shit did some one catch me?! I haven't stolen in a week! Be proud of me!

I walk into the stone cold office. The lady behind the desk said "Elliot take your next left."

I do as told. I look into the room and Zack sat there. With nessic at her desk.

"Elliot, please sit. We have to talk" Zack had an evil look to him. Likenhe was plotting some thing.

I sit down next to Zack and glare. "yes ma'am?"

"Zack here said you beat him up the other day in the hall way. He said one other person was there. Jason puck. We'll call him in next. But I need to know if that's true."

I look at him. He smirked. But I am smarter. "Surely you must be mistaken ma'am. I'm not strong enough. Plus, what motive would I have?" zacks face went white.

"Yes mr. jay, why would she?" nessic looked to him.


"So you lied to get her in trouble?" she growled.


"Six weeks of detention! And you, your free to go."

I got straght up. I swing my hair. And snatch my pass. What a Jack ass. Snitch.

Jason's P.O.V.

I pass Elliot in the hall. She told me only to say that Zack pushed me. Nothing about her.

"Mr. Puck? Did you see Elliot beat up Zack?" she cut straght to the point.

"No. But I did feel Zack push me into lockers and call me a freak." I say quickly

He looks at me in shock. Anger takes over soon. And his face turned a tomato red.

"Mr. Jay! You are off the team! Now get to class!" wow, she seems pissed. Cool.
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