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Moment of Glory

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ugh, bad words.....

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Jason's p.o.v.

I walk out of the office with a proud smile. A rare hing to find on my frown stained face. I finally got the big bad Quarterback kicked off the team. Maybe the queen bitch will dump him. I will laugh. The perfect-for-eachother- blondes broken up because of their big heads. That'll pop his blimp and bring him back down to hell with the rest of us.

I slug back to my class room. My moment will soon end when Zack and his thugs come and find me. If they will even follow him like lost puppies any more. It'll probably just him. It's okay, Elliot will get to him. I wont even have to ask.

"Hola, senior." The voice of an agle called to me.

"Bonjoirno" I reply and take a bow in her wake.

"I didn't know you masterd the way of specking in France." She she moved her body in a-matter-of-factly way that gets me.

"Italian, actally. But I do speck French, Latin, Russian, Hebrew, German, and Yiddish." I say all at once.

Her big green eyes grew wide. "Shit man! How do you remeber ever thing?!" her voice is filled with wounder. She clings to my arm as I tell her my father needs them for his job so I just picked up on it over the years.

"Damn! I would just be looking up asking myself, 'what the hell is he saying?!' I wouldn't be taking notes and looking them up later!" She put her hands on the back of her head and smiled wile talking some more. I just put my book by my head and listen.

God I love to hear her just talk.
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