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Lunch time and Truth or Dare

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Lunch time is fun and Katie is invited back to the Ways house with the other friends

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Another chapter enjoy!

Mikeys P.O.V

Finally lunch time, me and Katie have gotten to know eachother a bit better shes really intresting we have so much in common music we are into, we both play bass I couldn't wait to introduce her to Ray and Bob they would sure love her, "here we go Katie this is our table, this is Bob and Ray" they both greated Katie and she sat down and drank some apple juice. "so Katie you and Mikey are becoming good friends from what I hear," curse Ray, Frankie and Gerard had probally told him everything, i felt myself heating up, "yeah we are becoming good friends we have so much in common I think it is the start of a beautiful friendship," Katie was so sweet her words were so caring a beautiful friendship was playing over and over and over again she was beautiful I had known her for a day and already felt like we had been friends for years, "awk look a Mikey, you know Katie we all agree Mikey likes you ALOT" "FRANKIE!" I scretched I was totally humiliated, "Awk Mikey your so cute when you are embarrsessed don't listen to them they are only winding you up," I looked up at Katie she hugged me I felt something going through my body like an electric shock it was the best hug ever!

Gerards P.O.V

"awwww" the whole table said in unison while Mikey and Katie hugged she seemed to really like him and he really liked her it was a match made in heaven, " Katie do you want to come by me and Mikeys house after school it's what we do now and again all of us together will go back to mine and play some games" "yeah sure that would be great aslong as you don't mind" "ofcourse we don't mind" Mikey quickly jumped in making sure she defentily came along. Frank Bob Ray and me all exchanged the same glance we decided that we had to get Mikey and Katie together but how?

Franks P.O.V

"right ok guys think we need to get them together and fast before Mikey starts douting himself" everybody was thinking extra hard then it struck me a brilliant idea, "Truth or Dare!" the guys nodded, "yeah but where?" "duhh back at yours Gerard" "omg awsome plan" Bob said nugging everyone and we all turned to find Mikey and Katie sitting together having what looked like a very intresting conversation Mikey wasn't listening by the looks of things just nodding and smiling into her eyes, "awk Miksters has grown up" Bob said everyone burst out laughing causing them to turn around and look at us.

Katies P.O.V

The clock hit half three me and Frank met up with Gerard, Mikey, Bob and Ray in the carpark were we all jumped into Ray's car. We pulled up to the Ways house it was a medium sized house with a very neat front garden, I walked into the house to find the cleanest house I have seen in my life, Mikey and the boys brought me down to the basement also known as Gerards bedroom. We sat in the dark basement for a while I looked at the brilliant drawings on the walls the many posters of the Misfits and other bands and comics everywhere. "I no what we can do" Frank exclaimed, "Truth or Dare" Everyone nodded in return sounded like a good idea. "ok rules if you don't do what you are asked you you you... you have to eat franks cooking!" "ewwww" everyone said in unison even Frank himself said ewww, "okokok ready to start, ok i'm first" Frankie looked around at everyone, "Katie Truth or Dare?" I thought for a while I didn't know these people well enough to sit pouring my feelings out to them, "Dare" I said I suddenly noticed Gerards smile as if he was glad i picked dare, "ok you ready, I dare you to...kiss Mikey" I sat there in a state of shock aswell as Mikey, I really liked Mikey but I only had known him for a day, "full on make-out!" Frank shouted, I took a look at Mikey he looked so nervous and pretty pissed off at Frank. I turned to Mikey and whispered I don't have to do it if you don't want me to, "It's okay I don't mind" he whispered back, I put my hands around his neck came closer and closer and suddnely our lips crashed together I felt his hands creep around my waste it was perfect I felt tingles going up my spin, my world stopped everyting went blank it was just me and Mikey, "YOU CAN STOP NOW!!" I heard Frank yell in my ear, I didn't want to stop and by the looks of things neither did Mikey, we carried on the kiss had lasted a few minutes now it came to the point were Gerard pulled Mikey and Ray pulled me away from eachother. The whole room burst into laughter, except Mikey he just smiled at me with his perfect little smile, I accually think I was in love with him, I had only known him a day but he was so perfect in everyway possible. We played a few more rounds me and Mikey always paired together the last dare was Mikey's Gerard dared him and me to go into his closet, we walked in it was really small we stood face to face and kissed again it was brillant..........

Going to leave it hanging until the next chapter R&R xxx
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