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It's all fun and games, until you have a bad dream.

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I looked around at where I was. It was dark. I couldn’t tell where it was, but it was a small room. It was cold, so could I could see my breath.

I hugged myself to try and stay warm. I felt eyes on me. I turned around to see a man with dark brown hair down to his shoulders starting at me. Without a word, he started toward me, a smirk played across his face.

I tried to scream, but nothing came out . I spun around and started to run, but the man just picked up his speed.

I glanced back, he was right on me. His arms were out-stretched, his mouth curled into a smile, exposing his strange teeth.

The weirdest thing, however, was his eyes. They weren’t any normal eye color. They were black.

A lout hiss entered the air. Both of us stopped dead in our tracks. I looked to see that Gerard guy standing there, one of his arms extended in my direction

“Come on, Hazel.” His voice was soft and calm. “Take my hand.

I started towards him.

“No!” The other man roared. “She is mine!”

“Hurry Hazel.” Gerard called to me. The faster I moved towards him, the faster he moved back.

“Got you.” A voice growled in my ear. I could sense a smile in his voice. A sharp pain was sent through my neck. “You’re mine now.” He laughed. The pain grew and grew, it became unbearable.

I awoke, screaming my lungs out. I grabbed my pillow and stuffed it over my face as I screamed. A hopeless attempt to muffle my huge mouth.

“Hazel!” Ainsley called. “Hazel!” She was shaking me. “Hazel, stop it!”

I couldn’t snap myself out of my fit.

“Stop! Hazel!” She pelted me with her pillow a few times. “Snap out of it!” She jerked the pillow off of my face and flicked on her light.

I stopped screaming when the light came on. Slowly, I sat up and looked around.

“What the fuck?” She glared at me.

“I-I don’t know.” I stuttered. “It was a nightmare.”

“Apparently.” She rolled her eyes. “I thought you were like possessed or something.”

“I got attacked in it.” I told her.

“By who?” She sat down in her bed.

“A vampire.”

“So what? You always wanted to be a vampire. What’s the big deal?”

“There was just something…evil about this one.” I sighed as I rubbed my neck, making sure it was all in one piece.

“Well, you are fine now.”

“Do you have any pickles?” I asked her.

“…Pickles?” She wrinkled her nose.

“Yes, pickles.”

“Because I always eat pickles after I had a nightmare. Mom always gave them to me. They made me feel better.” I told her.

“You’re mom is an idiot.” She got up, flicked off the light, then laid back down in her bed.

“No pickles?” I asked.


“I’m not tired now.” I told her.

“I’m ignoring you.” She mumbled rolling over in her bed.

“Fine.” I laid down, hoping I wouldn’t get caught in another nightmare.
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