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Greener With the Scenery

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The weekend had finally come. I’d never been so tired. Learning a new map and going to new school sucks. It’s even worse because this is my senior year. I should’ve been living it up this year. It was around 1pm and I had just woken up. I checked my phone and had a few missed calls. Jimmy, Matt, Zack all in a row. I called Jimmy back but nobody picked up, Matt didn’t either. I called Zack after I was up and ready for the day. His phone was off. That’s just strange, all of them pick up for me and Zacky’s phone is never off. My phone went off 5 seconds after I called Zack, he was calling me. No wonder it didn’t go through.

“Man what the fuck?” I laughed. “I was about to ask you the same thing. Well what are you doing” “Sitting in the living room, what are you doing?” “Standing around… What's your address? I might feel the need to mail you something soon.” I told him what it was. “What would you mail me?” “You’ll find out.” I just laughed at him “So do you happen to know what Matt and Jimmy wanted? I tried calling them back but neither of them answered.” “Oh they wanted to know the same thing, so we all just called you.” “Oh okay.” “Well I’m gonna get off here. Love you, Benj…” “I love you too Zack.” We hung up.

I laid back on the couch watching a movie then my phone went off again. I’m just so popular today. “Hello?” I didn’t bother to check the name. “Hey Benji. What's up?” I moved the phone to look. “Hey Frank…Nothing, just sitting at home.” “Would it be cool if I came over to hang out?” “Yea sure, my dads at work.” “Alright, I’ll be over soon.” “Alright peace.” I continued watching the movie. About 15 minutes later Frank showed up at my place.

“So what brings you over?” I asked sitting back down on the couch after I let him in. “Just wanted to hang out. Never really see you outside of school.” “Yea that’s true. Well here I am.” I laughed. “Yea…” It got awkwardly quiet. I turned my attention back to the TV and Frank sat beside me. “So what was California really like?” he asked turning to me. “Well it didn’t rain much, and besides the humidity the weather was about the same. It was sunny and just pretty out all of the time. I lived right by the beach. Best friends lived on the same street as me. People over there are a lot more open to different things than they are over here. The way we dress is completely accepted while over here we get made fun of.” “Yea Jersey sucks. Why’d you guys move out here anyways?” “You know, my dad never really told me much about it. He just said that he knew a lot of people over here and something else about jobs.” He didn’t have much to ask after that. My doorbell rang. “What the fuck?” I walked over. As soon as I opened the door I burst into tears.
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