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I'm starting to crack

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this is when the real romance kicks in.

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I wake up on the ground. I think about what happend last night. Why? My heart stil stings from the time long ago. A first love will never last to all the girls out there. Unless your 15 when you have your first love, they will always break your heart. Mine did. It's been 8 years. It still stings just to say his name. Why was I cursed like this?

A knock on the shakes me. I change into a fresh pair of clothes then open the door. I smile widly for show. It fades once I see who it is.

"Oh, it's you" I groan.

"Lovley to see you too." Max said

"What do you want?" I saw as he makes himself at home.

"Where did you get this jewl and where can I get a bigger one?" He smiles.


The door opend and Sarah walked in. She is a madison girl. Sister of black. It fits her well since her hair and eyes are black. Max's eyes lifted and locked. Sarahs locked downwards.

"I. Just. Sorry I missed. The induction yester. Day." She says in a haze.

"Ugh." I roll my eyes. "It's fine. Just-Just you two get a room thats not in my house!" I yell.

"Yeah, yeah sure whatever." Sarah tells me. Their gaze still locked.

I throw my arms in the arm and go into my room. I slame the door.

When I reamerge from my room they're gone. God knows where they went. It scares me to even think about it. Oh well. There goes the only single people I know. Now i'm all alone.Again.

I get my book again and go to the waterfall. Maybe i'll read in peace ttoday.

Wrong. I touch down on the island then I hear my name being called. I turn to find Aries the one calling my name.

"Hello Melody." He smiles.

"Whats up duche?" I ask with my own little smile.

"I am looking at a beautiful women whom I would give any thing for." He sounds sweet but his intentions sour.

I pretend to look around. "I don't see any case around here."

He laughs at me and continues to smile. "Ah, there are more than just beautiful grils in case. There are some in adda, hell, there are even some in heart! But non compare to the one in madison standing right in front of me." He lifts his hand to caress my cheek but I shot him down right ater his cold skin touched.

"Come on now, stop being so cold. You know you want me just as much as I want you." He grabes me by the waist. The moment is intance. I start to breath hevaly. He draws me in closer. Hes trying to kiss me. I'm almost letting him.

I shake my head and try to push him away. I gain my strangth and push him far.

Even though he didn't get where he wanted, he still smiles widly. Hes breathing hevaly too.

"Why did you do that? We both know you wanted to. We both know you could have. We both know you would have loved it." He snickers. "Maybe next time then?" He scoffs then moves twords his own land.

My hearts beating fast. My mind is every where. Mainly because of one thing.

He's right
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