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First was a bust.

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"Let me go!" I sceam.

Ambers first mission went horibly wrong. The case came after us. Every one got away but me. Now i'm being man handled by a thug. My kicking a screaming has no affect on him. I didn't stop until he threw me into a jail cell.

I try to yank the bars. I fail.

"It's no use. I've tryed."

I spin around. Scared to death. I see a pair of familiar eyes. They were a dark brown with hints of coper. They are the ones of max vander. I've know him all my life. Before he was able to be take.

"I coud blast us out." I mumble.

"What?" He says with a voice so under used it sounds like it was almost gone.

I think what to do. I look at my neck. The black jewl around it with a gold chain. I take it off and throw it to Max. "Put this on and follow my lead." He does not argue like he would if he was in a normal state.

"Alright, point your hand to the wall and aim all your energy twords it. Then picture a blast of power hitting it on 3, 2, 1!" I yell a jet of red light escaped his hand. A look of pride was on his face.

When the wall topled it showed the other side. I saw lany with a tail and a sea shell bra.

"Well this is awkward." She stated.

"No time. Max get in!" I push him in before jumping in myself. I turn in a mermaid like lany. I tell Max to do the same but he turns into a black shark insted. Lany went up to check.

"Nice tail, Melody. The cost is clear." She comes back down.

"THanks. Wait! I have a question! If you were free this whole time then why haven't you come back?!" I ask in rage.

"Cause their still loking for me. The adda are playing dumb! Their not working to thier fullest! When they find something they don't tell. At frist it was just to piss off the case. Now, they've found a combo! They think it'll get us out of here! But their not sure yet." Lany said in one huge breath.

"The first part would have done but good to know. Now lets go to shore."

When we get there, I only see Max when I turn around with him inches away. I scream.

"Aw did I scare you?" He askes.

I flicked him off. "Come with us to adda head quarters." I say leading the way.

"Hell no! I have fend for my self! Peace bitches!" He runs into adda land.

"Bye ass hole!" I yell. I hate him some times!

"He's a real duche." Lany said flattly

"It's whatever. Come on, the girls are waiting for you."

We get to the house with cheers. Every ones there. Every one and their boy friends. Every one was together, but me. I was the 17th wheel. I start to feel alone. I just sit in the corner and watch.

People started to leave. I shut the door and sink agenst it. I curl up and start to cry.
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