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Midnight Bliss

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After running from her house, those strange men and leaving her mother behind, she takes refuge under a bus stop shelter. But the bus which arrives doesn't have a specific destination but one that ...

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...:: Chapter 1 ::...

I'm so angry because I am frustrating over something no one should have concern over.
I don't know who I am anymore and I don't know what to do about it.
That's how I feel and it scares me to know you're not the one in control of your life.
All the lies have made me rethink of who I really am.
But what I now know seems impossible.
The truth is the truth but is it even logical?


I dropped my pen after finishing hours of home work and sighed in relief. Math, my most hated subject of them all and I was actually doing it. Though, I was just trying to get my mind off the fact my mother and I had another fight. It wasn't just any fight because this one stung deeper as it was on the topic of my father. But she spoke of him as a hideous monster that couldn't take care of his own child. Gracelene is the name, aged fifteen with no knowledge of the family background. He was never spoken as someone to look up to from the way mum described him whenever he was mentioned. Today I tried to find some helpful information on a project I'm doing at school but it doesn't seem I've getting anything useful.

I heard a sudden bang followed by a thump coming from downstairs. My thoughts were to ignore it for a moment until I heard the voices of men. My curiosity led me out of my room to check it out. I stayed close to the wall while on the stairs as I saw the shadows of three people being displayed from the lounge.
"I'm telling you, I don't know what you're talking about!" mum's voice spoke in a desperate tone and I wasn't sure why.
"If you don't want to tell us, then we'll have to use force" I grew cautious when that was mention and thought I better stay out of sight for the time being.
"Now, we'll ask you again. Where is the daughter of Merideth and Ambrose? And this time, if you don't give us a straight answer, it will be your last" I froze at his harsh words as I tried to get a closer view of what the men looked liked. I walked more steps down the stairs carefully, praying I wouldn't land my foot on one of the creaking boards. I realized the silence of when my frantic heart started racing. Something wasn't right here as I stuck to the spot I stood in which was near the end of the flight of stairs. In that moment, I calmed myself from panicking from the cynical thinking of what was going to happen now.
"It seems we're not alone after all" as soon that was said, I rushed up to my room and slammed the door closed.

What was I going to do now? The way I dashed up into my room was obvious and there are two of them who are sound capable of murder. The sounds from downstairs startled me with the sounds of a quarrel.
"Gracelene!! Get of here now--" her voice was silenced as I gasped in shock. I was more than afraid of the situation I was in and opened the window widely. I turned back to my door as I heard the sounds of them twisting the door knob. I jumped from my two storey house and caught the branch of a tree and swung down. I felt the splinters deep into my palm but it was better than being dead. I was afraid to look back so I ran as far as my body could take me.

The pain, the hurt and the despair slowed me down as tears began falling down my cheek. I rested at a bus stop and sat inside the shelter as I cuddled myself into a secure ball. Where do I go from here? I thought as I feared the worst. What will they do once they find me and how will I plan my escape, if possible. I pulled the black strands of hair which stuck to my face from my run and wiped the evidence of my tears. How silly of me to cry when there's no one to cry to. From now on, I shall promise myself to resist the urge to show any signs of weakness. I must prove myself I am stronger so I can get through this.

I finally calmed down as I stood up. I peered from inside the shelter and saw no signs of the men who were after me. A bus stopped right in front of me as I watched the doors open.
"Gracelene Morganti." The driver spoke as I furrowed my brows. How does this person know who I am, did those men back at the house find where I was and thought I was stupid enough to fall for a trick like this? Well, they've got another thing coming.
"Who are you?" I was straight forward as I didn't want an explanation, but an answer. I stood wary as I checked if the area was clear.
"I am here to pick you up, orders from your grandfather, Headmaster of Ashling Academy." My expression was doubtful as I have no knowledge of having a grandfather. Is this driver telling me the truth? Shall I believe him and go along with it?

The sounds of screeching wheels were approaching us as I turned in its direction.
"I think it would be best if you hop in." he said as I jumped up and inside. The doors tightly closed as I ran to the back of the bus. I wasn't aware of the sudden acceleration and fell forwards into the back window. I definitely made my identity obvious as the men in the black car sped behind us. There was no way this bus was going to out run two men with the motivation to capture me in a sports car.
"Don't worry, I'll do my best to shake em’ off" He grinned as I held onto the seat.
"Are you sure your just a bus driver, cause you don't drive like one" I said as he took a sharp turn. I slid to one side on the long back seat as I hit the wall with a thump. Then the next was the other corner and I fell out of my spot and tumbled on the floor. If those men behind us won't kill me, then this bus driver will, "Are you trying to kill me!?" I yelled in frustration and sat back in the middle seats.
"Just hang on, we're almost in the clear" The bus began spinning as if the vehicle had been P.I.T maneuvered by the car behind us. My eyes widened in horror as I was falling to my doom. The screeching wheels of the bus echoed in my head as it faded to silence. My vision failed me as every thing turned black.

Am I dead? I thought or am I on the verge on dying?

My eye lids slowly opened as I felt my head throbbing from the soreness. I must have hit hard on whatever I fell on. I realized I was in a warm bed and sat up from the unknown surroundings. I appeared to be in a room with two beds and two walk in wardrobes. I pulled over the covers as I moved out of bed. I wandered out the room and found myself in a small hall way. This place doesn't seem like a house, but maybe a hotel and I'd give it five stars. It looks so luxurious and a dream to be living in so I must be in heaven. I walked into a larger room where the lounge was on my right with the kitchen on my left near the front door.

The door suddenly opened as I stepped back in caution. A guy walked in looked slightly older than me with a really cute appearance, dark brown hair, fair skin and green eyes. I relaxed as I dropped my caution and stood confidently.
"Hey, uh, Gracelene right?" the guy smiled gently as I felt my cheeks heat up. He yawned loudly I just nodded in saying yes, being overwhelmed by his cuteness, how embarrassing. "I'm Jayden, since you're awake now, I think the Headmaster would like to see you"
Oh, I just remembered, my grandfather was a Headmaster, meaning this is the academy. I may not be in heaven but this is close enough. Ashling Academy, I recall. Sounds alright, but I'd have to see what the people are like.
"Ah, okay. You lead the way" I smiled as he let me walk out first. Ah, and he's a gentleman, that's definitely a plus. The halls were filled with a few students walking around as I noticed their glance on me while walking past. It seems they can tell I'm new around this place.

When we arrived at the office, Jayden said he'd wait for me outside after I went in. The receptionist said he was already waiting for me and directed me to his office. I knocked on the door as I waited patiently to be called in.
"Come in" I reached for the door knob and twisted it open. I swung open the door and let myself in then sitting myself down. "Ah, my dear Gracelene, welcome" he smiled warmly as got up and greeted him with a smile back. We sat back down to discuss some business after getting though the personal stuff.
"Now, I am aware of you're situation and we already have executed the plan to make sure you stay in good hands" he explained as I sat eagerly to know more.
"So those men. . . Why were they after me?" I wondered, wanting to know.
". . . Ah, sorry Gracie but that's confidential." he said politely, "I think you've been through enough for today so forget about everything and just get yourself comfortable." Pfft, easy than said. "Oh and another thing I should discuss with you, about you're mother. . ." I looked to him as his tone became serious. If he's going to tell me something I already know, then he better not be expecting to see any tears, "Heather was just being the mother figure you would have needed. She was also my daughter" I could notice the despair in his voice. I realized something from what he said.
"So if she wasn't my mother or had any relation to me, then you're not really my grandfather" I thought deeply as I began spacing out.

From the beginning of when I could understand words and speak, from that moment, everything was a lie to me. I held my arm as I was still trying to gasp what he had said. When those men were talking about the daughter of Merideth and Ambrose, they were talking about me. I gripped my hands tightly on my lap as I sat in deep thought.
"I know this will be hard for you but you must understand, I am doing what I can to protect you. It is my job to care for you after promising your mother and father before they disappeared"
"You knew them?" I stood up in shock as I wanted to know more "Tell me, what were they like, what did they look like, wha-"
"Gracie, they loved you very much and I am proud to say that," he looked down with a content smile on his face "They were also admired by many, being vampires. . ."
"Yeah I guess they wou-" What did he just say? My expression froze at the words he said. I made them repeat in my head to understand what he meant by it. No, what he said was what he said and there's no doubt about it. I shook my head to clear the thought from me as he said in his chair, waiting for me to believe it, "No. ." I said to myself.

The door suddenly opened, "Gracie- Oh, uh sorry headmaster. . ." Jayden stood as I turned to him. He noticed my expression right away as I saw it on his face.
"Mr. Miles, could you please wait outside for a moment." He closed the door awkwardly as I smiled at his cuteness. I turned back to the headmaster as he adjusted himself in the chair. "Anyways, this information is only shared amongst the school council and selected students who will be looking out for you from know on. You have nothing to worry about since you'll be staying in a dorm with those selected students"
"How long must I stay here?" I asked.
"Do you really have anywhere else to stay?" I looked down as I had said asked such silly question,
"No, I guess not. . ."
"Well, before you take off, you must listen to what I am about to say," he spoke as I paid more attention rather than letting my eyes wonder around the room "even though you're well protected from those men, you have to be even more careful with everyone in this school"
"What do you mean?" I furrowed my brows in thought. Is there's something more dangerous than the people outside of school, or is it just as bad?
"Gracie, this isn't your average academy. This is a school for vampires and there's no telling what could happen here with you. So just keep an eye out, okay"

I left his office still surprised at what he had said, this school. . . Is for VAMPIRES? Why was he so positive about it anyways? What will I get out from being surrounded by vampires who will be thirsting for my blood?
"Surprise!!" Jayden slapped his hands on my shoulders as I stood vacantly on the spot.
"You can't scare me." I spoke nonchalantly, turning to him. I'm not scared as easily
"Aww, you're no fun." He chuckled and walked next to me, "Oh and by the way, you're staying with me in the dorm. Also with two other guys I don't quite know. . The headmaster did tell you right. . ." I could notice him being careful of how he said it and trying to figure out what my reaction was going to be. Though, I wasn't afraid of him because he was a vampire with probably two hundred others. I was just surprised and I didn't think someone like me would be in a situation like this.

If this is a dream then I sure would like to wake up now.
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