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.:: Chapter 2 ::.

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So after boarding a bus, almost getting killed, she wakes and finds herself in an unknown location. She had been told that she was brought to a boarding school.. But in fact, for vampires. Gracelen...

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...:: Chapter 2 ::...

"You can only go as far as the path you build yourself in life; one built alone won't go far."

We walked back to our dorm together as the halls were empty. Figures, it was still daylight and the other students must still be asleep. Yeah, they're all vampires and I happened to be rooming with three others who happened to be boys. The headmaster said something about them being able to protect me from those men who tried to kill me or capture me earlier before. The reason of that was because apparently, my parents happened to be vampires.

Oh, my god. . My parents were vampires which mean. . I'm a vampire? This can't be right, I haven't been drinking blood nor do I sleep during the day. This isn't right and I don't understand this one bit.
"So what are you thinking?" Jayden spoke and looked to me.
"Ah, I-it's nothing." I waved my hands around, trying to get him off my subject. I don't really like relying on others help since I think it's better I don't drag anyone else to hold my burden.
"You sure?" A great big yawn escaped his lips. I observed closely as I wanted to see what his fangs look like. I stared right at them as I saw how different they were from mine. Those canines look so damn sharp compared to mine. No wonder it's so easy to pierce the skin of a victim. Anyways, I wonder why Jay can tolerate the day.
"Hey Jay, how come you're not in bed like the others?" I wondered as he chuckled.
"Nah, I was really hyped up on meeting you so I decided to stay up. It had been hard and I have fallen asleep sometimes but it's good. So basically he stayed up for me? He smiled gently as I couldn't resist smiling back. His green eyes just are so beautiful to not be able to smile to that.
"So, have you met the other people who are going to be staying the dorm with us?" I wondered as we stopped in front of our dorm. I think it would be a bit weird to have three other guys in the same dorm as you.

What is I forget I live with them and start doing things I normally do without company, for example, keeping the bathroom door open while in the shower, singing while doing something in the house or have those times where I fall asleep in the most oddest places. Heather, my mother figure (not actual mother) said she always finds me in falling asleep in the strangest places, the lounge floor, the bathroom floor and the stairs. Usually when I'm tired I go straight to sleep without knowing it but I have no trouble in my dreams. Though, they are weird at times because the same dream pops up every now and then, but not all the time.

I opened the door as I walked in first as he followed in. I looked up when I head other voices and knew it was them, or I could have got the wrong dorm. There were two irresistible looking guys looking towards me as Jayden closed the door.
"Heh, I didn't think you'd get chosen" Jay spoke first.
"Whatever, I didn't even want this job" the guy on the right spoke, "By the way, don't think you're going to get special treatment from us. We're not here to socialize. We were given a job and that's what we here for" he walked into his room and slammed the door. Wow, that was quick. I never thought I'd make my first enemy by just walking through the door. I guess I can call this a new record. But he could be cranky because he wanted to sleep more during the day. I looked to the other guy who just sat at the table playing with a lighter. He was just flicking it off, and on then off again. This looks like he can be troublesome.

I looked up to Jay as he looked back down to me. I saw the guy with the lighter disappear in the background as he went off to his room.
"Are you sure these guys are here to protect me?" I raised a brow, "Because the atmosphere is making it seem different"
"Hey, don’t worry. As long as you got me, I will do my best to protect you. But for now, I reckon you should stay out of their way. I've known these guys since we first arrived here" Jayden seemed to be really concerned of me but I'd appreciated if he didn't put too much thought into it. What's he's done for me is already enough and the more he does for me, the guiltier I feel for not being able to repay him.
"I'll remember that" I hope I'm not stuck with that guy in my room who had a go at me. By the looks of it, I don't I'll get along with him soon that I hope it would be. I opened the door and was quite relieved.
"I hope you don't mind me being here as much as that other guy" I closed the door and sat on my bed.
"I don't really care. . . I'm Jamie, by the way" I looked over to him as he was lying on his bed, just staring at the ceiling.

He had his black hair to one side, with some strands and the tips in red highlights displaying only one eye which were grey. His skin was as pale as everyone else except for Jayden who had slightly fair skin. I noticed the snake bites on his bottom lip as he played his tongue with them.

"Vincent is his name, the one who gave you the daggers. He's usually in that mood so don't take it to heart." As he said that I fell backwards onto my bed as I too stared at the ceiling.
"Is there something he doesn't like about . . . Me?" I was about to say humans but it could be me in some kind of way. I felt careful about my words even though I didn't know why. Well maybe I need to be straight forward and not care what he thinks. I should just say what I want to say and if he doesn't like it, then it's not my problem.
"Not exactly, you just give off a distasteful scent to him. To me. . . Well, I'd say it's quite pleasant." I glimpsed a grin appear on his face from the corner of my eye. I slightly blushed but I cooled down my face before going insane with that feeling.
"So, are you used to staying up during the day as Jayden?" I wondered curiously.
"All three of us were chosen because of that and we were given this job to make sure who ever or what is after you, is dealt with." From the way he said that, sounded like he doesn't mind after all.

I've started to think about why Vincent hates my scent so much as Jamie thinks differently. Would this have anything to do with the fact my parents are vampires as I'm not? Or does the answer come from some other thing. I turned to face the door as with my back to him. Right now in this place feels like I don't know myself anymore. The things I've been told have kept me spinning in my head as I search for the hidden truth. Though I guess it will pop up in the future so I should be patient. It's not like I'll be going anywhere soon.

I heard the click of his lighter finally stop as I turned to him. He placed it down next to him and sat up right on the bed. It was like he could sense something wrong. I too grew cautious and stared at the door. It slammed right open as I saw it was Jayden, but he was carrying someone.
"It's Alex! I found him at our door" Jay shouted as Jamie stood up to help.

I was shocked at the state of him. He was covered in blood which was still dripping from his chest. His eyes were tightly shut as if he was really dead but they were still aiding him. I heard someone at the door as Vincent leaned on the door frame, looking plain. Doesn't this guy care? Is he so heartless to not help a dying man? I was disgusted with his attitude and lend a hand. I sat on the bed as I tried to help put pressure on the overflowing wounds which stained my hands. It's only blood Gracie, just blood, I continued to tell myself.

Jay left the room and came back with a knife and a metal tray. I moved over to give him some room as I watched him dig out what seemed to be bullets, "Fuck it!" he hissed as he dropped the silver bullet like it was still hot. I reach down to it as he watched me look at it closely.
"It isn't hot, is it?" I said with a raised brow.
"Silver is like poison to us so if we touch it, it will burn us instantly. If it were to be shot into us, we will be stunned after the agonizing pain" He spoke as he dig out two other bullets. My eyes widened in shock at the amount of bullets inserted into his chest as Jay would wince every time.
"Here, let me do it" I took his knife and did it myself. It was bothersome to watch him take out the silver bullets which went against his touch. I didn't mind doing it since I want to be of use than the guarded princess. I hate that.

"Shit!” Alex gasped awake, making me jump away. His eyes slowly closed as I watched him breathe quietly.
"He'll be fine now, he just needs to regenerate through sleep." Jay stood up and started licking away his blood stained hands. The sight of him doing that didn't really bother me since it's normal for him, being a vampire. Though, if I think about it, would I really be safe? No, I shouldn't think like that. These guys wouldn't do anything to hurt me and I trust them, well not every one. I looked over to Vincent who moved away from the door and back into his room. I still don't know why he despises me so much but I am willing to find out.
"Jamie, Alex needs to stay in here since we shouldn't wake to move him" Jamie nodded as he took his lighter with him and left.

Alex seems so peaceful in his sleep, I wonder if he's like this even when awake. The bed was soaked in blood I couldn't imagine how anyone can sleep with that feeling and scent. Ah, I need to stop thinking them as human when they're not. Vampires, just remember they're vampires. I decided to get him cleaned up and soaked a towel in warm water. I returned to his side as I cleaned up his skin as I sat on the bed. I can see his face more clearly now, pale, soft skin, One snake bite and navy black hair. I wonder what his eyes look like, his voice sounds like.

I heard someone at the door as it was only Vincent who just stopped and stared. I'm beginning to think this guy has issues.
"You should know where you stand, human" he glared as I placed down the wet, blood stained towel.
"I'm not offended by what you say. I'm just glad that you're stringing words into sentences now. " I replied in the same tone. I gripped hard onto the bed as I felt a cold shiver run down my back. I didn't want to break my stare from his but I had to let him win. I couldn't tolerate that dark feeling and looked away in defeat.

I hate it when someone hates me for some unknown reason. I can't really bring myself to hate because some where deep inside me, I know it's probably my fault. But this is completely different. I just met this guy today and he's already giving me daggers which stab deeply into my back like cold icicles.

I continued to clean off the blood around his neck and chest. After I was done, I changed his top after Jay gave me one of his shirts for him to use. The reason why I’m actually doing this is that I've always wanted to be a doctor to help others and I guess this just was convenient to use my skills. I hope he won't mind.


It was already around eleven pm and I decided to get some sleep. Though, everyone has already woken up and rose from their sleep during the day. But Jay, Jamie, Vincent are have gone to bed because they've been awake all day. Alex still slept quietly and still he remains. I was suddenly woken up, feeling the presence of someone over me. I gasped in shock as he covered my mouth to muffle my scream. Alex was finally awake and fully recovered from his rest. What really frightened me were his glowing crimson eyes which looked down to my neck. I shook my head, hoping he wouldn't do what I think he was going to do. I flinched as his cold lips touched my skin as I feared my end.

This can't be it for me. I came here to be protected but instead, I face my death. The sharp pain lingered as the sound of gulping was heard. Pleasure gushed through my system as I was weakened. My hand dropped from trying to push him away as my vision slowly failed me.
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