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Chapter 2

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Information about Havoc.

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“Did that just happen?” Numbuh two asked.
The question seemed to echo. Did they all really see Another Holly kidnap Numbuh 59? And promise to see them real soon?
No. No way.
“How’d Holly get an issue of Havoc? I didn’t even know they existed” Numbuh five pursed her lips.
“Numbuh four? Are you okay?” Numbuh three looked at Numbuh four with concern in her eyes.
Numbuh four stared at the black screen. His eyes were wide and empty.
“Yeah. I’m fine. I’m fine. Are you okay?” Numbuh smiled weakly.
“Wait. Wait. Numbuh five, what’s ‘avoc?” Numbuh five pushed his glasses up his nose as he whirled around to face Numbuh five. “You’ve never heard of Havoc? Where’ve you Been, Numbuh one?” Numbuh five sat down on the floor of the clubhouse.
Numbuh one glared.
“Okay, okay, don’t make that face. Havoc’s a comic. And apparently they. like, take real kids from here and write them into the comic. And then those kids are in the comic. But they don’t exist. It’s a myth! An urban legend!” Numbuh five sighed.
“Oh really? Urban legend? Then wot just took my cousin? A hallucination?”
Numbuh four glowered, then looked back at Numbuh Five. “Is...Holly gonna be okay?” Numbuh four chewed on his lip.
Numbuh five sighed. “Numbuh five can’t be sure. There’s all sorts of tricks in Havoc. But she probably will be. She’s Numbuh 59”
“We’ll check out Numbuh 59’s ‘ouse tomorrow for issues of ‘avoc. Nobody goes anywhere tonight” Numbuh one announced and strode out.
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