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The Luck of Holly Beetle

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After some B&E, Sector V find Holly's issue of Havoc, and find out what exactly happens in that comic.

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“I kind of expected Numbuh 59’s room to be less....purple” Numbuh two said, looking around.
Holly’s room was indeed, very purple. From the walls to the bed covering, everything was mostly purple.
It seemed like a typical girl’s room, except for the poster collection and the battle plans written on the wall, which were covered by the poster collection.
“Well, let’s find that comic!” Numbuh one strode into Numbuh 59’s room with purpose. After spending all morning searching for the comic, they found it taped to the bottom of her mattress. “That’s such a good hiding place...” Numbuh four admired his cousin’s stealth for a split second before Numbuh three opened the mylar sleeve holding Havoc.
The name of the comic was scrawled in gold ink across the black cover.
Numbuh one slowly opened the comic.

And there was Holly.
She was with another boy, who had an eyepatch and a long black coat and six earrings in one ear.
They were both swinging their flashlights around, trying to find something. It was pitch dark, so the only things Sector V could see were Holly, the other boy, and their flashlight beams.
Numbuh 59 raised a finger to her lips and looked at the boy. He nodded and then the two of them split up and looked around.
Numbuh 59 shined her flashlight on the walls. A mosaic of a monster that had tons of claws and teeth and was cat-like glared back at her. Numbuh 59 stuck her tongue out at it.
Numbuh one turned the page.
“Shut up Lincoln! But good job” Numbuh 59 said-“It’s not like you can tell the tone of her voice. It’s a freaking comic” Numbuh 5 pointed out.
The next panel showed a close up shot of the other boy, Lincoln.
He was holding a rusty key on a thick chain. He was smiling, too.
“This is pretty good” Numbuh 59 whispered. “Pretty good? This is excellent! It’s the key to the Printworks! The Printworks, Holly! If that’s pretty good, let me know what excellent really is” Lincoln smirked as he slid the key around his neck.
“Shut up, Linc-Achoo!”
Holly sneezed.

And something growled.
And then something else growled.
Lincoln shone his flashlight up.
Numbuh one hurriedly turned the page.

Lincoln’s flashlight revealed that the rafters above them were filled with Monsters.
They were big, and they had huge claws and teeth and were panther-like.
They glared down at Lincoln and Holly with eyes that had no pupils and prepared to spring.

“BOOK IT!” Lincoln screamed, and He and Numbuh 59 took off, with the monsters chasing after them.

“Do you remember the way back?!” Numbuh 59 asked. Their flashlights were swinging crazily and lighting up random snatches of cavern. “Not really! Left!” Lincoln shouted as they turned left. “How can you be sure that last one was left, you Idiot?” Holly asked, looking behind them both for Monster progress, which was too close for comfort. “Just trust me, Holly! Right!” Lincoln yelled as the turned right.
Holly and Lincoln ran, with the monsters chasing after them. Eventually, they ended up next to a small canyon.
“I don’t remember this part” Holly said.
“I don’t either” Lincoln shone his flashlight behind him. He saw shadows of the monsters on the wall. Lincoln unfurled a whip from his belt, and looped it onto a niche in the ceiling, “I told you a whip would come in handy one day, didn’t I Holly, But noooo, you’ve got to go and make fun of me and my weapon choices!” Lincoln smirked at Holly.
“Lincoln, any other time I would foight you, but if we die now I will return from the grave and haunt you until the world blows up. Which. Will. Be. A. Very. Very. Long. TOIME!” Holly growled and Lincoln put his hands up.
“Okay, Okay. Women are so touchy” Lincoln muttered.
Something howled. Lincoln and Holly whipped around and saw one of the monsters headed right for them.

Lincoln grabbed Holly and swung across the small canyon on his whip.
The monster fell over the lip of the canyon, it’s scream dopplering out as it reached the bottom.
“That’s a long way down. Like, really really far. I can’t believe we swung across that” Lincoln shone his flashlight down, trying to see the bottom. For the first time, he looked scared.
“I really can’t believe you, Lincoln. Get through miles of abandoned tunnels? Oh, sure, sound like fun. Find the key to the Printworks? Oh, gee, what delight! Get chased by panther-monsters? You can roll with that. Now you’re getting scared of a great big hole. You’re a piece of work, my good man” Holly laughed, and Lincoln started to say something, but then another anguished howl from the Panther-monsters came from somewhere close by.
“C’mon! We gotta find the lift!” Holly shone her flashlight around.

Another howl sounded.
“Where’s the lift?” Holly screamed.
A growl came from the shadows.
Lincoln screamed and ran.
“No! Lincoln! Stop!” Holly ran after him.
Lincoln kept running, muttering “Find the lift, find the lift, find the lift....”
Holly found it first. “Lincoln! This way! RUN FAST!” she screamed.
Lincoln turned around so fast he fell over and dropped his flashlight. Lincoln’s flashlight broke, leaving him stranded in total darkness.
“Holly?” Lincoln whispered. “I dropped my flashlight. Help! Please?”
A pair of eyes that had no pupils opened right behind him, but Lincoln didn’t see.
Lincoln shuffled up a little further. “Holly? I’m in the dark here. Holly? I’m getting a little panicked” Lincoln whispered.
The two eyes came closer.
“C’mon, Holly, I’m sorry for whatever I did. Please don’t leave me here please I’m sorry so sorry really Holly come back please it’s too dark” Lincoln whispered a little louder.
A mouth opened under the two eyes, revealing gleaming teeth.
“Holly? I’m right here. This isn’t cool, Holly. Over here. Please don’t let me be eaten alive, I heard that it’s a really painful way to die”
A stream of drool fell out of the mouth and landed almost silently on the floor.

Lincoln heard it, but he didn’t even look. He just stood up and ran. “HOLLY! HOLLY! I’M HERE! MONSTER! MONSTER!” Lincoln yelled.
Lincoln ran through the darkness, and then he saw the light of the lift.
He also saw the shadow of the monster, but hey, there’s light now.
Lincoln ran, with the monster right behind him.
The monster ran too.
The monster was fast.
Lincoln was faster.
He dove into the lift and Holly slammed the grate shut.
The monster screeched and growled, furious that it lost it’s prey.

The lift moved up, away from the darkness and possible death. Holly and Lincoln didn’t say anything for a long time. Then
“We got the key to the printworks.”
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