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Chap. 14 and 15.

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Chap. 14: The strangest Alliance CHap. 15: Mayumi's Atitude?

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Dallas Texas, 8:30

As the night rid the sun of its glory, a teenage boy ran through the shadows of his home town, a dark figure chasing after him, jumping roof to roof and wall to wall. The teenage boy turned a corner as a hand came out and touched his neck lightly, his face suddenly going pale and falling to the floor unconscious, a teenage girl turning the corner and being reviled as... Rogue!

Another teenage girl jumped down from the roof and landed swiftly on her feet, dressed like tomb raider and looking down at the body. She bent over and ripped a cross necklace off the boys neck and stood up strait, the flashing street lights reveling her to be Toru, her hair high lighted with red high lights and streaks.

She looked up at Rogue who stood with a teenage girl bent over her shoulder, also unconscious and very beautiful. Toru turned around and smiled as she tossed the necklace to a tall man with long, shaggy brown hair who returned the smile with sharp demented fangs and deep yellow eyes, as if he where part animal. (Saber Tooth, duh!)

Toru looked back down at the boy and put her hand over him as lightning appeared, all of the street lights bursting into flames with sparks and ashes flying, the screen fading into black with nothing but a scream to be heard.


Chapter 15: Mayumi with an Attitude?

Institute, Danger Room 8:30

Mayumi jumped down from a large box piled on other boxes and AX Kicked a teenage boy with red eyes and flaming cards, flipping over his back and landing on her feet, leg sweeping him to the ground and her foot meeting his neck as he gasped and smiled, Mayumi glairing as the teenage boy suddenly disappeared with the rest of the back ground as well, Mayumi now standing in the middle of the danger room, Jean, Scott, and Beast up in the glass room observing her.

"So, what do you think, can she do it?" Jean asked as Scott thought for a moment, Beast thinking as well.

"She is definitely stronger since her sister has left, but her anger might get the best of her and she might lose control. I think it would be best if she stayed here a little longer and learned how to gain control of that anger before we let her go on any more missions, especially this one."

Scott nodded in agreement with Beast as Jean looked down at Mayumi who started walking toward the exit, her long brown hair swaying as she went.

"Has the professor found anything about her sister yet?" Jean asked as she watched Mayumi go through the sliding doors, Scott coming up behind Jean and watching as well.

"Not yet, but he will, I promise." He reassured as Beast gave a worried look to Mayumi, the doors sliding shut and his heart sinking in sadness for the teenage girl who was also his DAUGHTER! Born 14 years ago in Texas, when a tragedy struck!



ME: Lol, I was just kidding, Mayumi IS NOT HIS DAUGHTER, IS NOT! I just needed a good laugh! ^_^


Mayumi walked down the hall as Amara, Tabitha, and Kitty tried to catch up to her, calling her name and waving happily.

"Hey Mayumi, like, wait up!" Kitty hollered as Mayumi turned around slightly and watched them run up to her, - her dark brown eyes glairing.

"Hey Mayumi, do you like, Wanna go on a major mall crawl! All the girls are going, so what do you say?" She asked as Mayumi turned around and continued walking, her attitude definitely changing.

"No." She stated simply as she walked through her door and shut it, all of the girls staring at the door in disbelief. Mayumi leaned against the door and slid to the floor, her head hanging down hopelessly as she noticed that her sister's bed was gone.

"Poor Mayumi, I wish there was some way we could help her." The girls began talking as Mayumi over heard. "Yeah, I know how you feel. She was so much fun to be around before her stupid sister left!"

One of the girls said as Mayumis hands turned into fists. "Tell me about it, her sister was so up tight, to think she would be a little happier now that she's out of the picture." Mayumi stood up angrily and put her hand on the door knob, about to swing it open and kick some butts, when she suddenly saw a flash light and screamed.

She saw her sisters face, a teenage boy lying on the floor, and Rogue carrying a teenage girl over her shoulder as all of the girls ran in and watched as she fell to the floor.

"Somebody get the professor!" Amara yelled as Kitty ran over to the door, Mayumi falling into darkness.


Mayumi slowly awoke in the living room with Amara, Tabitha, Kitty, and the professor looking down at her and staring, all in worried faces. She slowly sat up and put her hand to her head, her eyes closing in pain.

"Morning." Tabitha said as Amara elbowed her in the side. "What?" She asked as Amara glared. "She means... How do you feel? Are you okay?" Amara asked as Mayumi came back to focus.

"Where's Rogue!" She demanded as every body gave a confusing look. "Taking a walk, why?" Amara asked as Mayumi looked her in the eye. "We have to find her, now!" She said as she tried to get up, the professor grabbing her shoulder and pulling her back down.

"You're in no condition to move in your currant state, you need to stay still." The professor said as she pushed him away. "The girl here, she's not Rogue! She's an imposter!" She explained as every body looked at her like she was crazy.

"When you came to save my sister and I, Rogue was ambushed by... a blue girl, like Kurt, but she wasn't fuzzy." She explained as the professor began to think for moment.

"Mystique." He said as every body began to cross their arms. "Like, how do you know all of this?" She asked as Mayumi began to think about it. "I dont know, but right now, we need to find the imposter." She said as a pain struck the back of her head, her motions showing her pain.

"Th... The real rouge, she's... my sister is with her, and a man, tall, angry, scary. Saber... Saber Teeth..." She said as Logan came in and growled, his teeth showing.

"Saber Tooth!" He corrected as he smashed his soda in his hands and threw it in the garbage, his anger showing like Mayumis pain. "Where is he!" Logan demanded as she closed her eyes again.

"Dallas Texas... I think..." She said as Logan glared at her. "I don't need a think, I need a know!" He said as Mayumi returned the glaire at him and stood up. "What is your deal Logan?" She hollered as he walked over to her and looked her in the eyes.

"Listen Bub, you've been acting like a royal pain in the butt ever since your sister left, I'm naturally like this, but you don't need to go walking around with that know it all attitude, got it bub!" He said as the whole room stared, other students from the institute walking as well.

"And what's your excuse, you always walk around acting like there's a stick shoved up your over sized butt! And if their is, GET OVGER IT!" She defended as Scott came between them. "Okay, just calm down. Listen Mayumi, when it comes to Saber Tooth, Logan seams to lose his temper, so just stay calm around him, okay." He said as Mayumi crossed her arms.

"How do you even know what's going on, you weren't even here when this over sized cow started with me." She said as he glared. "Listen Bub, I think the whole mansion heard your over sized mouth go off like the sirens alarm." Logan stated back, Mayumi returning the glair.

"Mayumi, where did you say Rogue was?" The professor asked as Mayumi rolled her eyes. "Dallas Texas." She said as Kitty, Kurt, Jean, and Scott circled the professor.

"So when do we like, leave?" Kitty asked as every body began to leave. "An hour, Rouge could be in danger." He said as Mayumi walked up to him. "She's not in danger; she's the one causing the danger, her, my sister, and saber tooth." She said every body turned their attention to Mayumi.

"Rouge and Toru both ambushed two teens, a boy and a girl, and Rogue used her powers against the boy to knock him out, and for some reason, Toru took his necklace." The professor sighed.

"Kitty, you, Storm, Amara, Tabitha, and Daniel will go look for Mystique while the rest of us go to Dallas, when you find her, act like you don't know a thing of her being an imposter and keep her in the mansion until we get back, okay? And don't tell her where we are. We'll be back in a week, so just tell her that we're out visiting family members and that Storm and beast are in charge until I get back, under stand?"

He asked as Kitty nodded and headed to tell the others, the professor changing his attention to the rest of the X-Men. "Get ready, we leave in one hour." He stated as every body nodded and went their own ways.
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