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Chap. 17: Toru's darker Side.

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Wow, Toru gone crazy.

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Mayumi stared at her sister with disbelief and immediately noticed her knew out fit. A pair of black combat boots, small brown shorts, and a tight black tank top, no guns, and no locket.

"Wow Mayumi, I leave for one day and your already dating Kurt and being jumped by a group of guys that think your hot, not bad for one days work, don't you think?" Toru said as Kurt stood up along with Mayumi.

"Toru..." She said as Kurt stayed on the side and watched.

"Oh, come on Mayumi. Don't tell me you're surprised. I mean, I think every body saw this coming. Just think about it, it is your fault that I left. That I'm darker. Its all because of you Mayumi, yet again, maybe I should say thank you. I do love the new me, don't you?" Mayumis mouth dropped and went into shock, her mind racing.

"No, you left because you wanted to. It has nothing to do with me!" She said as Toru turned her head toward Kurt, her smile growing larger.

"You know Mayumi, I should have known you would fall for this nobody, but trust me, love won't get you any where. Maybe if I get rid of him for you..." She said as Kurts eyes widened, fear sticking his heart.

"No! I, I was using him, to find you." She quickly lied, Toru looking at Mayumi with fake sadness, her smile fading. "Really. How sad. You have it worse than I thought mayumi. You would even lie to your own precious sister to protect this scum." Kurt stepped back and Toru suddenly appeared behind him and put him in a choke hold, his heart racing.

"And where do you think your going?" She said as he struggled to get free, fear growing larger. "Toru, stop it!" Mayumi yelled as Toru looked her in the eyes, obviously enjoying the little game they where playing as he tried to catch his breath as he fell to his knees.

"Mayumi, you would really choose him over me? Now I'm hurt." She said as she suddenly flung a burst of light toward them, mayumi pushing Kurt out of the way and jumping back as it hit the brick wall behind them, a creator to be seen in its place and smoke floating from it, Toru as happy as she could have ever been.

"Toru, it doesn't have to be this way, please, stop." She said as Toru rolled her eyes. "Oh please, don't boar me with that lecture, Leppy said the same thing when, well, I think you got the picture when I sent you that little head aik earlier."

She said as Mayumi realized the vision she had was sent from her sister. "This is a trap... You tricked us!" Mayumi said as Toru began to clap her hands slowly. "Good job Mayumi, who knew you had a brain." Toru said as Mayumi's eyes stared into hers, anger flowing through them.

"Leppy... The girl in my vision, over Rogues shoulder, you killed her, and the boy..." She said Toru put her hands on her hips. "Leppy, no, she's still alive, for now. But the boy on the other hand... Well, sadly he was getting on my nerves, so I just ended him on the spot he layed."

Toru said Mayumi bent her head over and put her hands into fists, shadows covering her eyes. "Why...? Why would you do this...? WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY GAIN FROM THIS NON-SENCE?" Mayumi yelled as Toru smiled.

"Gain? My dear sister, there's nothing to gain, I left because I got board and you weren't really entertaining me much, so I left, and well, now I'm in paradise!"

"What did you do with Rogue? Where is she?" Kurt jumped in with a yell as Toru began to laugh, not psychotically though.

"Why ask me? Why don't you ask her you're self?" She said as Rogue appeared from the shadows, a little boy over her shoulder and unconscious, her pale skin seaming to be a little pailer.

"Rogue..." Mayumi said as Kurt took a step forward in anger, his hands in fists. "What did you do to her?" He asked as Toru jumped back next to Rogue and took the little boy with a smile.

Rogue walked forward as the wind grew larger and things got louder, a helicopter flying above them and a ladder rolling down, the wind blowing dirt and leaves around, most of it trash and sticks.

"I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to go, see you on the other side Mayumi." She said as her sister glared, the helicopter flying up, and her sister disappearing into the sky.

"She's not getting away with this." She said as Kurt turned around and looked at her sadness. "Go find your sister, I'll stay here and keep Rogue busy as long as I can. Remember the mission."

He said Mayumi nodded and ran down the street, Rogue about to pounce at her when Kurt grabbed her ankle and threw her into a wall, his friend standing up unscathed and ready to fight.
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