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Chap. 19: Thumbliena

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Thumbliena is Leppy

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"Come on, wake up..." Mayumi laid still on the cold concrete floor when she started to hear the voice of a sad and worried teenage girl, crying. "Please.. I can't do this alone, I need your help, please!" The voice begged as Mayumi slowly started to open her eyes to see a large blur.

"Uh... Leppy?" She asked in pain, her whole body aching. Mayumi slowly sat up with her hand on her head and groaned, her head throbbing. "Where... are we?" She asked as Leppy's face brightened with joy.

"You're alive! I mean awake! I mean... Your okay! I'm so glad!" She said happily, Mayumi looking around, trying figure where they where. It was dark, cold, wet, and lonely.

Everything was made of cement and Mayumi didn't like it. They where in a sell, and the roof was leaking with water, making a small puddle on the floor.

"My sister brought us here, didn't she?" Mayumi asked as Leppy nodded. "Yeah, she's not here though. She left just a while ago." She said as Mayumi hung her head down in anger, her long, brown bangs falling over her eyes, creating a shadow.

"You're name's Mayumi, right?" Leppy asked, Mayumi nodding in pain. "Yeah. That's me, and you are...?" Mayumi already knew who she was, but didn't want to freak her out, so just let her introduce her self.

"I'm Leppy, but you can call me Peppy Leppy!" She said with a large and out going smile that gave Mayumi butterflies. She was absolutely gorgeous. Short, blond, and beautiful.

Leppy had beautiful green eyes, blond hair, fair skin, and high lights, but Mayumi could barely make out the color since the poor girl was covered in mud and blood.

"Toru stabbed your shoulder with a knife, did the bleeding stop?" Mayumi asked as Leppy nodded. "Yup! When I woke up there was a large bandage rapped around my arm, so they must have fixed it." Leppy said, lifting the sleeve to her shirt so she could show her new found friend.

"That good. At least there not... Not… oh crap…" Mayumi said, attracting Leppy's attention. Leppy observed Mayumi's position and noticed that she was looking up, so being Leppy; she looked up as well, and didn't like what she saw.

"What the..." Leppy's eye where filled with fear, for on top of the ceiling, was a large mutant spider, its large red eyes looking directly at them with green slime oozing from its fangs.

(How on Earth didn't notice see that?)

"Don't, scream, just stay calm." Mayumi said, so Leppy just screamed on the inside. She was too scared to even move a muscle less than scream, so she stayed still and silent.

"Just back away slowly." Mayumi said, grabbing Leppy's shoulder and pulling her back to the corner near the bars of the sell. "We have to use our powers." Mayumi said as Leppy looked at her and then to the floor.

"We can't. I've already tried, our powers are useless as long as we have these callers on." Leppy said as she noticed that they where whereing large, silver and blue callers made of metal with little red lights.

(How on Earth didn't she notice the callers?)

"Then it looks like we'll just have to get rid of them." Mayumi said calmly, as if it where going to be easy. "But how? We don't have the keys." Leppy said as Mayumi looked her in the eye.

"We have to use blood. Just cut your finger with a rock and place it on the scanner." Mayumi said, hoping that blood was the key. "But... wouldn't that make us, you know... Emo, or something." Leppy asked as Mayumi glaired, quickly grabbing her hand and cutting her thumb with a stone.

"Ah..." Mayumi covered Leppy's mouth to stop the scream. "Sshh! Any loud noises will make the spider attack, now just calm down, okay?" She said as Leppy nodded, Mayumi removing her hand from her face.

"My turn." Mayumi said as she cut her finger as well, the two girls placing there thumbs on the scanner when the callers suddenly fell off. "Okay, I'm going to smash the bug using my powers, and while I do that, you come up with a plan to get us out of here." Mayumi said while standing up, Leppy nodded with a smile.

Mayumi took a deep breath and focused razing her hands above her head with her eyes closed. After a moment, she was sure she could kill it. Mayumi slowly opened her eyes and let the yellow glow fill her eyes along with her hands. The Earth began to shake, the spider looking around quickly with its 80 eyes. Mayumi threw her arms to the ground as the roof fell tumbled down, crushing the spider in an instant, its legs still crawling and twitching.

"And that's how you kill a bug." She stated as the door to the sell slowly creaked open. "...?" Mayumi walked over to the sell and saw that no one was on the other side, but when she turned around, Leppy was gone as well.

"Mayumi, pst!" Said a small voice, and barely hearable. "Leppy? " Mayumi asked, looking around in confusion, yet found no one. "I'm in the lock!" She said, grabbing Mayumi's attention. Mayumi looked at the little key whole of the sell and saw Leppy sitting on the edge.

She was... Small. I mean, she was regularly short, but now she was at lest an inch tall. "Leppy...? What on Earth happened to you? Your... CUTE!" Mayumi squealed, picking her up, holding the teenage girl in her hand.

"You look like Thumbelina! AW!" She said, as Leppy fell on the palm of her hand, grabbing onto her thumb for support. "I AM NOT THUMBLIENA!" She snapped, but was still SOO CUTE!

"You didn't tell me that you had the power to shrink, you look like the ant princess!" She said happily as Leppy growled at her. "I really hate my power..." She said quietly, Mayumi going Goo-Goo-Ga-Ga over her.

"Can we just go?" She asked, the peppy side of her disappearing. "Aw, come on. Why so grump Thumbelina?" She asked, the little teen crossing her arms. "Because I HATE being called Thumbelina, and I am cute, but I hate that I'm cuter when I turn into a little person." She stated, Mayumi smiling.

"Sorry. I guess I can let you ride on my shoulder if you want." She said, Leppy gasping with a smile. :D "YAY! I LOVE RIDES!" She said happily, her Peppy side coming back, making Mayumi smile and giggle.


As Mayumi walked down the silent hall of darkness and ruin, Leppy sat happily on her shoulder, kicking her feet and smiling. "Why so Happy?" Mayumi asked as Leppy just smiled.

"I'm happy because I'm alive." She said as she jumped down onto Mayumi's hand. "And, I've met you. So its good day all around." She said smiling as Mayumi stopped in her tracks and quickly turned around.

"What's wrong?" Leppy asked when suddenly she was shoved into Mayumi's pocket. "Hey, what are you... whoa. Ah!" Mayumi ran down the hall a fast as possible, Leppy being knocked around her pocket.

"Mayumi, what's going on!" Leppy asked, stuttering and trying not to bite her tongue. Leppy shoved her head out side the pocket and looked behind Mayumi and turned white.

"B.. But, we killed that thing!" She said as she watched the large mutant spider from before chase after them, jumping wall to wall. "The spider is pregnant; if I did smash it then a thousand giant mutant spiders would be on out tails right now." Mayumi explained as she dashed across the hall.

"Then what do we do!" Leppy asked as she crawled back into the pocket, curling into a little ball for protection. "We run! When I knocked it out last time it was un pre-paired, but now it knows what to expect!" She said as she dash turned the corner and stopped.

Leppy stuck her head out side of the pocket and suddenly wished she hadn't. Toru stood in the middle of the hall with Rouge by her side, and Kurt lying on the floor unconscious...
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