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Chap. 20: Pain

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Mayumis feels a new pain she never felt before.

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Leppy pulled her head back into Mayumi's pocket and prayed the Toru didn't see her, grabbing a giant piece of lent for protection.

"Kurt!" Mayumi looked down at her blue fuzzy friend and clenched her hands into fists, anger taking over.

He looked so helpless, just lying beside Rogue's feet, not moving, not blinking, not doing anything.

With a smile on Toru's face, Rogue turned around and left the room, walking into darkness.

"Poor thing. Looks like you just keep hurting the one's close to you, huh Mayumi?" Toru teased with a smile, pretending to be sad for Kurt.

"But, on the other hand, why would you care? I mean, you don't even love him. You just used him for your own personal game." Toru began her so called, 'speech' and took all the information she had to her advantage.

"You lied to him, used him, and pretended to go out with him just to get your way with me. I bet when you tell him about how you lied to him, and just used him, he'll wish he was still being beaten by Rogue."

Toru said, but was being completely honest.

"You know, you should really hate your self right now. I mean, it's your fault I'm like this Mayumi, and your fault that Kurt is down on the floor looking like that. Heck, your more mest up than I am." She laughed as she bent over and poked his head, just to peeve Mayumi off.

"Toru... You ungrateful bra…AH!" Mayumi's eyes filled with tears and rage, but before any tears could fall, she felt a sudden sharp and deep pain from out of no where.

"Quiet!" Toru demanded, throwing her hand in front of herself as Mayumi began to cough up blood and falling to her knees.

"What's... happening?" Mayumi thought as she covered her mouth, letting the blood pour threw her fingers.

"Like it Mayumi? It's a new power I picked up along my way of this new road I'm taking. And I have to say, this is way more interesting than hanging out at that stupid institute of yours." She said smiling, keeping her hand in front of her, watching in amusement as Mayumi coughed up blood.

"You..." Mayumi tried to speak, but the pain kept growing larger, forcing her to cough harder with more blood.

"Mayumi, I'm talking. How rude." She taunted as Leppy began to cry inside of the safety of Mayumi's pocket.

"Any way. You see my dear sister; I can take your weak, little heart, squeeze it. Without actually touching it of course. And force it to crumble. Pretty cool, huh?" She said as she snapped her hand back open, Mayumi flying back and hitting the wall.

"AH!" Mayumi let out a high pitch cry of pain as she hit the wall, a sharp rock gashing a wound into her shoulder.

"Aren't you going to fight back Mayumi? Or just lye there." Toru said, putting her hands on her hips.

"I..." Mayumi crawled for words, but didn't know how to respond, she was speechless.

She planned for this. She planned to find Toru, but she didn't plan on being kid napped and didn't plan on being a throw toy for her sister. She planned to fight back, she planned to win, and planned on bringing Toru to her knees. And yet, she couldn't. Her heart still loved her.

"Sigh. Board now." Toru exclaimed as she slowly walked over to Mayumi.

"Toru... stop..." Mayumi ordered as Toru, for dome reason, stopped when she heard her little sister say her name, and looked at her with curiosity.

"And why should I do that, my dear sister?" Toru asked as Mayumi stayed on her knees, one hand on the ground and the other on her for-head.

"Because. This isn't you. I know the real you and this is just a phase. Just a moment of your life that won't last forever. So just stop. Please." She opened her eyes, letting tears fall. "Just... stop..."

"Hahahaha! Oh come on, not that speech again. I thought you where going to have something more interesting to say!" Toru couldn't help but laugh, Mayumi crying harder.

Toru smiled grimly. "Spin, come and finish her off for me, kay?" Toru asked, looking over at the large spider.

The spider didn't do much but make a strange screeching noise and began walking forward, or... crawling, if you will. Toru looked down at Mayumi and smiled.

"Have fun." She said as she turned away, but before she could even walk, she felt a hand wrap around her ankle.

"Huh?" Toru turned around and looked down at her little sister, surprised she even had energy left.

"You're still moving? Come on, just give it up already. There's no point in continuing." She said, not really interested any more.

"No... I'm not a quitter. I planned to take you down, and I will! I swear it! If it's the last thing I do, I promise, you will be in jail and behind bars...!"

Mayumi spoke with a tone Toru has never heard before, and Toru was completely shocked.

"I see..." Toru put a hand up and faced it toward Mayumi, not one sign of happiness on her face.

"Good bye, Mayumi." A moment of silence swept through the room as Mayumi waited for pain to take over, yet nothing.

"AH!" Mayumi snapped her eyes open in surprise. The sound of a scream that wasn't hers or Leppy's, rang through her ears. She looked in front of her to see her sister lying on the floor, and above her was... Logan! (YAY!)

Toru laid unconscious on the cold floor, Mayumi shocked and surprised to see Logan there to save her. But how did he know where to find her?

"Logan…" Mayumi's eyes filled with tears, a smile crossing her face.

"Can't just go on one regular date, can ya bub?" He said with a grin as he let his claws pull back into his hands.

"No, guess not…" She let out a small chuckle, but then turned away in pain, coughing up more blood.

"What she do to ya, short stack?" He asked as Mayumi laughed one last time.

"Cool… I have a nick name now. Guess you don't hate me after all." She said sarcastically, yet still very weak.

Logan didn't laugh, but stared down at her, relieved that she was okay, when suddenly, the earth began to shake violently. Logan quickly looked around and snarled. Everything was falling apart, and the rocks where caving in all around him.

He looked down at the floor and noticed that Toru was gone, and Mayumi knocked out. Unleashing his claws, he smashed every bolder coming near them, protecting Mayumi with his life. He looked up as an even larger bolder came right at him, when suddenly a large red light blew it up.

Looking to the right, he saw a newly found exit, hand made by Scott, who was standing right in the middle, Kurt over his shoulder.

"Logan, lets go, hurry!" He hollered as Logan bent over and picked up Mayumi, holding her bridal style as he ran out of the cave and into the light.

Jean ran over to him and took Mayumi out of his arms, laying her on a large, laid out blanket on the floor, next to… Rouge! ^_^

Scott laid Kurt next to Mayumi as he began to fix his arm, which was broken, and bleeding. Best began to tend to Mayumi, placing a breathing mask over her mouth and nose, as he turned the knob to the small tank, and lastly, Jean was using her powers to bring back Rouges real memory…
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