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Chap. 21: Family

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Mayumis thinks of family

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Mayumi stood on the roof of the instetute, her long brown hair flowing in the wind as she rubbed her arms to protect her self from the cold. Everything was so differentnt now, so confusing... Nothing made since any more and she hated it. She wished to just go back in time before the X-Men. Before the powers and before her sister was evil. She wished for alot of things lately. She wished to be happy, to be normal, and to be with her sister, but sadly, she knew that would never happen. She knew that the next time she saw her, she would have to kill her...

"Beautiful, isn't it?" The sound of a females voice forced the teenage girl to turn around, her dark brown eyes meeting Jeans.

"What are you doing up here?" Mayumi asked in curiousity. She though she had everyone believe she was asleep. Guess not...

"I use to come up here to think or to just get away from everything, so I figured this is where you where when I couldn't find you in your room." Jean smiled but Mayumi just frowned.

"Why come look for me in the first place? It's not like you care." Mayumi said as Jean just smiled at her. Mayumi use to be so out going and happy, and now thats all gone because of her sister.

"Your right Mayumi, I dont care." Mayumi turned to her with a look of shock and suprise. "I dont care for your atitude, but I do care for you. And its not just me, we all care about you and we hate seeing you like this. Your our famly and nothing can ever change that."

"Family...?" Its been so long since she's heard that word, Family. Mayumi thought of her parents and her older sister, how they all betraid her. How they pretended to care for her and then just kick her to the side like a wet rag or mut. Family is nothing but pain, betrail, lies.

"Family isn't this. This is just trying to survive." Jean listened as Mayumi stepped forward. "Being in some stupid group doesn't make us family. It just makes us a group and nothing more."

"Mayumi... We might be a group, but it's a group that cares. We love you." Jean said as mayumi clenched her teeth and put her hands in fists.

"Stop lieing to me!" She shouted. "If any of you actualy care you would be helping me get my sister back! This is all my fault!" She shouted, when suddenly she was beinh shaken. Jean grabbed her shoudler and stared her into the eyes.

"No. Mayumi, none of this is your fault! Things happen and you need to eccept that." Jean was now put in big sister mode.

"How can you even say that! Leppy is Leaving her true family for us and because of me, my sister is evil and its all because of me!" She was suddenly cut off by Jean.

"None of that is your fault Mayumi! Your sister made that choice all on her own and Leppy's parents will see her every weekend! This isn't your fault, none of it is." Jean said as mayumi pushed her hands away.

"And what about Rouge?" She snapped. "Isn't she apart of this so called, family? Or is she nothing now that she can't move or talk! Are you just going to betray her like you did to my sister, like my sister did to me?" Mayumi began to get a headaick. She hated yelling. She hated the truth. And she hated these lies.

"Rogue is lost inside of her own mind, Mayumi. But we will bring her back, I promise." Mayumi began to cry, looking away from jean.

"Why do you keep doing that! Why not just admit that its my fault that this all happened!" Mayumi glared at her as Jean just stared.

"Because its not..." She answered simply. "If you truly believed that this your fault, then its our fault to..." Mayumi's face compleatly changed.

"Just stop it! Please..." mayumi fell to her knees and cried out in pain. As soon as the tears came she remembered her sister. She remembered begging her to stop.

""Ve cant stop caring for you Mayumi. Ve need you." Mayumi's eyes widened as she gasped. Quickly she turned around and saw Kurt, Leppy, Scott, Logan, Kitty, and the proffecor in a small group facing her. Kurt stepped forward and stood only six inches away from her, staring her in the eyes.

"Ve need you vecause ve love you. Your our family Mayumi, and ve vont let that change." Mayumi looked up at him with beautiful brown eyes, a sudden erdge flowing through her. Quickly she jumped up and wrapped her arms around him, barrying her face into his chest as he placed a hand on her head, letting the tears fall as everybody watched... (Fades into Black.)


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