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Chap. 24: Leppy's Hidden Talent

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Leppy and her talent. What is it?

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Kitty led Leppy to her class, both smiling and talking about everything there was to talk about.

"We like, have choir first, so yeah, lots of standing and like, singing you know." Kitty said, dreading choir since singing wasn't her best subject. Dancing, on the other hand, would be her favorite class in the whole world, if they had it as a class.

"Come on Kitty, it can't be THAT bad." Leppy said as Kitty smiled and raised an eye brow.

"Like, It is when you cant sing. He like, lives to embarrass us!" Kitty said as Leppy giggled.

"If you say so." She said as they walked into the large room, the teacher playing the piano as the students sand along the tune. they sang loudly, singing some Latin song that Leppy didn't under stand, but still, it sounded breath taking.

The teacher slammed on the keys, standing up angrily as the whole class went quiet after a gasp. The teacher crossed his arms and glared at them, Leppy feeling a little freeked out by his angry position.

"Your late." He stated meanly.

"Sorry, that was my fault sir... She was just showing me to my classes and we had to stop by the office for my text books." Leppy said shyly, defending her friend.

"Being new is no excuse for tardiness." He spat, Leppy cowering down like a shrimp.

"Sorry ..." She said as Kitty crossed her amrs.

"Like, chill." Kitty said as he turned his glare to her. "We have a pass from like, the ofice. So we cant be count us absent." He crossed his arms at her smart remark.

"Fine. So take your seats." He siad as Leppy fallowed kitty to the second row. "Exept for you Mrs." He said, not knowing her real name. Everybody's mouth dropped as Leppy looked him in the eyes with her soft blue ones. "What's your name?" He demanded, Leppy putting her hands behind her back.

"Leppy... sir..." She said, terrified of him.

"Is that your REAL name?" He asked, but she stayed silent. "I asked you a quistion."

"No. Its not." She said, getting defensive now that he brought up her name.

"Then what's your REAL name?" He asked, but once again, silence. "Spit it out." He said as she crossed her arms.

"The name I go by is Leppy." She spat back, a frown crossing his lips.

"Fine. Leppy." He hissed. "Since your new I have to see if you have an acceptable voice for MY class." Leppy smiled at him.

"Fine, sir." She said with a little more attitude.

He led her to the front of the class as Kitty looked at her with worry.

'She's dead...' Kitty though, her heart sinking as Leppy smiled at her.

"Here, you WILL sing this." He said, handing her a sheet of paper as the class gasped. That was the hardest song they had to sing through the year, the whole class silent. Leppy looked at the title and smiled.

'Perfect.' She thought happily. The piano began to play and the class stared at her, waiting to hear her screw up. But to their suprise, she was perfect.

Playground school bell rings again
Rain clouds come to play again
Has no one told you she's not breathing?

I'm your mind
giving you someone to talk to

If I smile and don't believe
Soon I know I'll wake from this dream
Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken
I am the lie living for you so you can hide
Don't cry

Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping

I'm still here
All that's left of yesterday


The whole class was amazed and speechless, the teacher in tears as he whipped them away, even some of the students wanted to cry, but they tried there best to hold it all in. Leppy was an amazing singer and sang like an angel, her voice moving swiftly like a bird in the wind. That was one of her many talents that she wasn't afraid to show off. Leppy's whole life she wanted to be a singer, that was her dream, and she was good at it. Before her powers, she would always sing at her church and at clubs that paid her a great deal.

"My God..." Kitty whispered under her breath, her heart warmed with the song that Leppy sang. Never had she heard a voice sing so perfectly, so amazingly.

"That was beautiful! Brava! Brava!" The teacher clapped as the rest of the class cheered, not one voice wasn't screaming for an encore. Leppy did a graceful bow and smiled, her eyes brightened with joy.

The school bell rang and Kitty ran up to Leppy with a large and loving hug.

"Oh my God, your like, my hero!" Kitty stated as Leppy smiled at her, the two girls walking out of the class room and into hall.
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