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Chap. 25: Day 1 part 2

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Part 2 of day 1

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Kurt walked up in front of the class, praying that her wouldn't embrace him self like he usually did in this class. Kurt stood next to Mayumi who smiled at him softly, his strange blue eye's lighter for some reason, maybe cause he was scared and had stage fright. Kurt gave a worried look to Mayumi, who smiled innocently.

"Okay, lets begin when they meet." The teacher said as all the students stared. The teacher played the author, who read the story as Mayumi and Kurt did as they where told. "Romeo looked through the crowed to see the beautiful women he was forbidden to see, yet he was still determined to make way through masked crowed. As he did he approached with great caution." Kurt came closer to Mayumi as the teacher smiled.

"Vith zeh eyes of an unvorthy boy, I step up to you, and ask for thy dance of grace." He stammered as she just smiled.

"Thy speak nonsense, you say not to be Unworthy, I would not say such a hyenas thing. To whom do I make pleasure young man?" Mayumi replied, being perfect with her roll as Juliet.

"Kur-I mean... Romeo Madam. I spotted you from afar, through thy masked ball, and if I may say, my heart fell for thy beauty." Kurt said, trying not to speak in a German accent.

"Well, if it is my beauty you want, you can not have, but this dance may be forever yours." She inquired, proud of her acting skills.

"Stop theif!" The teacher called, pretending to be a guard.

"And with this token of my sword, I bid thy princess of Rotaunya, a do." He said with a bow, and after that the class clapped. (This is the cartoon version of Romeo and Juliet.)

"Bravo!" The teacher clapped. "Kurt, your friend is amazing! And I had no idea you where such a great actor!" The teacher said with surprise.

"Oh... Vell, I'm not vreally zat good... It vas just a fluke." He said, rubbing the back of his neck.

The proud couple sat back down as alot of the students stared at them, smiling whispering. About what, they weren't sure of. When the bell ran Kurt and Mayumi left with the class, making way through the hall and Kurt looked at Mayumi's sqedual.

"Vell, ve zont have second period togazer, but I tink you have a good teacher. Goodz luck Foraline." Kurt said as he ran off, Mayumi not sire of what Foraline meant, but she took it as a complement since it came from her boyfriend.

The rest of the class was a terrifyingly boring, even though the teacher was nice, after tha she had third period with Leppy, which was fun since today was a free day. For a while the class tried taking pictures of Mayumi, thinking she was that famous model, even though she tried telling them she wasn't. When fourth came... well, that's when things began to get weird.

Mayumi looked at her in surprise, the girl giving a very sly smile in return. She sat in the far back, her arms crossed and her deep blue staring into Mayumis soul, which gave her chills. During the whole class period Mayumi could feel the girls eyes staring at the back of her head, which made her feel a little uneasy in a thousand different way. Mayumi stared at the clock, tapping her foot as she tried to make the time go faster, but instead it was going slower.

Finally the bell rang and Mayumi stood with the rest of the class, when suddenly she froze. Everything around her went black, the whole world disappearing, all but her and the Japanese girl. Her long black hair flowed behind her as an evil smile crossed her face, her eyes meeting Mayumis. Once she was gone the world returned and Mayumi fell to her knees, staring at the floor in shock.

'Who is she?' Mayumi thought as she felt her heart racing and fear taking over.
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