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Leader down

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Nigel gets taken by Other Nigel. Really really horrible chapter. Apologies.

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The moment Other Abby sank her teeth into Numbuh five’s neck, Numbuh one woke up.
It’s not like he had a premonition. He didn’t even know that Numbuh five had been taken yet.
Numbuh one rolled out of bed. He would sleep better if he had something to eat.
He yawned and rubbed his eyes. WHY WAS HE AWAKE AT-
Nigel checked the time.

Nigel looked in his mirror.
He sighed. He made a face, and so did his reflection.
Numbuh one got up from his bed and started to walk away.
Then he looked back.
His reflection was still there.
Staring back at him.
Other Nigel pulled his fist back and punched his way through the mirror.

Details got a little fuzzy after that. Numbuh one fought against Other Nigel, but he lost. Horribly.
Numbuh one was only aware of one word before he passed out.

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