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Nigel Uno And the Shock Box

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Sorry it took so long! Sector V finds out what happened to Nigel. IT'S AU. If you haven't figured that out, then I worry for your intelligence.

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“Anybody hear from Numbuh one or Numbuh five?”
Numbuh four asked the other two members.
“Thought so” Numbuh four sighed and flopped down onto a sofa.
“Did you think that their Others got them?” Numbuh three pulled her knees up to her chest.
“Only one way to find out. Pass that cruddy comic”

The first panel was out of focus.
Somebody groaned.
The view panned to the side to see and arm and a leg belted to a gurney.
“Welcome to the Shock Box. You Conscious over there?”
Numbuh one looked up. A girl with Black and red pigtails was straitjacketed across the room.
“ talking to me?” Numbuh one asked.
“No, I’m talking to the voices in my head. Of course I’m talking to you!”
“No need to be snippy. I just asked a question. Now. Where am I?”
“You’re in the Shock Box” the girl said.
“Shock box?” Numbuh one asked, confusion clouding his face.
“Yes. Shock Box, also known as Shock general Hospital” The girl bit her lip as she snaked her arm up to her shoulder. “That looks a little painful” Numbuh one commented. “Then I’m putting up a good fight, because it’s actually a lot painful. What’s your name?” The girl asked, moving back and forth, trying to get her arm out of her straitjacket.
“I’m Numbuh one. What’s your name?” Numbuh one tried to undo the bonds without much luck.
“I seriously doubt that it says ‘Numbuh one’ on your birth certificate. I’m Ingrid Michelson” Ingrid popped her arm out of her straightjacket with a victory yell. She then undid the belts on her other arm.
“ your real name Nigel Uno?” Ingrid looked back at him.

Wally flipped the page.

“‘ow’d you know my name?”
“Abby! She talks about you all the flippin time!” Ingrid managed to get both arms free of her straightjacket.
“.....Right. So what’s so bad about The Shock Box? It’s jus’ an ‘ospital, right?”
Ingrid started undoing Numbuh one’s gurney belts. “Just an Hospital! You have no idea what goes on here! Hey” Ingrid leaned closer “Ever wonder where Delightful Children come from? This isn’t a hospital. It’s a monster factory” Ingrid hissed as she undid the final buckle.
“ do we get out of ‘ere?”
“Just what I like to hear, Nigel. First, I gotta get some clothes”

Numbuh one and Ingrid crept down the hallway. The entire hallway had been painted white, with storage tanks as large as refrigerators lining the hallway. Numbuh one had taken a brief look through one of the windows on the tanks before Ingrid pulled him away.
What he saw had three arms, long teeth, and compound eyes. Ingrid hadn’t been kidding.
“To the lost and found!” Ingrid giggled, and ran down towards a desk down the hall with shelves behind it.
Ingrid climbed up the shelves like a monkey. She threw some combat boots to the ground, along with some camouflage pants and a black t-shirt. “Go stand watch, you. I gotta change” Ingrid commanded as she leapt down from the shelf.
Nigel grumbled as he looked down the hallway.

“What weapon do you want?” Ingrid called when she was done changing.
“Weapon. I got me a problem stick. If you hit your problems with it, eventually they go away” Ingrid beamed as she showed Nigel her weapon, which was a wooden baseball bat with sharp metal spikes hammered through it.
Problem stick indeed.
“What’d you got, Ingrid?”
“That’s the spirit. Blaster with full clip, throwing knives, Tabasco, Cherry, and F bombs, and Black Paint” Ingrid picked up a small white can with “WARNING! BLACK PAINT!” scrawled on the side.
“What’s so cool about black paint?” Nigel asked.
“Ever seen any Bugs Bunny cartoons? The black paint is closer to that than Black Paint Black paint” Ingrid pulled a brush out from one of the desk drawers.
“I will take the Black Paint, then.”
“Coolio. Try not to get any Black Paint on you. Speaking from experience, here” Ingrid chattered.
Nigel gingerly held the can of Black Paint away from him.

“So, Commander, What’s step two?”
“Oh shut up, Nigel. Hospital Staff aren’t really too fond of noisy children”
“You’re really in danger, then”
“Oh, keep it up, see where it gets you”

“But really, whot’s step two?” Nigel asked.
“Right! Step Two! Find the door!” Ingrid glanced down the hallway.
“The door out?” Nigel ran after Ingrid as she booked it down the hallway.
“Not really. See, there’s Lifts, and then there’s doors. Lifts will take you somewhere else, could be better, could be worse. Doors always take you somewhere better. Always Guaranteed” Ingrid said.
“Ingrid? Whot exactly ‘appens at this ‘ospital?” Nigel asked.
“Delightfulization. Lobotomies, Monster creation, y’know, that kind of thing” Ingrid sounded grim.
The two of them had gotten to the end of the hall.
They turned the corner without looking, and met two of the hospital attendants.

They were loitering, and maybe around eight feet tall. Both had underbites, with crooked teeth sticking out of their mouths, and orange skin. Beady red eyes glared out from a bulging forehead. Both attendants were wearing white robes, and one had a hacksaw.
The two children stared at the attendants.
The two attendants stared back.
Then one of them roared.
“RUN FOR IT!” Ingrid screamed.

They ran fast, with the attendants footsteps right behind them.
“Whot’s the door look like?” Nigel asked, trying to keep pace.
“It can be any colour, but it’s got a star on it!” Ingrid screamed as one of the attendants knocked aside a storage tank as though it was a cardboard box.
Nigel looked down a hallway. Instead of storage tanks, the hallway was lined with doors. “This way! Hurry!” Nigel yelled.
Ingrid and Nigel ran down the hallway, trying to find The Door.
Nigel saw it first.
But one attendant had caught up with them.
It reached out a beefy arm and Grabbed Ingrid.
“No! let her go!” Nigel screamed.
Ingrid didn’t scream. all she did was bring the bat down onto the creature’s hand.
It howled in pain and let her go.
Ingrid sprinted forward, opened the door, and pulled Nigel into the darkness.
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