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IN WHICH the evil plot is revealed

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Numbuh one ends up at the Yellow Submarine Base, in which is the Havoc KND base. There he meets Cadel Young, Malcolm Roth, and Lincoln Pierce, in person.

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“Whot d’ya mean THAT’S IT?!?!” Numbuh four yelled.
“I mean, that there’s nothing. The comic ends there. We don’t know where they ended up.” Numbuh two spat.
“Stop it! Numbuh one wouldn’t want us to fight with each other, it!” Numbuh three spat.
“Sorry, Numbuh three.”
“Yeah. Really sorry”

After the comic ended, Nigel and Ingrid fell through a linen closet.
“Ouch. Nigel, you elbowed me!”
“Ingrid, You Landed On Me! It’s not My fault if I end up elbowing you”

“Well well well. Ingrid finally decided to show up”
A dark shadow blocked the light.
It was Lincoln, in all his pierced-ear eyepatch glory.
Numbuh one stared. It was weird to see somebody from a comic in real life.
Lincoln glared at both of them. Ingrid glared back. “Commander wants to see you” Lincoln said shortly, then turned around and strode away.

“Where am I?” Numbuh one asked.
“You’re in the yellow submarine. It’s serving as our base for now. We’re like, twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Or at least a lake” Ingrid explained.
“Wow. How do you guys get out?” Numbuh one asked.
“We take the submarine to the top, unto the latch, and send out teams in rowboats. Duh” Ingrid said.
“You’re going to be late!” Lincoln called.
The two of them hurried to catch up.

Ingrid and Numbuh one were lead into a room that contained a sofa, a tv, and a table.
A boy with glasses and shaggy brown hair rolled off the couch just as Numbuh 59 did a flying kick into where he used to be. “Oh, good. You all showed up. See, Malcolm, I told you they would” Numbuh 59 said to the boy. “Was that before or after you tried to kill me for the fiftieth time today?” Malcolm asked. “Before. And thanks for the input, I really appreciated that, Malcolm, just go ahead and have some more chocolate then” Numbuh 59 put her hands on her hips.
“Ooh, teasing me about my sugar habit, are you? You’re a horrible leader, Holly! You can’t do anything!” Malcolm screamed.
Then everyone started yelling.
“Both of you, shut up and-”
“Acting like children!”
“Shut up, Malcolm!”
Numbuh one raised one eyebrow.
“Everybody shut it and siddown! We’re going to have a nice group meeting whether you want to or not!”
Numbuh five sauntered over from the shadows. “Numbuh one! Numbuh five hasn’t seen you for years! How you been?” Numbuh five pulled Numbuh one into a one armed hug. “I’ve been better, Numbuh five” Numbuh one sighed. “Blech. That’s great, you’re united at last, can we all get on with the meeting?” Lincoln fell backwards onto the sofa. “You’re hurting team Morale quite effectively, Lincoln” Ingrid said.
“Don’t care” Lincoln grumbled.
“Sorry I’m late! What’s going on?”
A cheery boy with green stick-up troll-style hair, goggles and grease on his face entering the room, grinning.
“Well, Cadel, Holly and Malcolm got in a fight, as per usual, Abby broke it up, and we have a brand new Havoc Kids Next Door member. Meet Nigel Uno, aka Numbuh one, leader of Sector V back on Earth”
Ingrid blurted, then took a huge breath.
“Hey Nigel. Charmed. I’m Cadel Young, the Techie genius and Weapons Coordinator of Havoc KND, at your service” Cadel announced, shaking Numbuh one’s hand.
“Wait. Havoc Kids Next Door?” Numbuh one asked.
“You betcha! We’re not just going to sit around and lose! We will Fight! And Win!” Numbuh 59 announced.
“And possibly go to Disney world” murmured Lincoln, who was still lying on the couch.

“Okay, Nigel, here’s how the wonderful land of Havoc works” Cadel said, unfurling a colour-coded map and sticking it to the table.
“The land we’re living in is called Havoc. The city we’re in is called Roulette City. With me so far?” Cadel explained.
Numbuh one nodded.
“Good. Now. There are tons of districts in Roulette City. This here’s the Jinxx district” Cadel pointed to a section on the map, which was luridly pink. “Don’t go there, ever. Unless you want to be brutally murdered by Holly.” Cadel said.
“Why?” Numbuh one asked.
Cadel cleared his throat.
Lincoln snickered.
“Lincoln! Thank you for volunteering for telling why you should never go to the Jinxx District ever!” Cadel sat on the edge of the table, and Lincoln sat up.
“Me? Why me? What’d I do? Fine!” Lincoln sighed through his nose.
“There is a lot of bad stuff in the Jinxx district. Don’t go there, because we said so” Lincoln started biting his fingernails. Numbuh one wanted to ask questions, but he decided not to.
“So, Cadel, Whot are the other districts?” Numbuh one asked.
Everybody in the room quite obviously sighed with relief.

“Right. See this big gray splodge right here?” Cadel pointed to the middle of the map. “Whot about it?” Numbuh one asked.
“That’s the Printworks. One of the most Heavily Guarded places in all of Havoc. It’s impossible to get in” Cadel explained.
“Whot’s so special about the Printworks?” Numbuh one asked.
“That’s where they print the comic. They ship it to the outside world. If we get in...” Cadel trailed off.
“Then we can destroy the Printworks...” Holly said.
“Then there’s no more comic...” Malcolm said.
“And no more kids can come here!” Numbuh one finished.

“By why are kids even coming here in the first place?” Numbuh one asked.
“Father!” Responded Numbuh five.
“See, there’s this thing called an E-ticket, and if you have it, then you control the childcatchers-” Numbuh five
“Childcatchers. Y’know. The things that look like you with the sharp nails and vampire bites! Anyway” Numbuh five took a breath. “The person who has the E-ticket controls the Childcatchers. You can send the Childcatchers after whoever you want” Numbuh five finished.
“Since father’s got the E-ticket, he’s sending the Childcatchers after the Kids Next Door!” Cadel announced.
“No way!” Nigel gasped.
“Way” Ingrid said gloomily.
“How do we win, then?” Numbuh one asked.
“We challenge Father. If we win, we’re out” Lincoln said.
“And...if...we.....lose?” Numbuh asked softly.
“We can’t lose, Nigel. Alright? We. Won’t. Lose.” Holly stated.

“That’s basically it. Meeting Adjourned!” Numbuh 59 said.
“Wait. One more thing!” Cadel said.
“Meeting unadjourned. Get back here, Lincoln” Numbuh 59 called.
“I got the latest issue of Havoc” Cadel said, pulled out a comic book.
“Who is it?” Malcolm asked.
“Whot’s going on ‘ere?” Numbuh one asked.
“The comics work both ways. If you can get a copy here, you can see what’s going on back in the real world” Numbuh five explained.
Cadel opened the comic.
“Tell it to us straight, Cadel” Lincoln said.
Cadel gave a small gasp.
“Whot happened? Is everyone okay?” Numbuh 59 leaned forward.
Cadel looked up and said
“It’s everybody. They’ve got Numbuhs four, three, and two”
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