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The Capture of Numbuhs Three, Four, and Two

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“Let me see!” Numbuh 59. She leaned forward towards Cadel, trying to see the comic better.
Numbuh one climbed over the back of the couch to see. This copy of Havoc was only in black and white and red, but it was easy to see Numbuh four sitting in the control room. He was just sitting on the floor.
And then the phone rang.
Numbuh four sighed, got up, and answered the phone.
“Hello?” he asked.
Cadel flipped the page.
“Hi, Numbuh four! Can...we talk?” the voice on the end of the phone asked.
“Numbuh three, I’m always at the treehouse to talk to” Numbuh four answered.
There was a sigh on the other end, then “No, silly. I need to talk to yourself, okay? Just us?” Numbuh three asked.
“Don’t do it, Wally...” Holly whispered.
“Yeah! Sure! Okay! Where should I meet you?” Numbuh four leaned against the wall of the control room.
“ about on the corner of Maple and Crescent? In five minutes, okay? Don’t be late!” Numbuh three giggled on the end of the phone.
“Yeah, okay. See you in five?” Numbuh four smiled as her talked.
“Don’t be late” Numbuh three said and hung up.
Cadel turned the page.

The next panel showed Numbuh four leaving the treehouse.
“Numbuh four?” Numbuh three called from her room.
Numbuh three left her room. “Numbuh four?” She called again. 
“Numbuh two? Anyone? Hello?”
“Hiya there Kuki!” Numbuh four shouted from behind her.
Numbuh three screamed and fell over.
“Sorry. Can” Numbuh four asked.
“Talk? About what?” Numbuh three got to her feet.
“Us” Numbuh four held onto Numbuh three’s hands.
“Vomit!” Lincoln muttered, and was shushed by Ingrid.
Cadel turned the page.
“N-N-Numbuh four! Really? Is there” Numbuh three looked at Numbuh four, and squeezed his hand.
Numbuh three closed her eyes as she held onto Numbuh four’s hands.
Then she frowned.
She counted Numbuh four’s fingers on his left hand.

Numbuh three opened her eyes, and saw that she was holding onto her own Childcatcher.
“Surprise. There will never be an us” Other Kuki hissed, and bit down onto Numbuh three’s neck.
Numbuh three screamed and went still.

“Numbuh three!”
Numbuh two heard her scream and when to go see what was the matter.
“Numbuh three?” Numbuh two called.
The lights flickered.
“Numbuh three? Where are you? This isn’t funny. Are you okay, Numbuh three?”
The darkness behind Numbuh two creeps up behind him. Numbuh two looked, but the darkness stopped moving.
“Numbuh three? Where are you?” Numbuh two pulled out a flashlight and turned it on. He flicked it back and forth along the hallway.
He even turned around and shone it at the darkness behind him.
The light just disappeared, like Numbuh two was shining it into a black hole.
“Uh oh” is all that Numbuh two had time to say before the darkness surged forward and covered him.

“This isn’t it” Numbuh four looked at his address. It was a cemetery.
Weird. But Kuki Sanban was here, somewhere. Right?
Numbuh four saw a person standing over by a mausoleum.
Numbuh four smiled, and pushed open the gate.
“Numbuh three! Over ‘ere! It’s me!” Numbuh four called.
Numbuh three giggled and ran off.
“Wait! Get back ‘ere!” Numbuh four called.
He turned around the Mausoleum and saw...
“huh?” Numbuh four whispered. “Where’d she-”
He was knocked over by something landing on his back.
Numbuh four rolled to the side, and the bite that was supposed to go into his neck went into his shoulder instead.
Numbuh four screamed and flung his attacker off him.
Other Numbuh four skidded across the site and stopped.

“Well Well Well. You showed up, did you? Had to come see Kuki and talk about your future” Other Wally sneered.
“Shut up!” Numbuh four shouted.
“You make me sick. You’re pathetic. One call from you’re girlfriend and you come running over in the middle of the night to talk” Other Wally took a step closer.
“If I knew it was you, I would’ve walked slower” Numbuh four snarled.
“Ooh, funny and Short. What a combination!” Other Wally smirked.
Numbuh four launched himself at his childcatcher. Numbuh four gave an excellent punch to the eye to Other Wally, but Other Wally shot out his fingernails and scratched Numbuh four’s arm.
Numbuh four started to run.
He hid behind a gravestone, hoping he wouldn’t be found.
“You want to play hide and seek now? Hmm? I always win. Just ask your cousin. She put up a bit of a fight, too, but I got her, didn’t I?”
Numbuh four clenched his fists, but stayed still.
“You’re girlfriend? Kuki Sanban? She didn’t fight at all. I just bit her. Bit Her! No fun at all. You’re much more fun. Putting up fights” Other Wally kicked a gravestone, shattering it. “But you’re stupid. Did you really think that Numbuh three cares about you? When I caught her, I asked about you. She said there was no you. And that there never would be one” Other Wally said.
Numbuh four couldn’t believe it.
No. No. Numbuh three? Just...No.
A shadow fell across him.
“There you are”
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