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As Days Fade and Nights Grow

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Mikey and Gerard's parents pass away. Gerard gets in to an abusive relationship. Mikey tries to get him out of it, while falling in love with him.

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I walked in the door from school and put my bag on my grandmother's chair. She was at work, so she wouldn't know. I walked up stairs and looked in the mirror at my shabby reflection. My chestnut-brown hair was in front in my face. My Grandma hated it when I did that, she said I had such a nice face, that I should show it more. My face was also hidden behind my glasses, I like it that way. I didn't want the world to see me. Why should they? I had dirt all over my face from the fight I had gotten into. I was the freak at school, the nerd, the werid younger son of the now late Mr. and Mrs. Way.
Yeah, you heard me right. The LATE Mr. and Mrs. Way. They died about a year ago in a three way accident. My father was a doctor while my mother was a professor at New York University. They were driving home late one night from accepting a award. A truck hit them, and then a tractor trailer. It hit my older, and only, brother Gerard pretty hard. He had turned to wiritng and drawing. That wasn't enough to heal me though, I had turned to pain killers and drinking. I had also took myself off my own pills (I was bi-polar). Gerard was the only one that knew in the house. Neither of us had the heart to tell her, she had just lost her only child. She didn't need to know the things I was getting in to. It would just brake her heart.
I was like this for awhile. Then one day, when I was in my low, I couldn't take life anymore. I went in to the bathroom and took all the pain killers I could. I chugged down all the alcohol in the house, which wasn't much. I lied on the bathroom floor, drowning in my tears. I noticed it wasn't enough, I wasn't dieing. I went in to my dad's old stuff that was put in boxes and pulled out his revolver. I went back in the bathroom and sat down on the floor. I was crying my eyes out, why did I need to live? I was a waste of space, I was always bullied, I was making life worst for my Grandma, and most of all, no one loved me. I looked at it, it was so shiny. It was never used, my father took care of it though, incase he ever needed it. I pulled the gun to my temple, I had writien my suicide note last night, it was sitting on Gerard's bed waiting to be open. I was about to pull the trigger when Gerard opened the bathroom door.
"Mikey, what are you doing?" He asked, I could hear the fear in his voice.
"I'm leaving this world, make it easier for everyone else. No one needs me here, NO ONE! I'M NOT IMPORTANT, I'M WORTHLESS, I'M NOTHING!" I was screaming, my face covered in alcohol and tears.
"Mikey, y-y-you're so-omething to me! I love you, you're the everything to me Mikey. everything..." He was crying and sobbing. He reached out and took the gun away from me.
I broke down on his shoulder. He rubbed my back and sang me the song he used to sing to me when I woke up in the middle of the night.
"I'm trying, I'm trying to let you know just how much you mean to me. And after all the things we put each other through and I would drive on to the end with you."
I must of feel asleep on him, cause I woke up on my bed with Gerard next to me, still singing and stoking my hair. His skin looked so pale compared to my pitch black bed sheets.
"Gerard?" I asked, breaking the some-what silence. He looked at me, I could see his eyes were blood shot from crying too. He smilied at me.
"Yes Mikey?" Gerard answered, stroking my hair. I could feel the tears starting to go around the rims of my eye. He was so beautiful.
"Thank you from stopping me, I..I was in a dark place. don't know how much it meant to me.." I started to cry again. Gerard pulled me closed to him, he started to rub my back again.
"Mikey, I want you to know that you're not worthless, you're not nothing. You're a special person. And you are important. And I need you here.." I could hear him starting to cry "And Grandma needs you here, you are so loved. No one should go through the pain you have been going through. I know it's hard since mom and dad pasted away. But, I'm always here for you. I'll never leave you. I'll always love you." He was sobbing by this point.
"Thank you"' I whispered, then I started sobbing again. It's nice to know someone is there for you when you fall. That they are there to catch you.
He started to sing me the song again.
"But this thime. I mean it. I'll let you know just how much you mean to me. As snow falls on desert sky. Until the end of everything. I'm trying.."
I drifted off in to the land with filled dreams. To lose myself, just for a while.
As I stood in front of the bathroom mirror, remembering all of this, I also remember one more thing. This is the night where I fell in love with Gerard.
At that moment I heard a big bang, the sound of something or someone falling in Gerard's room. Yelling following it.
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