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It'll be Our Little Secret

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Mikey gets revenge

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I had lost all senses, all the anger stored up from Bert beating Gerard to a fucking bloody pulp. The bustard who killed my parents because he had one to many to drink before driving a fucking tractor trailer. The anger of being bullied my whole life, being beat up because I was different. The anger of Gerard not defending himself, he could of dumped Bert, plenty of people wanted to be with him. My best friend Frank was in freaking love with him. I…I loved him more then ANYONE could ever. He could be with me. I would never hurt him. I would never let them hurt him, let anything hurt him ever again.
I was on top of Bert, in the middle of Gerard’s room, I was yelling and punching Bert relentlessly. Bert was trying to push me off of him while Gerard was yelling in the background for me to stop. But I could bring my self to stop. I really couldn’t, it felt so good to get out this anger. Every punch to Bert’s nose, to his jaw, to his mouth, was a release of a little bit more of my anger. I wanted him to look tens times worst the Gerard does, I want him to feel more pain then he cause Gerard. He needed payback, Revenge, that’s what he needed, that’s what Gerard needed too. Was revenge against Bert. My Grandma was all of a sudden by my side. She must of heard the ruckus from downstairs.
I keep hitting Bert’s face, wanting to cause so much damage to him. Gerard was yelling at me to stop. My Grandma was trying to take me off of Bert. Pleading with me to stop, that he would call the cops if I didn’t. I would go to jail. “No he won’t Grandma” I thought “He can’t call the cops, he is a wanted man”
It took both my Grandma and Gerard to pull me off of Bert. When they did, Gerard pinned me down on his bed. He looked mad and worried, what was he worried about I had no idea. My Grandma helped Bert to his feet, while apologizing to him. Why was she apologizing? Did she not see what Bert did to her elder grandson?
“Elena, did you see what you’re psycho of a grandson was doing to me?” Bert asked, but it came out kind of slurred. I think I hit his jaw too many times. I saw him wince in pain every time he talked, every wince was like a orgasm to me. It gave me so much pleasure.
“Michael! What on god’s green earth would make you do this to you’re brother and his boyfriend?” My Grandma, who’s name you now know “Elena”, asked me. What does she mean how could I do this to my brother? I SAVED HIM!
“I didn’t do that to Gerard, Grandma. I just did that” I pointed to Bert. Bert’s nose was completely smashed in, it was bleeding all over the place. He had two very black eyes, almost looked like a raccoon. He was breathing out of his mouth, but not to well. His jaw looked dislocated, and he was having trouble talking. His face was so swollen I would be surprise if he could even see.
“I need to take Gerard and Bert to the hospital, I might even think about having you checked in to the mental ward!” Elena told me.
“Grandma, don’t do that. I need Mikes here with me.” Gerard responded quickly. He hasn’t called me Mikes since we were little, I liked it. It also meant he wasn’t too mad at me.
The ride to the hospital was awkward. Bert sat in the front while Gerard and me sat in the backseat. No one talked, not even a cough. I looked at Gerard, his beautiful face was covered by a swollen monster, thanks to Bert. I moved towards him, and told him sorry. Gerard and I had this thing were we could communicate without talking. It really freaked people out. He told me back that he would talk to me later. Bert was looking at us confused because I responded, “When’s later?” Gerard “told” me when no one else was around. “Fine” I answered back. Bert was looking as confused as ever.
“They communicate with out talking Bert, I don’t know how they do it either” My Grandma said as she made a left hand turn into the Emergency Room entrance. We walked in, and since no one was there, were put immediately to rooms. Grandma stayed with Bert while I stayed with Gerard. Once I closed the door, I turned to Gerard. “I’m sorry Gerard, I just don’t like to see you hurt like this. I really don’t.”
“You told me, you PROMISED me that you wouldn’t get mad at him Mikes.” He looked like he was about to cry. “You said…” Gerard started to cry “said that, you wouldn’t get mad, and that you’ll just be there for me to talk to. You lied to me”.
“I didn’t lie to you Gerard, I protected you. You need to leave him. He is no good for you. Bert beats you, hurts you so much. How can you love someone who does that to you?” I asked him.
“I want to leave him Mikey. I’m just….I’m just too afraid that if I do, he’ll find me and beat me even more. What if he just goes crazy or something?…..What if he hurt you, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself Mikey.” Gerard was starting to cry again. I hate seeing him cry. I walked over and hugged him, resting his head on my chest. He was sobbing, Bert was making him a mess. I stroked his hair and talked to him about childhood memories. The doctor came in and took a look at Gerard, giving the doctor the time old excuse that he fell down the stairs. They put another mini-cast on his nose. We left the room and went to Bert’s room. Grandma was getting his stuff together as Bert got off the hospital bed.
We walked to Grandma’s Oldsmobile, she dropped off Bert and drove us home. When we got their she turned towards us.
“All three of us need to talk, sit down on the couch. You two have been keeping too much from me for too long.” She sounded pissed.
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