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Frank just wants to play marco polo, and everyone else wants to beat him up for it.

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A/N: I'm alive... barely. My computer has been having heart attacks, I think. You don't even know. ...Glad to be back.

“So, Mikey,” I started as I sat on the counter at work the next day. “This Cole guy turned Gerard into a vampire, right?”

“Yes,” He said, putting the box he’d had under his arm down, then turned to face me.


“Well, there was always a sort of rivalry because of certain… things between Gerard and Cole. Gerard didn’t know that he was a vampire. They would get into fist fights and arguments all the time. One day, the fighting between them got so bad, Cole straight up bit him.”

“Hey you guys,” Ray called as we walked in with two white paper bags in his hands and a girl by his side.

“Hey, Ray.” Mikey and I said at the same time, eyeing the chick.

“I brought you guys some lunch from the Olive Garden. I thought that you would get tired of this mall food after a while.” He shoved the bags in Mikey’s hands.

“Thanks.” Mikey told him, clearing a spot on the counter for our wonderful food.

“Well, then, I’ll see you guys tonight.” Ray said.

“I think that you are forgetting about something.” I said, nodding my head in the direction of his new friend.

“Oh, right.” His cheeks started to turn a pink color. “Hazel, Mikey, this is Violet. Violet, these are two of my best friends, Hazel and Mikey.”

“Hi.” She smiled. She was shorter than Ray, and probably a few inches shorter than me. Her fiery red hair fell just about her shoulders. She had pale skin and hazel eyes.

“Hey,” I flashed a smile at her. “Did Ray invite you to come watch his band practice tonight?” I asked, shooting him a look.

“Yeah, he says they are good.” She said.

“They are!” I grinned, remembering the song Gerard wrote for me.

“Gerard isn’t here, Hazel. You don’t need to suck up.” Mikey rolled his eyes.

“I’m not sucking up!” I exclaimed.

“You are too!”

“Am not!”

“Are too!”

“Yeah, well, you’re stupid!”

“No, you are!”

“Do they always fight like this?” Violet asked Ray.

“All the time.” He sighed. “You would think that they were brother and sister.”

“But we’re not!” I said, jabbing my index finger into the air. Because if we were that means Gerard would be my brother too. And that would mean I would be dating my brother, which is just gross.”

“…You’re stupid.” Mikey said, after a few seconds of silence.

“I am NOT!” I yelled back at him.

“Are so!”

“Okay, while you two fight, we are leaving.” Ray told us.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” I flapped my hands in his direction. “I’m not stupid!”

“You are so!”

“Marco!” Frank yelled, as we were waiting on band practice to start.

“Frank!” I exclaimed, after he’d said it for the tenth time. “Shut the fuck up! We are not playing stupid Marco Polo!” I didn’t know why we were waiting or whatever, but I was going kill Frank if he fucking said Marco one more time.

“Hey!” He glared at me. “For your information, we are waiting on your boyfriend’s slow as to finish revising his lyrics.”

“Stop fucking talking about me!” Gerard called from his room down stairs.

“Shut up, Gerard!” Frank yelled. “No one cares!”

“You guys are funny.” Violet giggled.

Ray had blabbed his big, fat mouth and told her ‘Hey, Vi, guess what! Vampires exist!’

“Ray does have a pretty big mouth.” Bob looked at me and grinned.

“Get your asses down here!” Gerard yelled.

We all sprang up and started pushing and shoving our way down the stairs. Occasionally causing someone, that was most likely Frank, to go flying down them.

“Guys stop messing around and get over here.” Gerard told them, staring at the mass of bodies that Ray, Bob, and Frank had become at the bottom of the stairs. They slowly pulled themselves up and headed to their instruments.

“The new one?” Mikey asked.

“The new one.” Gerard nodded. He looked over at me and grinned. “This one is called Vampires Will Never Hurt You!”

After they finished playing, Gerard ran over to me and grabbed my hands before anyone could tell him what they though.

“Walk time!” He exclaimed before dragging me up the stairs.
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