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Every Now and Then I Fall Apart

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I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of Bandit crying through the baby monitor, I got up quickly and went to her room, scooping her up and trying to calm her down. Theses past few months, she’s been sleeping so well.

“Da! Da!” she wailed.

“Sweetheart, Daddy is on tour, its ok.”

“Da!” she cried, just as the phone began to ring, I laid B back down in her crib and ran downstairs to get it, wondering who the hell would be calling at this hour.


“Lindsey?” It was Mikey!

“Yes Mikey, shouldn’t the band be playing right now?” I asked, acknowledging the time difference, the band should still be playing.

“Lindsey, something happened, listen, how soon can you and Bandit be on a flight out here?”

“Mikey? Mikey What the fuck happened?”

“It’s Gerard!” he sounded on the verge of tears. “We were playing, it was all so good, he was exciting, his foot got tangled in the guitar wires, he fell, there was blood, show canceled, were at the hospital, and he’s not waking up!”

“I’ll be there as soon as possible.” I whispered and hung up the phone as tears began to stream down my cheeks, had Bandit known? She was crying for Gerard as if she knew!

I got online, booked a flight to Manchester for 10 in the morning , packed things for both me and Bandit, then made arrangements until morning hit, showering quickly and getting ready, feeding Bandit and bathing her, a practically chugged a red bull for energy, left the house, and drove to the airport.

When the plan landed, my nerves were shot, I didn’t smoke, haven’t in several years, but I could really use a cigarette right now. Getting our stuff and carrying Bandit, I called Mikey once I was sitting in the airport.


“Lindsey? Did your flight land?”

“Yes, it just did can-”

“I’ll be at the airport in 15 minutes, hang tight.” he said. And sure enough, Mikey came to the airport, but I wasn’t expecting him to be in the tour bus. Thankfully Mikey hadn’t driven it, Sean their driver had.

“What exactly happened?” I asked Mikey, after sitting Bandit in her little baby seat on the sofa next to me and Mikey.

“Well, we were playing our second song after NaNaNa, we were playing DEAD, and Frank and Ray ran up to play next to him, the crowd was just going fucking wild, the adrenaline on stage was crazy, Gerard was so excited, he spun around to walk across stage, and got his foot tanalged int Frank’s guitar chord, he spiraled and fell off the stage, it was like, a seven foot fall, and the guards didn’t catch him, he hit his head really hard.” Mikey bit his lip and I could tell he was holding back tears, I touched his arm, holding back my own tears.

“He cut the side of his forehead too, there was a lot of blood, we stayed with him in the hospital all night last night, he never came to, the doctor came to, Ray and Frank are still there and-” Mikey was cut off by the sound of Mikey’s phone going off.

“Hello?” he answered. “Yes, they are both with me, what? The Doctor know what’s……Fuck!” Mikey cursed. “You can’t be…!” he gasped. “I, shit yes we were on our way, yeah bye Ray.” he hung up the phone and slammed his fist down on the arm of the couch.

“Mikey, what did they say!” I almost yelled.

Mikey turned to me, his eyes brimming with tears. “Gerard had a severe concussion , but he didn’t recover from it, he slipped into a coma.”

That's when I fell apart.

Alright, hoped you all liked the twist here, but it's barely begun.
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