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Why Can't They See Me?!

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I opened my eyes to find that I was standing in the midst of a crowded hospital. What the fuck was going on? I had just been on stage…..I had tripped, over the guitar chords, I was falling……


I jumped, looking behind me to where the voice had come from. Behind me stood a young woman a little shorter then me, in a sleek black dress that showed off her gentle curves. Her skin was pale white and flawless, she had a hair full of wavy black hair cascading down her back, and a friendly and pretty face, with thick lashes and hazel eyes, strikingly similar to mine.

“Do I know you?” I asked.

She smiled. “Yes, Gerard, you do now.”

“But, but I don’t understand, why am I in this damn hospital? Listen I’m on tour and-”

Looking past the woman , my words stopped as I saw Lindsey and Mikey coming down the hall, Lindsey was holding Bandit, and I didn’t like the worried expressions on their faces.

“Linds!” I ran up to them, but they walked right past me, not even acknowledging me!

“Gerard!” The black haired woman said, stepping in front of me. “They can’t hear or see you.”

“What?” I demanded, and ran to catch up with my family, turning as they went into a small hospital room.

“Fuck!” I gasped. They were surrounding the hospital bed, and my body, lay in it, a bandage wrapped around my head, then I remembered I had fallen off stage….. I can’t be dead!

“Lindsey!” I said, but she couldn’t hear me, was I a ghost?

“Gerard.” the woman said. “I told you, they won’t respond to you.”

I spun around. “Ok, listen, who the fuck are you?”

“Your spirit guide.” she said simply.

“Am I dead?”

She shook her head. “You are in an altered state of being.” she told me. “Not quite a spirit, but not a human. Your in a state of comatose. Gerard, I want you to now observe your family and your band mates.”

So I did what she asked, and it broke my heart. Mikey was holding my beautiful little daughter, while Lindsey sat on the chair next to the bed, holding my limp hand in hers while silent tears streamed down her soft cheeks. I wanted to reach out to her, to hold her, to tell her I was here, and I loved her. I looked past them, Ray’s face was ashen pale, he was rapidly texting on his phone, most likely to Christa, and Frank………..Frank’s eyes were sore and puffy like he had been crying, he was sitting in the corner of the room, like he was purposefully isolating himself from everyone else. I watched as Brian our tour manager came into the room, carrying coffees. When he tried to give one to Frank, Frank shook his head and refused it.

“Frank, please, you look like hell.” Brain urged him to take the coffee.

“Really?” Frank shot up at Brian, acid dripping from his voice.

“Frank, please stop it.” Mikey said loudly. “You can’t blame yourself!”

He was blaming himself? What the hell?

“Yes Mikey, I fucking can and I will!” he snapped. “It was my guitar chord that caused it!”

Oh, great, Frank really wasn’t blaming himself, was he? It wasn’t his fault, I got over excited, which happens a lot, it was my own fault.

“Spirit guide?” I said awkwardly, turning around to the woman. “Can’t you just put me back in my body so everything will be fine?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I’m sorry Gerard, it’s not that easy.”

“Why the fuck isn’t it!”

She slowly crossed her arms over her chest, and gave me a very pissed off look. I sighed and tried to regain a little of my cool.

“Ok, sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you, but why not?”

“Gerard, this all happened for a reason.”

“What?” I asked in disbelief. “I fall into a coma, it’s depressing the people I care about, and letting down thousands of fans?”

She remained patient. “Gerard, you have lead many paths in your life, some of which were most unwise.”

“What? Is this what that’s about?” I was close to hysterics. “Yes, I know I was a stupid drunk, I got into drugs, I did some bad shit, I admit to all of that, just please, I want my life back?”

“Once again Gerard, it’s not that easy.” she spoke softly. “ Take one last look around you at the people you love and need in your life, because things are about to change.”

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