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That night I called Quinn, if no one was going to give me answers then she will. I had to force her some way or another. I really didn't know what to think. So Gerard fell in love with me... Did I fall in love with him too? Were we together? Were we serious? Did I or he broke one another's heart? So many questions filled my head and I couldn't answer not one of them which frustrated me. I wanted to disappear off somewhere so I can breathe and not have a care in the world. I was getting sick of trying to find out about my past with nobody's help.
"Apparently Gerard fell in love with me," I told Quinn over the phone.
"How did you find that out?" Quinn asked after a pause as if she was thinking of what to reply to me with.
"Mikey told me, he won't tell me anything else. I don't know if we were together, or if I fell in love with him too. I don't know anything and it's killing me!"
"Hmm," was all that escaped from her lips.
"Quinn! Save me here! Don't leave me in the dark like you and everyone has for the last few weeks, I don't like this riddle crap." I felt the anger boil in me.
"Josie, I can't tell you anything."
"Why? Why can't you? Please give me an acceptable excuse!" I knew I was scaring her even though we were talking over the phone but I couldn't care less at the moment.
"Because your doctor instructed us to not tell you this bit of your life."
"Why?" I hated asking questions. "What will happen to me if you told me?"
She sighed, "Look I don't know. I'm just following instructions. If you really want answers then go to Gerard for that."
"Fine! I will!" I hung up.

I had serious apologizing to do once I cooled down. I didn't know where to find Gerard. Since he won't reply to my email I had no way of finding out his address or some sort. I sighed in frustration and laid down on the sofa and looked up to the ceiling. What to do...
In that minute I shot up with a fabulous idea brightening up my mind. I quickly grabbed my laptop and went on the band's myspace. One thing I knew was that bands were always interviewed by our magazine when they are touring so it must mean that My Chemical Romance is bound to be touring too.

I finally found their myspace and scrolled down their page where it had a list of tour dates. They had a concert on at the city in 2 nights. I grinned at the screen. All I needed to do was rock up there and... Fuck, my wheel of thoughts broke down. How was I going to see them? The security guards weren't gonna allow a fool like me to step up and greet them. I bit my bottom then and stared at the screen and tried to think of another way of approaching them.
Be tuned to Radio MF142 tomorrow night at 7pm to here our interview with Mike Price.'
My grin appeared on my face again. Radios were easy and I'm sure I can get in to see them.

Before I fell asleep that night a wave of thought entered mind. What was I going to do when I got Gerard's attention? What was I suppose to say to him?

By 5pm the next day I was ready to head out to the radio station to catch up with them. I changed into so many outfits to find something that I looked good and felt comfortable in but in the end I ended up in a waist high floral skirt and a Taking Back Sunday shirt. I left my hair in it's usual wavy mess. Grabbing my bag I left my apartment and headed to the radio station. I didn't know what to expect when I got there and my stomach was telling me that it won't be good.
I arrived at the building close to 6 and wondered around for awhile until I found a person that actually worked there. I asked for permission to see the band and the lady unsurprisingly shook her head apologizing that I couldn't.
"I'm a friend of theirs though," I explained.
"Sorry, no can do," the middle aged lady said in a tired voice.
"Does me working at a magazine trying to interview them help?" I asked.
"You got prove that with an ID from them"
I shoved my ID in front of her face before she nodded and told me to wait in one of the rooms.
"Thank you," I smiled and trudged off.
By the time I was sitting on the couch nervously waiting for them to get out of the interview room my heart was pounding against my ribcage and my stomach was churning as if I was on a rollercoaster ride. This didn't help mento think clearly of what to say to Gerard.
It was 6:45 when the band walked out of the room. I slowly stood up and walked to them.
All or the guys looked at me with wide eyes but didn't say a thing, Gerard was in the back as if he was ready to bolt out of here.
"I was hoping I could speak to Gerard," I tried to say clearly with no sign of anxiety.
Gerard was about to speak up before I interrupted him, "It's about the interview that we had with the magazine."
"Oh," he looked uncomfortable and looked at the guys for answers, when they didn't he looked back at me. "Sure, but make it quick."
He followed me outside. I figured it would be the safest place without eavesdroppers.
"So what's the problem with the interview?" he asked.
"Umm, I lied. I'm not here to talk about the interview," I said as my rubbed my arm nervously.
"Then what is it?" he asked curiously.
"Mikey," I looked at him. "He told me something about you which is why I'm here today."
"What did he tell you?" he looked angry.
I stepped back slightly, "That you were in love with me."
He looked down at me for a moment before he broke my gaze and stepped back, "He's lying, just playing with your head because you have amnesia. I was never in love with you."
"Then what is it? Why does everyone tell me that you will explain to me with what happened to you and me?"
"They're all lying too," he started to talk away to where the other guys were. I haven't noticed that they were there waiting for our talk to be over.
"No! You can't do this to me!" I raised my voice and grabbed his arm. I stood in front of him. I didn't care of how close we were away from each other, I just wanted my point across. "For the passed few weeks I've been trying to figure out things about my past that had you in it, I feel so trapped. So just tell me! What did I do wrong? I won't say anything about it please! I just need to know so I can live in peace."
"I haven't been living in peace for awhile because of what you did, so I really don't give a damn if you can't now too." he pulled his arm out of my grasp and walked to the guys.
I turned around facing my back towards them. I wasn't going to let them see my face all tearful. I sniffed and jogged to the side of the road and hailed a cab.

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