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Chapter 5

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You have a girlfriend?

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hey guys thanks for the reveiws but I would like some more! keep reading...

back into Eva P.O.V

I woke up in Mikey's warm arms with the feeling of happiness buzzing throughout my body.
It was amazing! "AH shit!" Mikey screamed at the top of his voice, "Eva we got to get to school!" I shot straight up, it was only 8:00am but we needed to get to school.
"Come on Eva" Mikey grabbed my hand and took me down the ladder, "Mikey we haven't even got a shower and we are in yesterdays clothes" Mikey squeezed my hand even harder and smiled,at this point we were walking into the school, "Well you see Eva Beava I think we are just going to have to rough it!" He dragged me along as we ran towards the gang.
"Awwww look who finally decides to turn up!" Frankie held out his arms for me to hug him, "So what now you guys are an item?" Ray asked with confusion plastered all over his face, "Yeah we are!" Mikey made sure everyone could hear with a smile all over his face.
"Here Mickey Mouse" Josh the stuck jock shouted over we all turned around, "It's Mikey get it right!" I was annoyed no one makes fun of my boyfriend,
"Whatever, I just want to ask you why you have your arm around a hot girl? Mikey face filled with anger, "Because she is my girlfiend" Josh's face was priceless, "Wait everyone Mickey Mouse has a girlfriend!" then Clara Josh's bitch of a girlfriend and also the most popular girl in the school came over, she was a barbie doll gone wrong!
"The more shocking news is emo girl has bagged herself a boyfriend!" she squealed in that awful squeaky voice of hers.
I felt anger suddenly rushed all the way through my body, "DON'T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT ME OR MY BOYFRIEND LIKE THAT YOU ANNOYING LITTLE SLUT!" I can't believe I just said that, suddenly the next thing I knew Clara's hand ran the whole way across my face.
I screamed out of pain "Miss Jefferson please get inside now and report to the princple's office now, Michael please take Eva to the nurse to check her cheek out, NOW EVERYONE MOVE ALONG!" Mr.Alexander did not look impressed one bit.
"Mikey I'm really sorry for that, I only did it cause I didn't want them bitches to go any futher with it." I looked down I was so ashamed.
"Eva don't worry, you did what was right, Clara just took it way to far" We had arrived at the nurses office, I knocked the door "Come in" A middle aged women stood there in a white dress and looking up from a desk, "Oh it's you Michael what is it this time?" she looked down at her paper work again.
"Em nurse, my girlfriend has just been slapped Mr.Alexander sent us here" he stepped into the room. Mikey way forever in the Nurses office because he was always getting beaten up.
"You have a girlfriend?" The nurse looked flabbergasted
"em yeah, Eva" He introduced me to the nurse she pointed to the bed on the other side of the room, "Sit there, I'll be right back" The nurse trotted out of the room and went down the corridor.
"Eva I love you" I looked at him, he was serouis, I felt all warmth inside my body.....
"I love you too Mikey" he stood up and came over to the bed I was sitting on and placed another one of his beautiful kisses on my lips, his tounge entered my mouth with no hesitation I placed my arms around his neck and contiued the kiss.
"Michael Way please remove your hands from Miss Scott this very moment" we turned around and there stood Mrs.Dobson the princple.
Mikey took one large step back, he was totally red.
"Miss Scott I have spoke to Clara she would like to say someting to you, Clara walked into the room she had seen everything.
"Eva I would like to apologise for my actions it will never happen again" She smiled sweetly and walked away, I want to shoot that girl!
"Thankyou Clara I see this case is now closed, and please Michael try to save the love for home not school!" We made sure Mrs.Dobson had left before bursting out into laughter.

The nurse checked me out I was fine.
Me and Mikey left the nurses office hand in hand and made our way to lunch to find a whole lunch room sniggering, staring and pointing at us, Clara has done something which was going to ruin the rest of our school years.

Hey everyone leaving it hanging hope you enjoyed it I have a big suprise coming up soon so keep reading!
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