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Chapter 8. reunion already!

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One year and a half later…

I was in bed with Ryan, slowly thrusting myself inside of him as he liked it. It felt good to do this with Ryan, to make him scream and want me
“okay okay okay enough” he said and I stopped and he rolled over kissed me
“you have to tell Cassadee” he said and I frowned “please stop saying that”
“she’s your girlfriend, you cant keep hiding this from her” he said gently touching my cheek
“I cant, it’d break her heart” I said rolling over to avoid eye contact and he sighed “and I thought I was the girl in this relationship” he said.
When Juliet had left, I had time to recover and Cassadee was still working at Starbucks and I got to know her better, and offered for her to join us on tour. Ryan, I and our 2 friends were in a band and hit the road a year ago. We got offered to play for charity and hands down accepted.

I was looking through photos on my digital camera and Gerard walked over to me and sat with me
“hey” I said still staring at the photos
“I need to talk to you” he said and I put the camera down and looked at him
“although being with you has been great” he smiled “it’s just not the same now”
I nodded “I know. It happens” I shrugged
“the reason I’m saying this is, well, when I see other girls I’m more tempted now than I used to be and I never want to hurt you if I was in a committed relationship with you” he said
“so you’re dumping me?” I laughed
“I don’t like that word” he frowned “just we should be good friends”
I nodded again and gave him a smile “it’s cool. I understand”
“are you sure?” he asked and I nodded again and gave him a peck on the cheek
For a over-year long relationship, I wasn’t very upset at all. Saddened of course that it happened but I wasn’t hysterical.
We all got off the van and into the venue where the boys warmed up on stage, I went backstage and Frank caught my arm
“Gerard told me what happened, are you alright?” he asked and I nodded “I’m fine” I smiled
“so… you’re back on the market?” he smiled hopefully
Frank always seemed to have a little thing for me.
I sighed “yes Frankenstein”
He grinned “wanna go do it on the bus?”
“no!” I laughed “god, you’re gross”
He gave me a cuddle and went back on the stage.
I picked up my camera again and flicked through more photos when I heard someone laughing, I wasn’t sure who but it sounded familiar. I stopped everything I was doing and walked around the corner but no one was there
“must be going crazy” I said to myself

I went backstage to our dressing room to get some spare guitar picks and as I walked back out, I bumped into someone
“oh crap” I said “I’m sorry”
“no no, it’s..” she said and I realised who it was and her eyes widened
“Cassadee?” I said
“oh my god, Ray?” she said and hugged me tight and I dropped all the picks to hug her back
“what are you doing here?” I smiled
“Brendon’s band are playing for charity, don’t tell me you guys are too?” she smiled back and I nodded “wow, small world”
She held onto her head “woah this is lots to handle”
I laughed “you’re still as cute as ever”
She blushed a little “this is so surreal” she said softly
“I know” I said scratching my head
We both kinda looked at each other in silence and I just made the move and kissed her and she tensed up really badly so I stopped “whats wrong? Oh wait, I’m an idiot, you could be married or lesbian or something”
“no, I’m just with Brendon” she said biting her lip
“I’m so sorry, I just think of myself and not others” I said
“no I don’t care about him” she said grabbing my hand and we went into a storage room and made out very messily against the shelves and I started getting an erection and tried not to rub against her so hard
“sorry” I said
“no, it’s a compliment” she smiled putting her arms around my neck “I missed you.”
“I missed you too” I said lightly pressing my lips to hers, it was a much nicer moment than before

“have you seen Ray?” Mikey asked and I shook my head and went to get some water when I bumped into someone from another band, telling by the way he was holding drum sticks
“sorry” I smiled apologetically tucking my hair behind my ear and continuing to the dressing room where there was guitar picks all over the floor, I sighed and picked them up and put them neatly on the table

“dude” I said to Brendon “I just saw the hottest girl”
“what did she look like Spencer?” he asked
“brunette, pretty eyes, banging bod” I said
“I give you permission to do her” he said and I smiled and nodded

There was a knock at the door and I turned around and it was that guy again
“oh hi” I smiled “that… guy I bumped into a minute ago right?”
He just laughed, he had a cute smile “I’m Spencer, I just wanted to know if you were available tomorrow night?”
“aww really?” I said “I am”
“wanna come to dinner after the show?” he asked
“sure, I’d love to. I’m Juliet by the way” I said
“pretty name” he smiled “if my name was Romeo then we’d know this would work out fine”
I laughed and he did too
“so you’ll be around tomorrow? I’m guessing you’re with one of the other bands playing” he said and I nodded “I wont leave the venue so you can find me”
He smiled “great, I’ll see you then. Come watch me play tonight”
“will do, what are you called?” I asked
“Panic! At The Disco” he replied
“sounds odd… but still creative” I said and he smiled again “I’ll see you around”
I nodded and waved and he left the room. Suddenly Ray came running in “JULIET, CASSADEE’S HERE!”
“whaaa?” I said but Ray was jumpy
“she’s. here. with. Brendon” he said excitedly
“are you fucking kidding me?” I said
“no!” he smiled
“where is she?” I asked
“she went back to Brendon” he said
“holy cow I haven’t seen him since… yeah” I said “but on the plus side, a boy asked me out”
He grinned “life is amazing”
“why is she here with him?” I asked
“he started a band with Ryan and he’s going out with Cassadee” he said
“WHAT?” I said loudly and ran down the halls to try and find them
“Juliet! Where are you going, there’s food down the other way?” Gerard said running the other way
“BRENDON’S HERE” I yelled and continued running until I eventually bumped into Ryan who let me fall on the floor
“what the hell?” he said and I jumped up
“RYAN!” I screamed and he gasped and hugged me “JULIET!”
We both started talking so fast that words weren’t making sense and we hugged again
“oh my god you look so good” he said
“you do too!” I squealed
“oh my god I cant believe you’re here” he smiled “did you see Brendon and Cassadee?”
“no!” I said “I was looking for Cassadee but fell on you”
“come on” he said taking my hand and we went into a room where Cassadee was holding Brendon’s hand and I screamed and Cassadee did too and jumped on me
“OH MY GOD IT’S GOOD TO SEE YOU!” she jumped
“GAH, I MISSED YOU” I said in tears
“come on, lets go get food and have girl talk” she said happily
okay“ I smiled and Brendon was staring at me
“hang on a sec” I said letting go of her and hugging Brendon
“awww” he said hugging me back “you look amazing”
“thanks, you look good too” I said letting go
“so are we going to lunch?” Brendon asked
“I’m staaaarving” Cassadee smiled
“lets go get Jon and Spencer” Ryan said
“Spencer?” I said
“yeah, our drummer” Brendon smiled “he didn’t expose himself to you did he?”
“uh no, just asked me out that’s all” I said
“come on!” Cass smiled taking my hand and we went to get food
Both bands sat together and caught up, I sat with Cassadee but caught Mikey and Ray staring at her
“so I’m one of the merch girls” she said
“oh I’m the photographer” I smiled
“that’s so cool, we’re both awesome” she said
“I know right? I reckon we should get name badges” I said
“I KNOW RIGHT? I asked Brendon but he wanted to make it and I didn’t want that” she said and I laughed
“this is such a coincidence” I said
“I know” she said “but I’m glad, haven’t seen you in months”
“yeah, I miss home and all, but it’s good to see you, Brendon and Ryan are together and moving around too. Doesn’t feel like I just left you” I said and she nodded
“so how’s you and Gerard?” she asked
“oh, we broke it off” I said and she gasped “oh no”
“yeah, but it’s alright” I smiled “bound to happen”
“hm. I know what you mean” she said looking at Brendon
“aww” I frowned and she nodded “yeah… ”
Spencer came and sat with me and I turned to him “hi”
He smiled “hello” and put his arm around me “we’re playing first tomorrow, did you wanna go after that and come back early or after your boys play?”
“we can go and come back early” I smiled
“okay cool” he grinned “and also” he said putting his plate infront of me “did you try that salad? Holy crap it’s amazing” he said eating it and I laughed
“aww Spencer, that’s so ladylike” Cassadee laughed
After we ate, Cass and I went outside and took photos together and Mikey came outside with a small smile “hey girls”
“hello” we both said and Cassadee went and hugged him
“uh, I’ll leave you two alone” I said and went inside

“do not touch her” I said
“oh come on” Spencer smiled “you said I should fuck her”
“that was before I realised who she was. And don’t use that language” I said
“calm down, you’ve got Cassadee, why can’t I have someone like Juliet?”
I didn’t say anything and just walked out

I was standing with Juliet watching Brendon and his band perform
“wow” Juliet said and I nodded “I know, they’re good”
I put my arm around Juliet and she smiled at me as we watched them together
“the crowd is eating them up, I dunno how we’re gonna do” I said
“you’ll be fine” she said
“I better go prepare” I said
“oh okay, breathe” she smiled
“will do” I said and went backstage with the boys

We were watching My Chemical Romance play and I saw Juliet watching carefully and nodding her head to the beat. I rubbed my chin and walked upto her and stood with her “wow, they’re good” I said and she smiled “they said that about you too”
“cool” I nodded “I was gonna head out to our bus and get something”
“do you need me to hold your hand?” she smiled and I did too “yes please.”
She took my hand and we walked to the bus
“Cassadee makes us tidy up” I said
“that’s good” she said and I took her to my bunk
“I thought you had to get something” she said
“I lied” I said and she laughed
I pulled her into the bunk with me and she was ontop of me, giggling
“so this is pretty intense since I just met you” she said
“sorry” I smiled
“then again, you are cute. Very cute” she said
“thank you” I said
We started making out and my fingers were tangled in her hair
“my god you’re a good kisser” I said and she laughed “this is so wrong.”
“man, do I want to bang you” I said “but the guys might come on the bus”
“I don’t think we should do that” she said kissing my neck
“someones turned on” I smiled
“no, I’m just being nice” she said and suddenly stopping
“I didn’t say stop” I frowned
“you’re ruining our date tomorrow” she said
“date?” I said
“have you forgotten?” she smiled “I was hoping you wouldn’t be like this until atleast after tomorrow”
“sorry” I smiled and she climbed out of the bunk and I followed and she fixed her hair
“but I like you. already” I said
She smiled “so which one’s Brendon’s bunk?”
I pointed behind her and she had a look “it is pretty neat, but I guess he bunks with Cass”
“ahuh… while I’m in my bunk. All alone.” I said and she laughed “stop giving me hints, I got the message”
I was checking her out and she stood up straight and looked at me
“I cant wait for our date tomorrow” I smiled
“well good” she laughed “I better go back to the boys”
“okay” I said walking back with her inside

“I miss you” kept playing in my head while I was watching MCR play. Mikey had told me he did infact miss me, and still had feelings for me. This makes everything a million times worse with Ray.
Brendon came upto me with a smile “we’re going to the hotel”
“ah okay” I said taking his hand and he kissed my lips “I love you”
“love you too” I said smiling a little
“I grabbed your little bag and put it in the van” he said
“thaaaank you” I laughed and we walked to the minivan and waited until the other band members were in before leaving.
We were in our hotel room and I walked upto the window and looked outside into the bright city lights
“you do this at every hotel Cass” Brendon said
“I know, but I like it” I said and he came and kissed my cheek “I’m just gonna pop into Ryan’s room”
“oh okay” I said looking at him and he smiled and kissed me properly “so cute Cass.”
I smiled and looked back out the window, remembering that I had cheated on Brendon today.
I heard the door open and turned to see Spencer and gave him a little wave and he came and sat next to me
“so this Juliet girl..” he began
“don’t even say hi” I said and he frowned “sorry. Hello Cassadee” he said giving me a big hug and I laughed
“so anyway, Juliet. What’s she like?” he asked
“just find out yourself piggy.” I said
“I cant be bothered” he said
“don’t be a player, she deserves more than that” I said
“yeah but eventually we’ll need to move on with touring and I wont see her” he said and that realisation came into my head
“Cassie?” Spencer said and I snapped out of it “huh?“
“get some sleep” he smiled and picked me up “NO! DO NOT USE YOUR MUSCLES TO PICK ME UP AGAIN” I yelled and he just laughed and put me on the bed
“no more sightseeing” he said kissing my forehead “I expect you to give me some deets tomorrow”
I waved and he left the room as I fell asleep

We got to the hotel and chose rooms
“are we still sharing?” Juliet asked
“oh uh…” I said “I dunno, if you want, I’m cool with it”
She shrugged and smiled. She would always be beautiful and I knew I was going to keep thinking that even though we broke up
“I can take her if you want” Frank grinned and she gave this odd look and then looked at me “I think you deserve a night in bed without me”
“sure” I smiled a little and she kissed my cheek “goodnight”
“night” I said and she followed Frank into his room
I went into my room alone and it felt odd. I liked having my little companion.

“are you sure you’re okay with this?” I asked and she nodded
“well I guess… do you wanna talk about anything?” I asked again sitting beside her
“theres nothing to say Frank, we just lost it” she said
I gave her a hug and she smiled “Frank I’m not sleeping with you”
“pleeeease” I said “I’ve waited for months”
“no” she said
“oh okay” I frowned and she looked at me “stop that!”
I got dressed and sat in bed watching tv until she came back from the bathroom
“did you wanna go to sleep?” I asked and she shrugged “if I do, the tv wont bother me”
She got into bed with me and I stared at her
“what?” she asked
“move closer” I said patting beside me and she rolled her eyes and moved her pillow closer and rested beside me. I rested with her so that we were eyelevel.
“if you wont have sex with me, will you atleast make out with me?” I asked and she laughed “you’re joking.”
“nope“ I said
“you’re Gerard’s best friend” she frowned
“who always had a crush on you.” I added and put my arm around her
“you’re making this really difficult for me” she said softly
“I know, I’m sorry” I said looking into her eyes “it’ll be meaningless.”
I started to kiss her and her body relaxed. It started getting hot and I took my shirt off
“I’m not sleeping with you” she reminded and I smiled “wanna bet?”
I started to slow down when my phone rang and interrupted us both.
“excuse me” I smiled and got up and looked for my pants which had the phone inside
“hello?” I said
“hey Frank” Gerard said
“you’re like next door, why are you calling?” I asked
“are you okay with having Juliet in your room?” he asked
“yeah… of course I am” I smiled
“is she asleep?” he asked and I turned around and she was lying as I had left her, but holding her forehead
“no” I said
“okay” he said “sorry for calling”
Then he hung up and so did I
“who was that?” Juliet asked
“uh just Gerard” I said and she sat up
“now where were we” I said sitting beside her
“Frank I cant.” She said “I’m just gonna go to bed”
I frowned and she smiled and kissed my cheek and rested beside me
Stupid Gerard.

Yup. We are now in P!ATD and MCR mode :')
and R. will be Ryan's POV and Ray. will be Ray just to make it less confusing :)
what do you think will happen?
I cannot keep Ray and Cassadee apart, i'm picturing a tall dude and a short girl together and it's just too cute!

Love, SareBear XoXo
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