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Chapter 2: The Plan-part 2

by DracAttack2019 2 reviews

The plan continues.. read on.

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DracAttack's POV:
"We should plan an attack immediatly!" I exclaimed. "Agreed!", shouted Disenchanted Detonator.
"Woah. woah now. Hold up!" Party-Poison interupted. "It shouldnt be an immediate attack. This kind of thing needs to be planned. We should attack when the Draculoids least expect it."
The thing was.. It was just a week before Iero-ween. "Exactly the sort of time the Dracs would make their move." said Chemical Contaminator. "So, we need to think of a plan." I said.
It was Kobra-Kid who spoke up: "Well, if we're going to get Fun-Ghoul and Missle back before Iero-ween, we'll need to attack soon." "We should wait a day or two and make sure everyone has all of their strength." Said Jet-Star.
"BATTLE PRACTICE!!" Everyone agreed excitedly. So we all grabbed our ray-guns and headed into the practice field.

Note: Sorry this is a short chapter. I didnt have that much time to update. I thank my readers for reading this. :)
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