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Chapter 3: In V-formation We Stand

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The Killjoys and DracAttack get suited up and prepared to go into BL/IND territory to save Fun-Ghoul and Grace.

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X 2 Days later X (note: a litte Frerard mention for Frerard fans :) )
(Gerard's POV)
This was it. We were finially getting Grace and Fun-Ghoul back. Fun-Ghoul. Some would call us 'Frerard' or now a days 'Fun-Poison'.
I sighed. Times were different now but I still loved Frank Iero deep inside. Somehow.. I know he still feels the same for me.
I slid my yellow mask over my face and grabbed my gun.
"We all ready?" I asked. Everyone was in their killjoy gear with their ray-guns in hand.
"Everyone has had their Power-pup and are ready to go." Reported DracAttack. Her gun was a little smaller than the rest of ours but it was just as powerful.
The five of us walked out of our hide-out and climbed into the Killjoy car.
DracAttack had ordered that Disenchanted Detonator and Fallen-Neon-Angel hang back with Chemical-Contaminator(who needed more battle practice before her first mission)
I started the car and the radio came on. It was playing our song(Na Na Na). Suddenly the song broke and Dr.Death-Defying came on the transmission. '109 in the sky but the pigs won't quit. you're here with me Dr.Death-Defying' "We hear ya loud and clear Dr.D" I responded.
'Be safe out there today at BL/I killjoys. You never know what them Dracs are up to'
"We will Dr.D. Don't worry" Kobra-Kid called from the back of the car. 'Look Alive Sunshines' finished Dr.Death. and the transmission ended.
I turned to look at all the killjoys and said "Lets do this."

DracAttack's POV
I sighed aloud. This was our first mission since the last attack a month ago. We were really going all the way to BL/I. I didnt want to say this out loud but that place gives me the chills sometimes.
"Whats wrong?" Party-Poison, who was driving, quickly glanced in my direction.
"You're not scared are ya?"
"Nah. Definitly NOT that. But, what if the good guys die and the bad guys win?"
"Who cares?!", Kobra and Jet exclaimed from the back seats. "We've all seen the light." Said Jet-Star. "We'll just salute the dead and leave the fight." Finished Kobra.
"And, who gives a damn if we lose the war?" Questioned Poison.
"Let the walls come down, let the engines roar" I said while I rolled my eyes and smiled.
"Hail! Hail!" Everyone said at once.
I let those words comfort me as I braced myself for what was going to happen next.
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