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Weep for Angel Blood

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Short background on Nakata Rieko. Nice and short chapter until I can develop the story more.

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Chapter Two: Weep for Angel Blood:

Nakata Rieko wasn’t exactly an angel in Kyoto University. Because she was one messed up girl, her parents thought KU would straighten her out. Well, more like her step-father did and her mother went along with it just to appease him, but that’s not the point. Rieko’s problems followed her to university. Not many students and teachers could figure her out. Rieko acted out quite often and that’s putting it lightly.

Rieko had a drinking problem since she was thirteen. She couldn’t seem to function without alcohol. Her drinking habits started when her mom’s then-boyfriend offer her some Kobe Beer at a house warming party. The girl hated the taste at first, but then grew used to it after about three more samples. She ended up hiding mini bottles of sake under her bed and seeking out late at nights just for a hit of booze. Rieko even stole beer from her mom’s boyfriends when they stayed the night over. Her mother never paid much attention to her to begin with and didn’t really do anything to stop her daughter’s growing drinking problem. Yet, that didn’t start her downward spiral. The budding alcoholism only pushed the beginning of the end along. So what did then? It’s hard to say in one sentence or maybe even three.

The drinking got worse from there as Rieko grew older. When booze lost its exciting appeal, she wanted more of a thrill. The teen years opened the doors to such risky vices. By the age fifteen, Rieko discovered her sexuality. It didn’t take her long to lose her virginity because of it either. She had many boyfriends by the time she turned eighteen. The loose cannon lost count of how of many them she had to sneak into her room and back out again in the morning. Her step-father didn’t approve of how she was carrying herself and he made it his personal mission to straighten her out. It didn’t really help with an apathetic mother. She gave up on her daughter years ago after her father left them. Her step-father couldn’t stand for that; so he sent Rieko to KU as a result.

The trouble got worse from the moment she arrived. Rieko got into coke, pot, and pills halfway through her freshman year just to kill her boredom. The more she chased the thrill, the more her mental stability declined. Her mood swings scared her roommate to death. Rieko even tried to attack her shoving her against the kitchen walls and strangling her over drinking her juice one Sunday afternoon. The roommate’s boyfriend had to break them up while their gay friend called the police. The officials put the girls in separate dorms and Rieko was assigned to therapy as a result. The madness didn’t end there.

Rieko helped herself to many of the boys in bed. Many girls ended up in catfights with her for their boyfriend being stolen by her. Rieko laughed it off and said they were just jealous and didn’t know how to keep their men happy. Soon, she got bored with her classmates. She wanted something more thrilling in her sex life. Rieko turned her attention the professors to cure her hunger. She had an affair with two of them. Because of her, those professors wound up leaving the university and their wives to avoid scandal. From there, it all became unraveled.

Maybe that’s why her new roommate found Rieko’s dead body in her bathtub. Was this a successful suicide attempt? It began to look like so, but then, the teachers saw “Eda-Kimoto” and “dog” deeply burned into the skin of her wrists. Had she crossed a descendant of the Eda-Kimoto clan? Was it a hoax? Or was Rieko led to her death?

Anna and the boys were going to find out.
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