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Chapter 2

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Lucas walked into David's room to see David laying on his back and playing the guitar weakly.
He had glasses on with pj's.
"Aziza,when I saw you,I knew instantly you were my love.But then I was dragged away from you and now I got the blues!!",David singed horribly without a care.
"David,what are you doing?",Lucas asked very wierded out.
"I'm singing about my first love.",David said still playing the guitar.
"Alright,so my very wierd son fell in love with the daughter of my new boss after looking at her for a minute or two?",Lucas cleared out.
"Hello!I also talked and gave a smile,da-ddy!",David complained.
"Right,right,because that's how you get a girlfriend.",Lucas chuckled.
"Oh,you be quiet.Maid,get me some chinese food!",David yelled.
"David,we're in Egypt.They don't have chinese food here.",Lucas laughed.
David's eyes shot open.His teeth bared.His face turned red.
He threw his guitar aside and stood on the bed.He pointed directly at his father and growled.
"My life lives on chinese food.And you tell me THERE IS NO CHINESE FOOD IN STUPID EGYPT??"
"...yes.They do have ice-cream.",Lucas said with a shrug/
"Oh,Maid,get me some ice-cream instead.And tell people to build a chinese food store.",David called out and went straight back to his In-Love position.
"My weird,weird,WEIRD son...",Lucas said shaking his head and walked away closing the door.
"Aziza!Aziza!",David cried out and began to sob.

Monifa walked into Aziza's room and held out her best heels.
"You think it is funny to mess with my things?",Monifa asked.
"Yeah,hilarious.",Aziza said as she went back to looking at her magazine.
"You are going to pay for this!",Monifa whined.
"Stop acting like a stupid robot!",Monifa yelled.
"Ugghh!",Monifa screamed and slammed the door.
Aziza threw the magazine aside and turned on her back looking at her ceiling that had all kind of posters of artists on it.
"Man,do I want to see David again...I bet Monifa is just crazy to meet him too.I just know she likes him too.",Aziza muttered.
She looked to the side to see a picture of her and her sisters.
"I wonder why Monifa is always challenging me.I bet she even knows that the one who ruined the shoes was that annoying little booger of a dog she has.",Aziza muttered and then heard the barking.
She stuck out her tongue and groaned for a long moment wanting to die.
Aziza shot up on the bed and looked over to see Monifa.
"What is it now,Moni?",Aziza asked.
"Azi,you like David right?",Monifa asked.
Aziza gulped and shook her head quickly.
"Please,he looks all wierd and boring.",Aziza laughed nervously.
Monifa smirked and came in closing the door,after her poodle,Ain,walked in.
"Dear Aziza,I see you have fallen for the new american.",Monifa said and sat on the bed by Aziza.
"Fine,I have.And he likes me too,it is very obvious.So do not go trying to catch his attention.",Aziza retorted.
"Oh,dear little sister.I do not even have to try.It is obvious he likes beauty and I have the most out of us sister.And we are the same age so we're perfect for eachother.",Monifa challenged.
"Fine,must we have a contest to do this?",Aziza asked.
"Yes,and I will prove that my beauty will beat your obsession with America.",Monifa said.
"Fine,the prize is David.Now,what about if you lose?",Aziza asked.
"The winner has the boy.The loser is to ask father to go to the school of nuns where no boys are allowed.",Monifa clarified.
"I accept.",Aziza agreed and held out her hand.
Monifa grabbed it and shook it excitedly.
"Watch how fast this competition will go down and I'll have my hands all over David.",Monifa said and stoodd up.
"Remember,Monifa.No rules.We are able to do whatever we want to win.",Aziza reminded her.
"Oh,I know.Watch you back,little sister.I will do anything to win.",Monifa said and grabbed Ain.
"Oh,and you should watch your back as well.You never know is I throw little Ain there out the window just for the satisfaction.",Aziza said with a huge smile.
Monifa flipped her hair and left for the door.
Once she was gone,Aziza began to make faces and almost stuck the middle finger when her best friend came in.
"Oh,Bahiti!",Aziza said with a jump.
"Yes,I am Bahiti,your most trusted and fortunous friend.And I overheard your conversation with Medusa Monifa.",Bahiti said and ran to the bed jumping on it.
"Yep!And you will help me!Am I right?",Aziza said with a big smile and thumbs up.
"You know it!",Bahiti said and they high-fived.
Bahiti jumped off the bed and did a little dance before running to the door.
"What are you doing?",Aziza asked.
"Actualy,you and me are going to his house!Duh!Now,get in pretty clothes and let's go!",Bahiti said and left the room.
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