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Chapter 3

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"David,when are you going to shut up and go to sleep?",Lucas asked his son.
It was now the middle of the night and David continued to sing loudly and off-key.
"When I feel like it.",David retorted.
"David,you need to understand that you cannot go out with my boss's daughter.You also have to understand that you two met for two seconds.You are not in love.Get.Over.Yourself.",Lucas said trying to make it clear.
"I'm sorry,what?!All I could hear was Blah!Blah!Blah!",David yelled playing his guitar loudly.
"David,get some rest.Or I will take your guitar away for a week.",Lucas threatened.
"You think that scares me?",David scoffed.
" chinese food."
Lucas smiled and left the room with a wave.David threw off his glasses and put aside his guitar.
As he lay back and began to close his eyes,he heard a few thumps on his window.
The a few more.The a few more.Then more...
"What the freak?!"
He jumped off his bed and made his way toward the window.He opened it and looked down to see Aziza and an unknown girl.
"Hey there!",she said with a wave.
"Aziza?Wow!What the heck are you doing here?",David called.
"Shh!Come downstairs quick!",Aziza said.
"Alright,be right there.",Daid said and closed his window.
He quickly threw won some jeans,a shirt,and his converse.Quickly,he silently made his way downstairs and out the front door.
"So,what are you and this girl doing here?",David asked.
"Oh,sorry.My name is Bahiti.I am Aziza's number one best friend.",Bahiti introduced nervously.
"Oh,hello,Bahiti.So,you gonne tell me why you're here or do I have to guess?",David asked.
"Sorry.Just wated to hang out some more.Bahiti and I were headed to the underground party not too far from here.Do you want to come?",Aziza asked.
David smiled and nodded.
"That's awesome.Let's get going.",David said.Aziza and Bahiti smiled hugely and led the way happily.
"I am so going to win this.",Aziza whispered to Bahiti,who nodded in agreement.

Monifa entered Aziza's room and closed the door behind her.
"Alright,there has to be something against her.",Monifa whispered walking further into the room.
She made her way towards the drawers and opened each throwing clothes aside in search of something that would give her time to attract David.
After the drawers,she made her way to the humongous closet.
Still,nothing found.Monifa looked in hope to the bed and under it,but alas nothing.
"There has to be something.She's not such a saint.",Monifa muttered.
Monifa sat down on the bed with a frustrated sigh.After a moment of thinking,the corner of her eye caught sight of a paper on the nightstand.
She quickly grabbed it and read it to herself.
It seemed there was an underground party.Tonight.
Well,if Aziza's not here,she is there.And most likely with her annoying friend..and David.
Monifa smirked and folded the paper standing up.
Happily skipping,she made her way out of the room and towards her room.

"Awesome party!",David yelled over the rock music.
It was indeed underground and many egyptian teens had come to the party.David had walked up to Aziza with their drinks.Bahiti was off dancing with a boy she met.
"So,you like it so far in Egypt?",she asked as he sat beside her on the couch.
"Don't know.Have to see a couple more things to convince me.I really didn't want to move here in the first place.",David said truthfully eyeing his drink.
"Why not?"
"Well,I was leaving my friends.My life.My country.I don't know.I even had a band there and we had to break up because of this move.",David said then taking a drink from his cup.
"I guess I would be mad too.Egypt's not so awesome.Our religion does not believe in what the American's are interested in.Rock,style,expression.",Aziza agreed.
"I've already found the most depressing part about Egypt.",David said looking up at her.
"That is?"
"There is no chinese food at all.",David said with a frown.
"What's chinese food?",Aziza asked.
"See!You don't even know what it is.",David said accusing with a finger.
"I am guessing it is food from China.",Aziza laughed.
"Not only that,but the best food in the entire Milky Way Galaxy!",he yelled.
"It sure is."
Aziza and him looked to see Monifa standing there all dressed up.
"Monifa?!",Aziza screamed.
"Oh,hey.",David said.
"Hello,baby sister.Hello,David.I just got here.Hope I didn't miss out in anything.",Monifa said twirling her hair with her fingers.
"Nah,nothing important.There were a few rocking songs,though.",David said.
"Well,I can make up for it.Dance with me?",Monifa asked.
"Umm...",David thought.Monifa quickly grabbed David's hand.
"Come on!It'll be fun!",Monifa pleaded.
"Alright,alright.",David said and set his drink aside standing up.As Monifa led him to the dance floor,she looked back at Aziza and smiled sweetly.Aziza stuck her tongue out and pulled down her eye's lower lid.
Monifa led and began to dance with David.
Bahiti noticed the two and excused herself quickly from her partner.She ran towards Aziza almost falling on her and sat beside her.
"When did Medusa come?Why is she dancing with David?!She's not supposed to be!!How could you let that happen?!",Bahiti broke out in yelling.Aziza slapped he hand over Bahiti's mouth making Bahiti silence immediately.
"Don't worry.I am not letting Monifa win.I am going to get David,no matter what...I have a plan.",Aziza whispered.Bahiti removed Aziza's hand fromm her mouth and leaned closer.
"Does it involve peanut butter,rope,bread,and thumbtacks?",Bahiti whwispered.
"No...but that sounds interesting."
"So,you're a great dancer.",Monifa said as she danced with David.
"Thanks.You're not so bad yourself.But I am more of a singer.",David said.
"Really?Tell me all about it!",Monifa exclaimed.
"Well,I had my own band.I played the guitar and was lead singer.I play piano too.",David said.
"That sounds so cool!Do you play anything else?",Monifa asked.
"Well,I do some drums.But I left that to my friend,Ronnie.",David explained.
"That is the most coolest thing ever.Maybe you can come to my house and play something for me?",Monifa asked.
"Totally.It would be awesome.I have writting lots of songs.",David said.
"Perfect!You promise?",Monifa asked.
"I promise.",he said and held out his pinky.She smiled and intertwined her pinky with his.
"Hey guys!",Aziza said walking up to them.
"Hey."Monifa said,no longer smiling.
"What's up?",David asked.
Aziza drank from her cup before shrugging.
"Well,is everybody having a great time so far?",Aziza asked.
"Yeah.It is very interesting.Especially when you're not around.",Monifa muttered.
Suddenly,somebody bumped into Aziza making her spill the drink onto Monifa's face.
Everybody froze,even the DJ,to see what happened.Fruit punch dripped down Monifa's hace as se simply stared at Aziza in both shock and hatred.
"Woah!Epic.",David said.
"I'm sorry.I guess this party's not so interesting anymore,huh?",Aziza said biting her finger.
"Ugh!",Monifa screamed and pushed everybody to the side as she walked out of the place.
"I think we should just go home now.",David suggested more.
"Sure.Walk me home?",Aziza asked throwing the cup aside.
"Might as well.Your sister is kinda..drenched?",David asked.
"Yeah.Don't mind her.These things always happen.Anyways,Bahiti!Let's go!",Aziza said.
Soon,the four were gone for home.Bahiti had made her way back home departing Aziza in secret giggles.Soon the three were at David's house.
"Are you sure you don't want me to drop you guys off?",David aksed stopping at his fornt door.
"Nah!We know the place more and you'll get lost on your way back.Plus a long walk back.I have it under control.I'll see you late.",Aziza called.
"Alright,bye!See you late,Aziza.Umm,see ya,Monifa.",David said and walked in his house.
"You ingrateful,little brat!",Monifa yelled once he closed the door.
"I'm sorry,don't you mean ingrateful,little genius?",Aziza laughed.
"Aziza,you went too far.",Monifa yelled pointing.Aziza lowered her finger,clearing her throat.
"I am pretty sure we said that we can do ANYTHING to win this.And I did one of the many ANYTHINGS to win.There's more to come,darling sister.Much worse will come.One involves peanut butter,rope,bread,and thumbtacks!",Aziza yelled pointing back at Monifa's face.
"Aziza,you're going to pay for what you did.And,trust me,you are nowhere near winning this.You might as well start packing.",Monifa said and turned walking away.
Aziza sighed and smirked in glory.She looked back towards David's house with a blush.
"The competition is not the only thing I'll win..."
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