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Some Great News

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Kiara finds out from Rafiki she is expecting. When it comes time, Rafiki tells her she is having more than one cub. But not only is she expecting, she is expecting three cubs! (She and Kovu don't ...

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Skipping a few months later

Narrator: It has been a few months since Kovu and Kiara were crowned King and Queen, and their royal duties has been cut down quite a bit. They have had some downtime to start having cubs. They succeed; however, because Rafiki, the wise old mandrill who is a friend to the family tells Kiara that she is now expecting. (She hasn't told kovu or her parents yet, but plans to.)

Kiara: Rafiki, how far along am I?

Rafiki: I would say about a week or so, Kiara...

Kiara: Thank you, Rafiki! runs back to Pride Rock

Kovu: standing on Pride rock looking for Kiara he sees her running to the big rock and runs to her

Kovu: Kiara? Is that you?

Kiara: Yeah, it's me... listen I need to tell you something...

Kovu: Why didn't you tell me where you were going?

Kiara: I didn't want to worry you, really, it's just I haven't been feeling well lately, and I found out from Rafiki why...

Kovu: well it's nothing too serious, is it?

Kiara: no it's nothing serious... it's actually a rather good thing...

Kovu: What is it? tell me, please?

Kiara: Well, I'm pregnant...

Kovu: What? Are you sure?

Kiara: Yes, I am a week along...

Kovu: nuzzles her We're expecting...

Kiara: Yes we are... nuzzles him back by rubbing his mane

Kovu: You are telling your mom and dad, right?

Kiara: Yes tonight...

*Later that night after the meal is completed*

Kiara: Mom? Daddy?

Nala: Kiara? is everything okay?

Simba: What's the matter, sweetie?

Kiara: nothing, actually I have some good news...

Nala: Well what is it?

Kiara: smiles I'm pregnant...

Simba: pats Kovu on the back You have been busy, Kovu, huh? laughs

Nala: hugs her daughter I'm so proud of you... licks her cheek lovingly

Kiara: laughs thanks Mom...

Narrator: As time goes by, Kiara's stomach grows more and more, enabling her to go on hunts or leave Pride Rock. Rafiki is called in to tell Kiara what her cub's gender is. However, the whole pride is shocked when they hear the upcoming news...

Rafiki: Kiara, not only are you expecting, but you are expecting triplets...

Nala: looks at Rafiki and then at Kiara with a shocked expression triplets?

Simba: Kovu, you have been extremely busy! laughs

Kovu: smiles Triplets...

Next Chapter will be put up here tomorrow 12/2/10
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