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As Ichigo is almost killed, he and Kawada are saved by the appearance of two allies. The introduction is nearly coming to an end. The background is laid...

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“Tsugi No Mai…Hakuren!!”
Jerking my head around, I caught sight of the source of the voice. Standing several feet behind me was a young woman. Her black hair was cut close to her head, permitting her a look of someone regal. Hanging between her eyes was a lock of hair. Either side of this lock, her eyes shone outwards, harsh determination spewing from the depths of her soul.
She was…beautiful.
Clasped between her hands was a pure white zanpakuto. Everything was white. The blade. The guard. Even the hilt. Trailing from the end of the hilt was a long, milky white ribbon.
Suddenly realizing what was going to happen, I allowed myself to be crushed my the spiritual pressure that was assaulting my body. As I lay, flat, on the ground I felt something move across the top of my back.
As the feeling spread, I realised what it was. Ice. A gushing, flowing, torrent of ice was streaming across my back. The biting cold seemed to dig into the very flesh of my shoulders. I could feel icicles form upon the nape of my neck as my hair was frozen into clumps.
When the chilling sensation ceased its biting at my back, I felt it safe to raise my head. I found it increasingly easier that it did before.
I was dumbfounded. The space that had, previously, been occupied by the Espada had been almost completely taken over by a massive chunk of ice.
Glittering in the light, its liquid surface seemed to dance as the figure of Grimmjoww stood motionless beneath it. Trapped.
Rushing past me, it was almost as if I didn’t exist to her. This was, after all, understandable. Her friend (Oh, come on. To save him like that, she was obviously his friend.) was injured and, obviously, in need of assistance.
Staggering to my feet, I could only watch as she attempted to free Ichigo from his bloody restraint.
“When did you…!?” I heard the orange haired young man grunt, as the woman began to tug at the blade, planted in his arm.
“Don’t talk,” she said, sternly. “The blade is really stuck tight. I need to concentrate!”
As the two of them entered a mutual pause I found myself staring, unceasingly, at the woman. She had mesmerised me. Her skin was dreamily pale and her eyes almost seemed to twinkle.
“But that was some power you used,” she said, concentrating on the sword that had impaled her friend’s arm. “Just look at yourself…”
“Shut up, Rukia…” he grunted, in response.
So that was her name. Rukia.
…Wait…Wasn’t that the name of her. The girl who had been adopted into the noble Kuchiki family!
“Ichigo…” she sighed, sympathy filling her voice.
Shards of ice flew through the air. Standing, buried in the chunk of ice, arm extended to his side, was Grimmjoww. Baring his teeth, his mouth twisted into a rage filled sneer as smoke billowed from his lips. Clasped in his hand, was Rukia’s head.
“NO!!” I cried out, running forwards.
“Who do you think I am, soul reaper!!” he spat out, tensing his jaw. Still I continued to run down the road, towards them. “Do you think you could take me out by giving me a bad cold!!!? WELL THINK AGAIN!!”
I had nearly reached them.
“RUKIA!!” cried out Ichigo, desperately trying to free himself. Tugging on his bladed restraint, he began to wince in pain. I could practically hear his bones cracking.
Then I saw it. Bright red and glowing. A Cero was forming on Grimmjoww’s palm. His intentions were clear. He was aiming to kill her.
“Don’t be stupid,” said a voice, in my ear.
I instantly found myself in a different environment. I was on top of a roof. Standing next to me was a man. His blonde hair was cut short around his face, almost as if someone had placed a bowl on top of his head and cut around it. Slung over one shoulder was a zanpakuto.
It was clear that he had used shunpo to move me out of harm’s way.
In a fraction of a second, it had happened. The man fired some kind of blast towards the Espada’s arm.
Knocked sideways by the force of the blast, Grimmjoww’s arm fired his Cero off to the side. As the bright red spiritual energy was released, a massive explosion ensued, several feet down the city street.
All eyes turned towards me and my mysterious saviour.
“Geez…” the blonde haired man sighed. “I really hate getting involved in soul reaper fights…”
Pausing, as if for dramatic effect, the man averted his eyes as the Espada analysed him.
“Ah, well,” he continued. “With you guys making such a ruckus so close to me, I cant very well ignore it, can I!”
“Shinji…!” I heard Ichigo gasp, as he looked upon the figure standing in front of me.
“Are you with them!?” I heard the arrancar growl.
“Why would I be?” Shinji said, poking his tongue out between his lips. There was a piercing through it.
“Then what are you!?” Grimmjoww spat out.
“What’s it to you?”
I found myself somewhat horrified by the man’s carefree attitude. How could he act so calm when confronted with near certain death?!
“You’re right…” the blue haired Espada said, slowly reaching down with his one arm. “I DON’T NEED TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE TO KILL YOU!!”
Wrenching the sword, previously pinning Ichigo’s arm into the floor, he roared and kicked off from the ground. As he rocketed towards me and Shinji, my eyes opened wide in shock.
“Move!” Shinji muttered, rapidly placing his hand against my arm. As I was pushed from the building, I let out a small shriek. Tumbling from the height, I closed my eyes for a brief instant as I collided with the ground.
Re-opening my eyes, my vision wall filled with the sight of rubble, tumbling towards me. Once again letting out a shriek, I rolled to the side, in order to avoid it.
Staggering to my feet, I retreated to a safe distance before turning my attention back towards the skyline. The roof that I had, previously, been situated on had been demolished. So that was where the rubble had come from.
“Are you alright?” came a gruff voice from behind me.
Whirling around, I turned my attention away from the battle and towards the source of the voice. It was Ichigo.
“Y-yeah…” I answered. “I’m fine! Its yourself you should be worried about!”
“Its alright…” he groaned, looking up into the sky. “I’m gunna be fine…Shinji’s handling it.”
Turning my attention skywards, my eyes fell on two figures, soaring through the air, repeatedly clashing swords.
“Come on…!” Shinji called out. “If you destroy something every time I dodge, I’m gunna have to think twice about dodging them.”
“You actually think you’re dodging them!!!!??” Grimmjoww laughed, once again lunging at his enemy.
“Wow!” Shinji exclaimed, avoiding yet another attack. “You really are a hot head!”
It was then that it happened. Shinji raised his hand to his face.
“What!!?” I cried out, surprised by this. “He’s not!?”
“Yeah…” Ichigo groaned, clasping my attention, again. “He’s the one that taught me that…”
“Seriously?” I asked, staring down at him and Rukia, who was kneeing next to him. She appeared to still be in shock. There was a burn on her cheek where Grimmjoww had attempted to kill her.
“Are you alright?” I asked, kneeling down next to her petite figure and placing my hand on her shoulder.
“I…I’m fine,” she said, in an attempt to mask her undertones of shock. Looking up at me, she broke into a slightly strained smile. “Thank you…”
Above us, there was an almighty explosion. Red shockwaves of spirit energy flew around us as a deep rumbling echoed down the city street.
“Was that a Cero!?” I questioned, jerking my head upwards.
Catching my eye, plummeting out of the sky, was a severely bloody figure. Wrapped around it’s body were the remnants of what appeared to be a white arrancar uniform.
Landing several feet away from us, the Espada seemed to bounce and roll as he collided with the concrete floor. Swaying and wobbling, he rose to his knees and proceeded to cough up copious amounts of blood.
Touching down on the ground Shinji, who had yet to remove his mask, began to speak: “You countered my Cero with your own at the last instant…Not bad…”
Turning to face his enemy, still on his knees, Grimmjoww gritted his teeth in anger. As blood dripped down his face, his eyes grew narrow as he bared his teeth and spat out: “Eat shit…!!!”
Tightening his grip on the hilt of his zanpakuto, he proceeded to swing it alongside his body, as if he were drawing it from it’s sheath and roared: “GRIND!!!!!”
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