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Entering the Abyss

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Kawada learns of the imminent departure of Ichigo to Hueco Mundo. With nothing to lose, he makes a descision that will change his life. Introduction. End.

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“GRIND!!!!!” roared Grimmjoww as the blade of his sword burst into luminous blue spirit energy.
Was he releasing his zanpakuto? If he was, we were in trouble. He was able to wipe the floor with Ichigo’s Bankai while his sword was sealed. The only thought that raced across my terror stricken mind was: “We’re going to die!”
As his grip tightened on the hilt of his sword, in expectance of the blade’s release, Grimmjoww’s eyes bulged. Parting his lips, he uttered the first letter of his blade’s true name “P-”.
…Before being stopped.
The man who had appeared could only be described as odd. His skin was pale, but not in the usual sense of the word. This was to the extreme. White and ghostly, his face almost seemed to shine. His large eyes peered out coldly from beneath a thick set brow. The pupils, swimming in an iris of emerald green, resembled those of a cat. Fixed to the side of his head was a pure white structure that, somewhat, resembled one half of a bone-like helmet.
“Ul…quiorra…!!” Grimmjoww spat out, addressing the man who’s hand was now clasping his wrist.
“Mission accomplished…” the odd man sighed, his voice devoid of all emotion. “We’re going back.”
As he said this, I brilliant white light fell from the sky and landed on the two arrancar. Enveloping the two figures, it proceeded to recede back to its point of origin, carrying them up with it.
“Negación!!” I heard Ichigo cry out, in response to the light.
All we could do was watch as the Espadas were carried upwards, towards what appeared to be a rip in the sky.
“It appears you’ve acquired a new power,” Uquiorra stated. “I can sense traces of it’s spiritual pressure.”
Flitting my gaze between the arrancar and the orange haired soul reaper, I noticed Ichigo’s expression harden.
“But…It’s insignificant…” he sighed. Still he had yet to portray any kind of emotion. “Anyway, its over.” As he said this, the light reached the rip and began to recede into it. “The sun has set…the day was ours.”


Looking up at the sky, I cast my memory back to the memory of the arrancars. Still, the thought of them terrified me. The overwhelming presence, the dominating bloodlust. Not to mention the truly massive spiritual pressure. It had felt like I had broken numerous bones just by being close to them.
However…there was something that terrified me more than those three things. It was him. The man with eyes like a cat. The man who had stopped Grimmjoww. Ulquiorra.
Even thinking about him sent shivers running down my spine. When he appeared, it felt as if his eyes were staring into the depths of my soul. His cold demeanour was so ill suited to the situation that it made him seem all the more imposing.
As the clouds crawled across the light blue sky, my memory was cast back to the rip that had been torn in to the very dimensional fabric of the sky. According to Mr Urahara, it was the portal that led to the land of the hollows. The portal that led to Hueco Mundo.
“Still thinking about it, eh?” came a voice from inside Urahara Shoten, which I was currently situated outside. Stepping through the sliding screen door, Urahara’s long cloak billowed in the slight breeze.
“Mmmm…” I hummed in response turning, jerkily, to face him. I still hadn’t gotten used to operating a gigai. Plus, the clothes that these humans wore were ludicrous. The tight trousers and form fitting shirts made mobility increasingly difficult. I hated it.
“I’m sorry but…I think it’s time for you to return to the soul society,” he said, his goofy expression fading away from his face. It was as if he were removing a mask.
My reaction to this was, obviously, far from the response that he expected. As my expression grew harsh, I parted my lips and said, softly: “I’m not going back. I want to stay…!”
He simply stood there. He appeared to be, comically, taken aback by my statement. Again, he was wearing his humorous mask.
“I…I want to help,” I said, pulling my shoulders back and clasping my hands into fists by my side. “I want to prove my worth…! I want to fight alongside Ichigo, and Rukia…and Shinji!”
“What?” Urahara suddenly said, his expression hardening. “Did you just say Shinji?!”
“Yeah…why?” I questioned, knitting my brow together and staring at the merchant.
“It’s nothing…” he said, discarding the topic. “But…I’m not sure you would be able to fight alongside them.”
“They’re leaving…” he said, peering from beneath the rim of his hat. “Tomorrow. They’re not going to participate in the war.”
“Why?!” I asked, dumbfounded. “Where are they going?!”
“Hueco Mundo…”


It was now or never. Peering around the large rock that obscured my vision, I gritted my teeth as I stared out into the barren landscape. Casting my gaze upwards, my eyes picked out the clouds. Artificial and stationary. I was inside Urahara’s underground training area.
Approximately twenty feet in front of me, Ichigo Kurosaki, Yastora Sado and Uryu Ishida were preparing to travel to the land of hollows.
Sitting, perched, on a large wooden structure that jutted from the face of a cliff, was Urahara. Clasped in his hand, his cane seemed to dig into the structure as he chanted. It was then that I made my move. With every verse of the chant, I crept closer.
“My right hand is the stone that bridges worlds.” I was now within 15 feet. “My left hand is the blade that binds reality.” 10 feet. “The black-haired shepherd is hung from a chair.” 5 feet. “Stratus clouds come, and I strike down the ibis!” The rip in the dimensional fabric opened. Leaping forwards, Ichigo and his companions entered the swirling darkness of the portal and disappeared.
Digging my feet into the ground, I jumped just as the tear began to close. However, the instant it snapped shut, I was already through. Leaping into the abyss.
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