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This world is after me, after you

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Anyone who asked to be a character, read this!!!

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okay guys, this is it!!! it's just a boring opening chapter to kinda set the scene, but I promise it will get more exciting and dramatic as things go along!!! I've had so many people ask to be characters that I'm gonna add more of you in, but in this chapter we have ELLIE, and MILY!!!! yaaaay! hope you guys enjoy , R&R cuz it keeps me going :D mucho lovess xxx

I sat in Media studies, bored out of my brains. The teacher was standing at the board droning on about some shite about the Daily Mail. Who gives a fluff? I midlessly twirled A strand of my dark brown hair around my finger. 
"Emma? Are you listening" Mr Leantet asked
"no" I muttered under my breath
"What did you say?!" 
"I sad of course sir, I'm totally enthralled by your lesson" I told him sweetly. He was such an idiot that he fell for it.
Suddenly, the classroom doors opened, and Miss Edwins, the school principle walked in, followed by a middle height girl. Her hair was a sort of hazel colour, but the tips and her fringe were dyed a deep purple. She was wearing Skinny jeans with vans and a smashing pumpkins t-shirt. She didn't look at all nervous about walking into a class of unfamiliar faces, most of who I could see looking down their noses at her. Idiots. Just because someone doesn't dress like a clone and have bleached hair and an ornage face, doesn't make them some sort of alien. 
"Mr Leantet, this is Eleanor Frances. Her family has just moved here, and she will be in your class" Mrs Edwins spoke In her uptight voice
"Ah, Eleanor, please take a seat" Mr Leantet said. 
I saw her look around the room, noticing the disaproving faces and se giggled slightly. She looked over at me, smiled and sat down next to me. 
"Nice shirt" I said as she sat down and she smiled at me
"Thanks" she said and took her seat
"Im ellie" she said and I smiled at her
"Emma" I told her. 
"So, what kind of shitty subject is this?" she asked casually
"Media studies. Basically we just look at stereotyping, opinionated newspapers all lesson." I moaned 
"Ha, sound like fun" 
"oh it is" I said rolling my eyes. 

Through the lesson, me and Ellie talked about Music, movies, and eerything else. We had a lot in common, and we even freaked the whole class out by making animal noises and then denying it was us.

After the lesson, me and Ellie walke out laughing when someone jumped on Ellies back.
"Frankie!" she said and turned around. A small boy with long-ish black hair, hazel eyes and I lip ring stood infront of us. He was kinda cute to be honest. 
"Whos this?" I asked Ellie and she threw her arm around his shoulder
"This is my little bother Frankie" she told me
"Hey! I may be smaller than you, but I'm actually 5 minutes older than you!" He complained and she just brushed him off
"Frankie, this is Emma" She told him and he smiled at me.
"So, do you guys wanna have lunch with me and my friends?" I asked them and they nodded
"Sounds good" Ellie said and we walked towards the lunch hall. 

I lead the two of them towards the table where me and my four friends always say. 
"Emma!!" Bob called as I walked towards them. 
"Hey dude!" I said High-fives him
"Guys, this is Frank and Ellie, they're new here. Frank, Ellie, these are the idiots I call friends, Bob, Ray, Gerard and... wait a second, where's Mikey?" I asked, noticing my coffee adicted friends absence.
"Hes under the table" Gerard said. This was nothing new to me, Mikey was alway ending up in Crazy places, but Frank and Ellie looked confused.
"Mikey, why the hell are you under the table?!" I asked him, kneeling down so I could look at him. 
"I dropped my glasses" He said and stood back up.
"Sure you did," Gerard said sarcastically to his brother "it didn't have anything to do with the fact that Mily just walked by?" Gerard teased him
"Maybe... Shut up!!" Mikey whined and sat down. I just laughed as Me, Frank and Ellie sat down. Mikey had had a crush on Mily for almost a year now. She seemed really nice, and I talked to her a lot, but Mikey had ne'er had the guts to tell er how he feels.

We all sat talking at lunch, and Frank got on really well with all the guys. I sat and talked to Ellie.
"Im so glad I've made a friend who's a girl. I've been stuck with these testosterone filled fools for so long, I think any longer and I'd go insane!" I laughed. 
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