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Long-ish chapter :D

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That afternoon, I had art with Gerard, and Frank was in the lesson to. We all sat talking, mindlessly drawing. The only thing Gerard could talk about was Ellie. He kept asking Frank questions about her, her favourite food, about past relationships, eerything. If I didn't know any better, I would think Gerard had a crush on Ellie! Frank was telling us about when him, Ellie and their parents had gone on holiday, and Ellie had dressed Frank as girl. Apparently some random guy had come and asked Frank, or should we say Francesca, on a date. 

Art finished and we said goodbye to Frank and Ellie. I wait for Gerard because we always walked home from school together. We started off down the main road. 
"So, Ellie and Frank seem nice" I started and Gerard grinned. 
"Yeah, they're great. I noticed you hanging onto Franks every word in Art" he teased me and I hit him.
"I was not! he's just good at telling stories..." I said, feeling myself blush. Damn pale skin. Suddenly I felt someone jump on my back and squeel.
"Mikey?!" I asked and he jumped down.
"HIDE ME!" I squeeled and I shoved him behind me and Gerard. We stood infront of a fence as Mily walked by. After shed turned the corned, I turned around and looked at Mikey.
"What is your problem dude? you need to just tell her you like her, or at least speak to her!" Gerard laughed and Mikey just frowned
"I don't want to, why would someone like her like someone like me" he sighed and I threw my arm around him.
"Aww, don't say that Mikes, your awsome!" I told him and he just laughed.
"Sure sure" he said and I turned him around to face me.
"Yeah, your amazing dude!"
"Totally! if I weren't your brother I would totally do you!" Gerard burst out, and Mikey looked horrified
"EEEEWWWW INCEST!!!" Mikey squeeled and started running away. I grabbed Gerards arm and we started running after him. 
Gerard and Mikey lived a couple of streets away from me, so when we reached their road, they said goodbye and walked away. I sighed and headed towards my empty house. It may sound strange, but sometimes I look forward to being on my own. I can just do whatever I want.

I got in the front door and locked it behind me. After throwing my bags down on the sofa, I grabbed my iPod and plugged it into my speakers. I put my Black flag and Misfits collection on shuffle. I started jumping around like a made woman, and ran to the kitchen to grab some skittles. After I hit my sugar low, I lay on the floor, totally wiped out, and started counting the tiles on the ceiling. The problem with being Bipolar and addicted to sugar is that the lows can hit you bad. 

My dad arrived home a couple of hours later and presented me with a copy of this weeks Kerrang! magazine. I do love my dad sometimes. I flicked through, Reading the review of the new best of Bon Jovi album, before heading upstairs to do some homework. I turned on my laptop and saw I had an email from Ellie who I'd traded email addresses with earlier.

*Heyya Emma

MOOOOOO!! haha, god we freaked everyone out! This homework is so shitty, I think I may just leave it!!

Mail back 

Oh and just so you know, frank hasn't stopped talking about you... ;]*

Frank? wow, I wasn't expecting that... 
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