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Great Day....NOT

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I wish I could tell you that the rest of my day was perfect, every one was nice, it seemed like I was on cloud nine. Well, it was anything but. I got pushed and shoved. People laughed at me for what happend. It didn't matter too much. I don't really care, but have some respect.

"How was your day at school, honey?" My dad said as I walked in the door, throwing my stuff down by the stairs.

"It's was whatever. Wasn't anything new." I unplug my iPod from my ears wile I talk.

"Was everyone nice?" Why would he ask that?

"It's high school dad." I glare at him. Wasn't he in high school?

~~~~~~~~~~~The next day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Today I walked into home room alone. Yay, everythings back to normal.

I haven't even steped in before Mrs. Luca stops me and says "They just called you into the office, Jillian." I nod and turn back around. I throw everything in my locker quickly and start my way to the office. It's probably a new student. Not probably, is. It's always a new student. I just have to show them around and dump them into their home room. Thank god.

I pass people in the hall before I reach the small desk. Right next to it was a cheesey cheep sofa. This time, the person sitting on was male. He had pale white skin, all white hair, and eyes like emeralds. He was dressed In a white T-shirt and white skinny jeans.

He looks up at me.

"Hi i'm Jillin. I guess I'll be showing you around." I say happyer than I really am. All part of the job. He just stands and hands me his list of classes. He is really tall. I feel like a dawarf. He just stands there looking at me. "Do you have a name?"

"Roman. It should say on my schedule." I look down. Of course. Here it is. Roman Apallo. Aren't I smart. I look back up at him. He laughing at me! "Are you new at this? Because your not good at it."

"Shut up!" I bark. "I'll just look at your classes..." shit " my classes but one.... Perfect."

"Okay, so you going to just stand there or show me around?" He asked me.

"Not if you talk to me like that." I snap.

"WILL YOU TWO JUST GO!" The women behind the desk yelled. Shes not happy person since she started drinking. Don't ask. Gossip trevels fast around here.

"Come on Roman." I put my hand on his back and push him.

"Eh, careful back there. I know I'm hot but you don't have to be so rough." He smiles. I roll my eyes, shruging off his charm.

"Shut up." I mumble.

"Are those your favorite words?" He laughed. I see his teeth this time. They were all white, just like the rest of him.

"Only if they're directed at you." I growle

"Ooooo such a big word for a small girl." He teased.

"Shut up!"

"See, theres those words again. You should stop that habbit of useing it. It's not very nice." He shakes his head playfuly.

"Your not very nice. It only makes sense that I use that word most offten around you." I say in a fake voice and fake smile.

"How do you know i'm not nice? You haven't even known me for 5 minutes. Give me a chance." He stops me. Staring into my eyes deeply. Whatever he's trying, it isn't working.

"Stop. I just have to sshow you around and never talk to you again." I move from his gaze.

"Didn't you say I'm in all your classes but one?" He asks, catching up with the four feet I walked.

"Yes. That doesn't mean we'll talk. You'll be swollowed up by the sudden popularity and forget all about me. Trust me. Lets just get this over with okay?"

"Sure. And I mean to getting it over with. Not to forgetting all about you part. I can't do that." He says wagging his finger in my face.

"And why not?" I huff.

"All in good time. All in good time. Now where's the gym? I do have gym with you, right?" He asks me peeking around a corner.

"Yeah. You do. It's right there." I point to our brand new gym. "They cut the music program in half to be able to pay for that. No one cares about music and art. It pisses me off. We have to go to less compitions and don't get me started on marching band! Ugh! Who really cares about sports?! I hate them! I only watch Baseball and no one cares about that down here!" I rant. I look at him and hes nodding. "Y-Your listening to me?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" He has a blank look on his face.

"Because no one listens to me. Not even my own mom. It's nice...." I smile softly.

"Good. So is it time to go to class?" He asks.

"Yeah. Follow me." I say flatly.

"That's not too hard." I glare at him. "Hey, don't blame me for making a tiny comment." He puts his hands up.

I start to walk my way back to home room. Half way up the stairs, Roman talks again. " more talking? I liked the talking."

"You liked it? I found it irritating." I sharpen my voice to make my point.

He shrugs. "Opinions, my dear." He looks at me again.

I roll my eyes and start to climb faster. "Wait! Jeez! I make one remark and you throw a hissy fit. I heard I would get a warm welcome from you. At the least it was below 0."

"I'm sorry I'm not too warm any more? I'm sorry I don't like meeting new people any more. Plus, I'm not keen to people making fun of me during the first sentance they say to me." I snap. I know I'm being hard on him but he's pissing me off and wont stop.

After my little rant, which, he stayed perfectly calmb during, He gave me a shocking answer. "I know." For some reason those two words hit me. How does he know? He just moved here! "You have problems trusting people as is. Them what happend to you, you can't trust any one but your closest friends. You said your mom doesn't listen to you? Let me guess, you stop trusting her too? Only for somethngs, them others you keep locked up. Speaking of, your the one everyone goes to but when your sad you just hold it in till you explode. When your really hurt you cry into your pillow and ask god to stop whatever mess you've gotten your self into. But that one in particular you haven't done since 6th grade since, since then you've stayed out for all those reasons. Now your the rock that's soft as jelly. And even though you don't want to be that any more, you just go along with it. Seemingly always happy."

He looks at me for aprovel. His gaze asking am I right?. But he knows. He knows hes 100% right. He knows that he has my figured out.


"The news paper and studying your behavior. Your good at acting happy. Like in the office, I knew that really wasn't you. It couldn't be. No one's that happy all the time. It's not possibles. And you had a sadness to your eyes." His words got softer and his head tilted to the side.

I glare at him. We're right out sidehome room now. I keep my voice down. "Now shut up and don't talk to me!" I knock on the door for someone to lets us in. Heather comes to the door. Oncce we are both in, I make my speach. "This is Roman. He'll be in here from now on. So.... yeah. Just make him feel welcome guys." I shrug and go to my seat.

"Oh...Um, okay, Roman, Take that empty seat next to Jillian" Fuck! "And when Maranda comes back we'll find you your own seat." She points her hand to Marandas seat. I hate it here. I really do.

He nods and says thank you to Mrs. Lucia. He strolls over to me with a sense of defeat. He smugly smiles and sits. He slumps down in his chair.

"Now can talk to you?" He whispers.

"NO!" I snap.

"Calmb dowwwn! I'm just asking!" He smiles. I just huff and whip my hair, hopfuly, in his face. That's my signature "I don't want to talk to you" move.


"Who's the new guy?" Hannah said looking over to Roman.

"Someone who's not worth my time." I say turnign away from him and to my nail beds.... What are those again?

"Jilly!" She hits me up sode the head. "How can you sa that?! He the guy of your dreams. Do I need to remind you of Mitchel?" Mitchel: a made up person in Hannah's book that was carefuly crafted to be my dream guy. All in 7th grade. "Or Miles." Another one...but in my story..... "Or Rance." Yeah... I get it... "Or may I remind you of your whole Draco Malfoy phaese-"

"Okay! I get it! I like blonde with green/blue eyes. But their always nice. Not rude, arrogant, and an ass hole who thinks he knows everything. Damn guys in books." I mummble as I cross my arms.

"Jilly, come on, just give him a chance. Your always mean to guys-"

"Brandon, Eithan, and Jonh don't count!" I say quickly.

"Ture. But like Clay, you really liked him and you were a bitch to him!" Hannah yelled.

I look down. I was. Maybe Roman (and Hannah) were right. I have trouble trusting people and I am mean to every guy. God damnit.

"Just give him a chance if he wants to talk to you, okay?" She gives me the look of "you better, bitch."

"How can I? He made fun of me from the start! Plus, I get this weird feeling that I've never felt before. I feel like I'm being watched." I trail off.

Hannah looks at me. Eyes wide. A stupid look on her face. "Jilly! You of all people should know! Are you stupid or somethin'?"


"Your right. Anyway, you had A near death exprience. Your angel looking out for you. Closer than ever. That's why you feel them. Didn't you know that? You read Hush, Hush right? God Jilly, have I tought you nothing?!" She blows up.

"I guess you haven't." I smile widly. She just smacks me again.


"Hey Jill!" Dad said with a box of donuts in his hand.

"Hey... What's with the donuts?" We never have donuts..... We all hate them.

"Oh we're just going to go over to the house down the street. They just moved. They have 3 sons.

"Okay." I shrug.

"As soon as your mother gets home we'll go, okay?" He looks at me, knowing I'm not good with time. Like, at all. I only hope 1 1/2 hours go by fast.

As it so happends, there was a scrubs marathon! 4 hours of scrubs! Too bad only 3 episodes is what I'll get to watch. Eh, I've seem all of them 15 times each. So this'll go by faster. Yay!

First it was my princess, then my brother where art tho, then at last, my day off. Three of my favorites. Since I can say every line by heart, it went by to fast.

"Jillian! Get up! We're going to the new neighbors!" I guess I dozed off too. Oops.

"Yeah, yeah." I get up and yawn. I quickly brush my hair in the bathroom and I'm ready to go! But my sister and mother isn't. And they wake me up!

"Come on!" I yell for the 12th time. od they're such girls. I am a girl and I take 5 seconds in the bathroom when they take 30. I think I have it right. Get in, get out. Oh look! It's the rare mom! She rearely come's out of her bathroom. This is truely a one-in-a-life-time event! Who has a camra?!

"Everyone here? Okay! Off we go!" Mom says. She likes to think we're a team.... no mommy...just no.....

The house is the one all the way at the end. You know that kind of house your forget about just because it's that far back? Yeah that's what it was. It wasn't creepy or anything, just alittle more backwards than then others. It was light blue with buttercups planted in the front. It looked very generac. Like the perfect family in the perfect house. I wounder how perfect these people are.

Mom, being the best at talking to strangers, went up and knocked on the door. She was overly happy, being good at that runs in the family. How do you think I learned? Anyway, We stood there for not even 5 seconds before a smiling women opens the door. She was in a pink sun dress with flowers on it. Her hair was down to her shoulders and wavey. Her eyes were strained from the smile.

"Hello! You must be Marcus, Melissa, and Jillian! Your mother and I talk for hours this morning. I couldn't wait to meet all of you. Come in! Don't just stand there in the cold!" She made a hand motion inside. She held the door until we were all in.

Right when you walk in theres two rooms on either side of you, and one right infront. And Mrs.... um, let's just go with she. She lead us into the one before us. It was the living room and kitchen. To the right was the living room and to the left was the amazing kitchen. I normaly don't say that about kitchens but this one had brown, smooth gantet with chunks of a gold color. The fridge was brand new and black, the same with the dish washer. The tile was a tanish color. And the cabnets were oak with a dark finish.

"I'm sorry were are my manors! I'm Kate." She shakes all of our hands. She looks around. "George! Where are you?! I told you we're having company!" She shouts up the stairs then turns back to us. "Sorry, he was just aranging our room since we have all of it now. Please, sit." She points her hand to the sofa in the living room.

We sit all together. When we sit, Kate starts talking to mom. We were back on earth wile those two were on their own little planet.

"Jillian!" Melissa whispers. "Look over there!"

I turn my head on the sectional to see what she was talking about. It was the oldest son. Or I think. He looked about 22. He had shaggy brown hair and blue eyes. Perfect tan. Perfect for Melissa. All that she loves wraped into one.

I giggle, knowing that her eyes will be on that sight all night.

"Chris! Don't be rude! Don't ignore our gests!" Kate barked.

Chris ket out a breath. He walked over, not saying a word. He bowed to us and said "Charmed. As mother already stated, I am chris. If you need me, I'll be in my room." He looks at Melissa when he says that.

"Does he live at home?" Mom asked Kate.

"For now. He works so he'll be getting his own apartment soon enough. You girls can go up if you'd like." Before I had a chance, Melissa grabed me and we ran up stairs. She ditched me ass soon as we're up.

It was dark. An eery dark. Like the two orphan twinn girls will pop out of no where and want to "play". So at 17 years old, I'm looking around corners for scary monster childern. And I almost had a fricken heart attack when I saw a little boy playing in one of the rooms in the back.

While I stare at him, waiting for him to jump up and eat me, he looks up. He aslo had the same huge blue eyes as Chris.

"Hi!" He said with a smile. "Come in if you want." His head turns to the side. I stand there. "I don't bite."

I creep in. Still eyeing the child.

"My names Adam. I'm 7 years old. Who are you?" He asks. He's so cute! I wanna hug him!

"I'm Jillian. I'm 17." I smile at him. He shows a smile that has a cute little whole from a lost tooth. "I see you lost a tooth. How much did you get from the tooth fairy?"

"Non yet. I just lost it. It feels funny. Did you say you were 17? I haves a brother that's 17." Is he as cute as you and your oldest brother? "Do you know him?"

"What's his name?"


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